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  1. WhereistheDove?

    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

    If you haven't watched it yet, you should. Great writing and a number of really great performances from lead and supporting actors. One of the better seasons of a comedy series that I've seen in quite some time.
  2. WhereistheDove?

    Kashif to the Bengals

    Too bad he didn't get drafted, but at least he'll get a look. Good luck to him and hope he makes the best of his opportunity here.
  3. WhereistheDove?

    Jeff Adrien to the Rockets!/SportandoBasket/status/147383650953080832 Jeff Adrien had his contract with his Italian team terminated and he's going to sign a two-year deal with Houston. Good to see, he always has seemed a little under-appreciated and gave some good minutes off the bench. Hopefully he...
  4. WhereistheDove?

    Robert McClain signed by the Jags

    Good for him. Hopefully he gets a chance to contribute on special teams and takes advantage of it.
  5. WhereistheDove?

    Greg Lloyd signed to Eagles' active roster

    The Eagles signed Lloyd to their active roster today. Between him and Lutrus, it's been a good day for former UConn linebackers.
  6. WhereistheDove?

    Lutrust Signed by Colts

    The Colts signed Lutrus off of the Rams' practice squad today. Good for him and I hope he gets a shot to contribute on that team.!/RavensInsider/statuses/141541047724556288
  7. WhereistheDove?

    Easley Placed on IR Again Second straight year. It's too bad because it really looked like he'd have a shot to crack the starting lineup.
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