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Search results

  1. geordi

    RutgersAl wants Pikiell fired

    Actually, he didn't his HIS ceiling. He hit RUTGERS' ceiling.
  2. geordi

    Mir ?

    Why, Yes! You ARE the only one! There are 10 players ahead of her in the rota.
  3. geordi

    This team is loaded

    Actually, it would be great to come out of that game 5-0.
  4. geordi

    It's the Paige show!!

    So, wasn't there someone on this board who made the prediction during the last week or so that we had seen the last of Paige scoring 30 points?
  5. geordi

    Let’s play HC a Bit

    I live in South Carolina where Clemson is king. I was able to get UConn. They're giving 85 points. Do you think that's enough?
  6. geordi

    If the media considers the Big 12 a P5 league after the moves are made...

    Yep! It's fun to speculate. ----- However, when are you guys going to realize that the basic reason for leaving the AAC in the first place was financial. We were staring at a +$40 million deficit every year. With the new AAC contract negotiations, the deficit was going to be larger. Even...
  7. geordi

    We are staring into the abyss

    Ok. Help me now. What is a freaking byss?
  8. geordi

    Rothstein on Hawkins

    He'll put the ball in the basket.
  9. geordi

    Two more NCAA records - How boring!

    I thought this was going to happen, but wasn't sure how they'd handle it. I just checked the new NCAA record book. UConn now holds the records for most consecutive conference wins, both with and without counting post season. It combines the ACC and the Big East over the past 8 years. Pretty...
  10. geordi

    Schiano 2.0 vs. Edsall 2.0

    How long do you think Rutgirls can keep it up? They're running an enormous budget deficit. Even bigger than ours.
  11. geordi


    So.... let me get this straight! UConn has a $40M shortfall from the athletic department. You want us to join the BIG, which will lose pretty much all of the revenue we currently get from conference, TV, etc. and increase costs for non revenue sports. We'll get a reduced share of the BIG...
  12. geordi

    Non conference schedule

    Some of you need a quick course in history. Calhoun schedules were virtually the same as this one. He knew that more wins - regardless of who they were against - meant higher seeds in the tournament. He scheduled for the tournament KNOWING that strength of schedule would be handled through...
  13. geordi

    Your Favorite UConn FB Players

    Vin Clements Eric Torkelson John Dorsey
  14. geordi

    1999: 77-74

    i was there that night. Up in the nosebleeds. At the end of the game, all I could think of was all those games in the Field House. The dirt floor! The leaky roof! the total lack of respect! I had tears in my eyes when I said to myself and my wife, "We are National Champions!"
  15. geordi

    OT: Guess I’m old

    Just be grateful you didn't mention Walt Dropo or Worthy Patterson.
  16. geordi


    Ireland is a great place. The golf is magnificent. The climate is perfect - rarely above 80/rarely below 40. And life revolves around the pubs...ahh for a pint of real Guinness. Mine is the Bridge Bar, one of Ireland's finest watering holes in Portmagee, County Kerry.
  17. geordi

    Our Identity

    Has anything ever been up to par to Boneyard standards??
  18. geordi

    Coach K Last Season 2021-22

    Absolutely right on! Success isn't based on the school, it's based on the personality of the coach. Wooden, Knight, Smith, Williams, Calhoun, Pitino, Calamari. In every case, UCLA, IU, UNC, Kansas, UConn, Louisville and Kentucky before that, UMass and Memphis, all of them had down years after...
  19. geordi

    Connecticut Wakes Up On NIL Legislation

    Only if they are trying to chase down a campaign donation?
  20. geordi


    Just one word: Bats. Mice with wings.
  21. geordi

    Talk me out of talking myself into 7 wins

    Seven wins is a no brainer. Should have that before Jan 1. Probably closer to 23-25. What? Wait! This is the basketball board, isn't it?
  22. geordi

    Afraid of Competition?

    Hey! C'mon. It's really exciting to see us win every game throughout the season by 60-70 points. Maybe beat SC, Stanford, Maryland, Baylor, Notre Dame in season by 45-50 points. (They are better competition after all.) Then win six in a row in the tournament by 80-70-60-55-50 and 45 points.
  23. geordi

    Is there interest in a bus trip to Clemson?

    Tombstone isn't all that bad. Had lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. The men's room was equipped with a trough to relieve oneself that was full of ice . The sign above it read: We don't usually use this ice in our drinks...except in an emergency.
  24. geordi

    OT: Fixing a golf slice?

    Take a firm grip with your right hand (if you are right handed). Turn your hand to the left so you can see a couple of knuckles. Then swing that racket and hit the tennis ball as hard as you can.
  25. geordi

    Technology killing the sport?

    The only reason to 'go to the monitor' is for those people betting on the games. It's especially true with football and basketball since more money is down on those than most other sports. All sports are supposedly trying to 'speed up' the game, but that's just BS. Setting time limits on...
  26. geordi

    One more record(s) - ??

    So, checking back on something the announcers said last night, the NCAA record book for most consecutive conference wins (not counting conference tourneys) lists 124 by Texas from 1981-1990. Having been undefeated throughout the American and now back in the BE, we have 136 consecutive...
  27. geordi

    Any dinosaurs here using VOIP service for landline?

    So break the phone!!! Open it up and clip a wire or something. Sheeeesh!
  28. geordi

    Who do you want to see starting tomorrow?

    Kkalid, Allen, Caron, Emeka, Drummond.
  29. geordi

    Play of the Game - South Carolina

    That final 3 was only fair. The 3 at the end of the first half was a prayer too. So was this one. Without both the result would have been the same. What goes around, comes around.
  30. geordi

    How you guys staying sane during this pandemic and bball interuptions?

    You are assuming that we were ever sane in the first place? Don't you read the stuff we all put on the Boneyard?
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