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  1. Duncan Idaho


  2. Duncan Idaho

    U.S. Open Qualifying

    Couple of recent UConn players and team mates. Perhaps a third. They had a mention on The Golf Channel.
  3. Duncan Idaho

    Sea Robin fish filets?

    I have been asked to keep Sea Robins this year for a chef friend that wants to experiment cooking methods with them. Normally I keep them for one of my dockside neighbors for his lobster pots or I may use one if I run out of bait. I have heard they are showing up in restaurants. Has anybody...
  4. Duncan Idaho

    Chunky candy bar

    An impulsive buy at CVS landed me a Chunky bar. It was like what they did to the muscle cars from years past. Gone were the Brazil and cashew nuts replaced by peanuts. The big block was somehow placed in a waffle iron and transformed so smaller pieces can be broken off. I also tried a bag of...
  5. Duncan Idaho

    Smaller CFB Stadiums

    When travelling for work and such I would always try and catch a localish college football game. Always enjoyed the experience at the smaller venues. Some of the schools I visited; Coast Guard The Old Dartmouth stadium Cornell Princeton App State William and Mary Utah State Montana Lafayette PA...
  6. Duncan Idaho

    Visting Mystic Noank and the Lobster joints.

    Please consider stopping by next to Ford's Lobster at the Noank Aquaculture Cooperative for fresh shellfish and the like. Farmstand open fri 12-4, sat 9-2. Bring a cooler. 100 Main St. Just past the River Rd. turn to Ford's. It is the old UConn facility. They have a web site. Nothing fresher...
  7. Duncan Idaho

    August, re. Fishing

    You been doing any with your dad? Having a good year? Getting alot of shorts so far except porgies. South of Fisher's been spotty also. Seen draggers out of New London working areas where I live. My cousin has been going to your neck of the water for sea bass from Groton. He pays for the...
  8. Duncan Idaho

    Mayflower II

    For those that maybe considering taking car trips around Mystic, the Mayflower II is now fully restored and ready to sail back to Mass for the 400th anniversary in a couple of weeks. Can be viewed going on to Isham or Holmes/Bay St. On the Seaport side and probably Pearl St.on the Groton side. A...
  9. Duncan Idaho

    MLB suspends activitiies

    Per ESPN. NHL too.
  10. Duncan Idaho

    huskymedic et al.

    For fear of leaving any name out, hence the title. Thanks for another great year in covering the 2020 recruiting class. Appreciate all the work, opinions, analysis and passion. I think its probably the most civil board on the cite to boot which helps make it a fun place to visit. It all starts...
  11. Duncan Idaho


    Can you provide the replays of the Houston, Navy and Cinci (when it becomes available) games? Very much appreciated it. Thank you.
  12. Duncan Idaho

    USF Replay?

    Thanks in advance
  13. Duncan Idaho


    My brother told me players were on Shenny this morning @22F. Some on carts.
  14. Duncan Idaho


    The hoops board is saying we need stronger, better players on the mbb team. Pal said Randy should have embraced and played the seniors like Hurley has done with the likes of Cobb...
  15. Duncan Idaho

    Medic, Ktuck, Exit 4...

    and everyone else for all your great work, insights, opinions and such. Thanks for another terrific year!
  16. Duncan Idaho

    Free Blue Parking Pass

    To the AAC championship game 12/1
  17. Duncan Idaho

    Get busy living, Randy.

    Thats all.
  18. Duncan Idaho

    US Open

    Phil +7 Speith +8 Jason Day +9 Rory +10
  19. Duncan Idaho


    Shenny was lively today. Almost 50° F down here.
  20. Duncan Idaho

    S Adrian Amos for the Bears

    Against the Giants. The name sounded familiar. He was an Edsall commit who went to Penn State instead when P came in.
  21. Duncan Idaho

    Seasons changing

    I live in state. This is the first day noticing those purple crocus things in the yard and guessing its the daffodils breaking through too. Always gets me pumped up.
  22. Duncan Idaho

    Medic, tcf, kgun, ktuck,dynasty and all the mods...

    Thanks for all the work on recruiting info, films and such for the past year. I wish every poster and lurker a happy and healthy new year. This a hellava family.
  23. Duncan Idaho

    Willow St. Entrance

    Can you still go down Willow, bearing left near Cabela's then a quick right to get to the blues?
  24. Duncan Idaho


    Reminded me of that day in The Shawshank Redemption when Red went out to Buxton looking for what Andy hid under that piece of volcanic glass.
  25. Duncan Idaho

    Nova Game Tape?

    Can anybody find it? I'm a dope. Somebody use to pin season game tapes, I thought that was a nice feature.
  26. Duncan Idaho

    Connecticut H.S./Prep Hockey Question

    What area of the state is it the best represented or most popular or the hotbed for the sport at this level?
  27. Duncan Idaho

    OT but still a well executed play.
  28. Duncan Idaho

    MLB All-Star Game

    I have been waiting for this to happen for awhile. One team is overloading a roster. There is no point to it any longer. Growing up, I used to love watching the all-star game, often ending in low, close scoring games. Then it stopped being meaningful when the ballots were handed over to the...
  29. Duncan Idaho

    Quiet Derby Year

    Seems there is little run up to the Derby this year. No potential Triple Crown winner?
  30. Duncan Idaho

    For the golf fans, Lost a Big One in Casper

    I know there are a lot of fans/players on this board. Billy Casper has passed. Often forgotten or under appreciated but he should have been talked about as being in the Big Four with Arnie, Jack and Player. He had a hell of a career. RIP.
  31. Duncan Idaho

    UVM 5:30 on a Friday?, really?- NM

  32. Duncan Idaho

    UConn-Quinnipiac post game article
  33. Duncan Idaho

    Is this The Rent in photo?
  34. Duncan Idaho

    I wanted to jump the field, put on some pads...

    and hit someone, I was so mad!!!!! I was shocked how angry I became watching this.
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