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  1. UConniki

    Arizona getting devastated by Stanford

    UConn should have handled Arizona with ease, just 3/17 shooting to start the game, just sayin. JMHO
  2. UConniki

    ESPN....... No expansion at this time! Good or bad for us?

    I for one am relieved that there will be no expansion for now, I don't think Uconn was getting picked this time around. ( geography, football not good enough to overcome geography) It is what it is.
  3. UConniki

    I will never complain about KO AGAIN

    On our way to the game we had a tireblow out on 75 and got stuck for a couple hours waiting for AAA, got back on the road and made it to Orlando at the start if the second half. We were down 9, and I (STUPIDLY ASKED MY KIDS IF IT WAS EVEN WORTH FINDING PARKING AND RUNNING TO AMWAY)thought for a...
  4. UConniki


    Thats all!
  5. UConniki

    Lets just blame Phil Nolan for everything including the recruiting, bad weather and global warming !

    I have read on the BY how the team is improving, What improvement are you talking about ? exactly ? Yes we have some close loses,but 2games in a row we lose on the exact same broken play, I've read here its not Olie's fault, but they were as unprepared as you could be, we left the other teams...
  6. UConniki

    Tenn wins clarke battle

    Posted on scout.
  7. UConniki

    Is Facey signing his letter of intent any time soon ?

    Have not heard anything about it, should we be concerned ?
  8. UConniki

    HELP WANTED ! Defending Uconn on Espn forum.

    I've read a lot of posts asking why Espn, other media, ncaa etc. dont bring up the topic of retroactive punishment when disscusing Uconn, apr 2013 Ncaat. Uconn is and has been getting hammered on espn and no one seems to get it or bring it up except Uconn fans obviously. The story as other...
  9. UConniki


    Its embarassing ! They're kids. They have feelings, they read the boneyard, I bet their parents read it too ! I wouldnt want to read some of the things posted here about my kids ! These are the same kids that brought us a NC just 1 year ago. And now they're bums. And being subjected to insults...
  10. UConniki

    Calhoun needs to deside now !

    With everything going on with Uconn he cant do his usual take 3, 4 months to decide if he is coming back. Recruiting is already taking a hit with apr. Nba defections , transfers ect. Its not looking good. Waiting will only make things worse. These are not normal times for Uconn. Present and...
  11. UConniki


    It was just posted in the courant. Sat. still ?
  12. UConniki

    breaking news... uconn not desperate / per rosco smith.

    These kids don't get it. And never will. Coming off of an N/C year, 7 of9 players returning and top 5 recruting class, AD and Lamb leaving ,AO graduating after next year ,and possible NCAA ban next year , its this year or never for this bunch and there is 1 game left and their not desperate...
  13. UConniki

    First Acc now Ncaa

    Iv'e never heard of anything as duck**d up as a rectroactive punishment. Ncaa is gonna do this, to get JC for Drummond/Bradley. The only school thats relevent and matters is Uconn. The sign on a street says it's a 10.00 fine for jaywalking. So you jaywalk, get caught and pay the 10.00dollars (...
  14. UConniki

    BC, a Catholic university. What esle would you expect!

    I went to catholic school , grammar and high school in htfd for 12 yrs. And it never ceases to amaze me the actions, and decisions catholic establishments ( i.e. B. C. ) make! This isn't Texas we're dealing with. It's a catholic university . Am I supprised ? Absolutely not. Revenge...
  15. UConniki

    Uconn best bet !

    Uconn should contact other be football schools and try to get everyone to commit to be for at least 2 years. see how things go, pitt & syr have to stay, league would be intact in all sports. By then ND, and Sec interest in Acc schools ect will have played out. Things should become less...
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