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Search results

  1. Duncan Idaho

    DC & OL Suggestions/Ideas???

    Nate Woody Army DC
  2. Duncan Idaho

    DC & OL Suggestions/Ideas???

    Bert Watts Auburn for DC or Reeves from UAB
  3. Duncan Idaho

    Home Heating Oil

    Many commercial and residential oil furnaces can run on kerosene. I know some use it in winter having outdoor storage tanks. The oil becomes too viscous to move.
  4. Duncan Idaho

    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Army was the last game he played. Been out of pads since.
  5. Duncan Idaho

    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    Somehow, I can't picture Moorehead throwing himself into the job like Mora has to this point. Mora is ten years older and looks ten years younger.
  6. Duncan Idaho

    Artificial Christmas trees?

    Douglas Fir
  7. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Bookshelf Speakers

    Still have and use the Heresys from 40 years ago.
  8. Duncan Idaho

    Donaldson tweet re: RE

    Good possession receiver who got passed over by an attempt to put faster, more athletic players on the field. A universal criticism. Kyle Buss took his snaps and led the team in receiving yards. Next year Ardell Brown, Matt Drayton and Cam Ross were brought in. Don't remember anybody complaining...
  9. Duncan Idaho

    Game Week: UConn vs #24 Houston (Senior Day > Saturday 11/27/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    Sorry to see Swenson leaving. Game high 12 tackles. Was #2 tackler on the team and had the highest solos despite missing 2-3 games. If he wants to play one more year somebody will take him.
  10. Duncan Idaho

    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Maximus the Merciful
  11. Duncan Idaho

    Don Brown to UMass

    Byron Jones, Melafonwu, Adams, too. His defenses were always predicated on both corners being able to cover man to man very well enabling other members of the D to exploit number advantages.
  12. Duncan Idaho

    Steven Krajewski appreciation thread

    He did fine when they were still incorporating Mazzone's concepts thru the Vandy game. They decided to stop for their reasons. A bad staff made worse by being lame duck. Their bad OLine play was also made worse losing the tackles and center. He's been beat up since the Putdue game so yeah I can...
  13. Duncan Idaho


    Adrian Amos S. Andrew Adams was also an Edsall S recruit but stayed. Also NFL
  14. Duncan Idaho

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Norgaard, haven't heard that name in decades and I wasn't in the School of Business. Married couple if remembered.
  15. Duncan Idaho


    The two highest recruits just finished their football seasons. Sallis has been making the rounds for awhile now. Don't see any reason why any incoming staff wouldn't want to keep these two. The decommits started to roll after it was announced the staff would be terminated. What difference does...
  16. Duncan Idaho

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Jones was an Edsall recruit. On the 2010 roster.
  17. Duncan Idaho

    First order of business for Mora

    The D has forced only three fumbles recovering two. Two games left but the FFs are unacceptably low.
  18. Duncan Idaho

    The school that realignment left behind: Inside UConn football's collapse - Adelson @ ESPN

    They started building out their athletic facilities around 2000 beginning with the softball stadium. Football was 10k increase, new baseball, soccer stadiums. Golf course was built and then officially purchased by the the time it looked like they were more committed to athletics.
  19. Duncan Idaho

    DB the gunslinger...

    Helped he a had a qb in Nebrich that was just head and shoulders above everybody in the Patriot and the Ivy League(OCC source)
  20. Duncan Idaho

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Would think being the head coach of the professional football team in Georgia would help at least getting a seat at the kitchen table at some recruits homes in the southeast. The football parents should know the name.
  21. Duncan Idaho


    Can't say. Never had Clevelsnd Steamers but after visiting Locust Point you can make your own detetmination.
  22. Duncan Idaho


    LP Steamers. Would second 8893s rec on Thames St Oyster. Bo Brooks for the value minded.
  23. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Anyone else obsessed with setback / pitch!?

    I remember as a kid, you could lose a day's wages and tips on the ferry home from carrying bags at the Fisher's Island course or clean up.
  24. Duncan Idaho

    getting dirty: what's in the garden?

    Picked the last of the yellow grape tomatoes yesderday.
  25. Duncan Idaho

    Conf USA in Talks with UConn, Liberty, NMSU

    I was thinking more like stoddy babas or babcias...
  26. Duncan Idaho

    There is going to be a retention problem....

    Wasn't there a need to expand two sections for students when the team was playing better? Past the young alumni seats?
  27. Duncan Idaho

    Transfers - Outbound part duex

  28. Duncan Idaho

    Recently Watched Movies 2021

    Nicely set up by the conversation with his father at the Calladan family grave site before leaving for Arrakis
  29. Duncan Idaho

    According to the MTSU QB...

    You're taught at a very young age that the baseline or sideline is your friend. Watts as an example takes very bad angles to the QB. I was hoping for big things from him.
  30. Duncan Idaho


    Another Ariens rec here. Throws the wet stuff pretty good too.
  31. Duncan Idaho

    AAC Expansion

    Maybe Georgia State or Coastal instead of one of the Texas adds.
  32. Duncan Idaho

    Playing not to lose....

    He had to reach above his own shoulder to make that that grab.
  33. Duncan Idaho

    Playing not to lose....

    Also you can't be giving your opponents a help with undisciplined penalties. The double dip after our last touchdown giving them the ball at the 50 can turn momentum quickly. Watts' foul on their QB with third and long continued a td drive I believe. Watts has been a problem the last three weeks...
  34. Duncan Idaho

    Homecoming Game Week - UConn v. Yale (10/16/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    What happened to Rose? Couldn't find him in or out of uniform on the sideline.
  35. Duncan Idaho

    Films Worth Viewing Year 3

    Z, Have you written on "The Thin Red Line"? I could not find it in any of the tables of contents.
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