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  1. UConniki

    Big Ten is overrated

    And they would do it in a heartbeat as they should and should be immediately fired for gross negligence if they didn’t….. And the extra 50 million or so a year would come in handy right about now with the financial state of the athletic department… 50million a year = 1billion over 20 years...
  2. UConniki

    Poffenbarger Visiting Arkansas

    I don’t care how big Fayetteville is, it’s in Arkansas and their number one export and occupation is pig farming. Have you ever been there? Hard pass And all this after her mother’s condescending comments about Connecticut and UConn. JMHO
  3. UConniki

    Conf USA in Talks with UConn, Liberty, NMSU

    First Connecticut did everything they could to lose the Whalers and got played by Robert Kraft ( Patriots ) into thinking that they would relocate to Hartford so he could get a better deal from Massachusetts and now while Cincinnati’s football team is going to the Big 12 UConn’ s football team...
  4. UConniki

    Playing not to lose....

    Now this is either a bad joke or the most ridiculous post by anyone in a long time. Just sayin
  5. UConniki

    OT Where are the Yanks+Sox fans?

    Excuse me, but I was a Mets fan from the beginning ( to piss my mother off “Yankees”) and 1969 was sweet.
  6. UConniki

    Today's First Practice

    While you might be right, Hurley is getting paid 3 mil to coach UConn and your not.
  7. UConniki

    OT: Gonzaga coach Mark Few cited for DUI, apologizes for 'lapse in judgment'

    We install breathalyzers for the state of Florida and 1shot of 80%whiskey= 1- 7oz glass of wine= 1-12oz can of beer. Each is assessed a value of .02. Consuming a combination of any 5 in 1 hour would put you at .1 minus.02 for every hour that transpires leaves you at .08 which is the limit in...
  8. UConniki

    OT: Gonzaga coach Mark Few cited for DUI, apologizes for 'lapse in judgment'

    How does that have anything to do with him getting a DUI…. I don’t care if he was in Vegas, I’m missing your point. Great place to party so DUI’s are a naturally occurring phenomenon.
  9. UConniki

    1999: 77-74

    A 36hr bus trip with my 14 year old daughter, buying tickets from scalpers in an alley ( the 50 people at our house for the championship game unaware that I wasn’t in Connecticut ). Some civil disobedience ( stole a 5 ft final 4 banner hanging 25ft off the ground on a lamp post which is tucked...
  10. UConniki


    Not if you live 2 hours away from Daytona and a best friend manages a badass oceanfront hotel.
  11. UConniki

    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. What do you recommend?

    Filet on the bone, 3 inches thick ...medium / medium rare ....$65.00 worth double that compared to NY steak houses...Makes Outback, Longhorn's ect seem like a 1/4lb at Mcdonald's ... Enjoy
  12. UConniki

    Underrated US Cities

    lot of zombies huh???
  13. UConniki

    UHart D3 Drama... $6.2 M Error

    While it wasn't my first choice ( Berklee in Boston was) i've done pretty good.
  14. UConniki

    Terrence Clark dies in auto accident

    Ain't that the absolute truth, I strongly discourage all of my kids from buying a motorcycle at an early age so as to take luck out of the equation and replace it with some maturity.
  15. UConniki

    Kim Mulkey to LSU [merged thread]

    I call BS on that..... as in Breanna Stewart.?
  16. UConniki

    Freemans departure points to portal recruiting woes.

    DH has done wonders on the recruiting trail, he needs some help, thats what assistant coaches get paid for. Do you really still miss KO THAT MUCH. Sounds like it
  17. UConniki

    Your Stand Up Comedian Mt Rushmore

    Robin Williams...... wins hands down...... he was a comedic genius. Followed by Carlin ......JMHO
  18. UConniki

    Is anyone getting nervous? We haven't got any transfers yet and Noah Locke has committed to Louisville

    Everybody keeps saying how irreplaceable Bouknight is and while there's no doubt that he's a bonafide lottery pick level player there's also no doubt that that's not who we got back after the injuries down the stretch and the results prove that. The team relied on him way too much and he was...
  19. UConniki

    10 inch Miter Sliding vs Non Sliding

    They are available and when used with Milwaukee's 18V / 12AH battery will last all day in one battery. ( and they come in 2 sizes). They also make a compact portable table saw. I use them on the road when i'm doing some custom marine work and 110 isn't readily available. 5 year warranty on the...
  20. UConniki

    Did he really say that?

    Even if you're talking about minutes played in a basketball game that's patently false. The introduction of a new better player on a team that could negatively impact your time on the court will motivate most if not all players at this level to work harder to improve. I think that's called " win...
  21. UConniki

    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    But wouldn't Polley have to transfer to a southern school to get an actual cracker?? Asking for a friend.
  22. UConniki

    Ollie lands a new job

    And it would piss me off the same as it would piss off any true UConn fan or any college basketball fan if their former coach intentionally tried to screw over their favorite team ( i know KO personally, sold and installed a few car audio systems for him). I don't doubt that it's a distinct...
  23. UConniki

    Ollie lands a new job

    " Part of you HOPES that KO goes after every UConn recruit just to piss people off". Really?? So you'd like to see him attempt to damage the basketball program just to piss people off. And i guess that's your idea of showing how much you "bleed blue". Sounds like you and KO have a lot in common.
  24. UConniki

    Cincy suspends John Brannen

    Connecticut as a state does a poor job on the fiscal side.
  25. UConniki

    Kadary Richmond Transferring

    I think you're being generous with the age. My 8 year old has a better vocabulary and is much better at sentence structure.
  26. UConniki

    Makurat to transfer

    I believe the Evina Westbrook decision to return has everything to do with Anna deciding to leave. Makes sense especially with the timing of their announcements.
  27. UConniki

    Arizona getting devastated by Stanford

    I think they did because luckily they didn't read my post..... ( I already admitted i erred in my rush to judgement and the foolishness of my post.
  28. UConniki

    What a waste of a championship

    About as well as mine .... see " Arizona getting devastated by Stanford ". Posted earlier ..... my bad.
  29. UConniki

    Arizona getting devastated by Stanford

    Since UConn kept the game in the 5/10 point range after falling behind by 10 till the final buzzer anything other than the extremely hot start by Arizona and the game long drought ( 0/7) by our center and we win handily. Mcdonald ( spelling?) is now 2/10. I know woulda , coulda shoulda, but...
  30. UConniki

    Arizona getting devastated by Stanford

    UConn should have handled Arizona with ease, just 3/17 shooting to start the game, just sayin. JMHO
  31. UConniki

    The Game No One Wants to See

    I think the term is " sour grapes ".Arizona is there because they beat one of the " best " teams pretty convincingly ( us unfortunately). Maybe they don't match up well with Stanford but they definitely deserve to be there..... and besides who cares about ESPN? Seriously. I'll be watching...
  32. UConniki

    Did Geno throw the team under a bus ?

    Same here ( maderna ) except mines on 4/28. First one went pretty smoothly ( for Florida).
  33. UConniki

    Did Geno throw the team under a bus ?

    And now you can go back to rooting for BC.....,and oh ya ...... good luck with that cause you're gonna need it.
  34. UConniki

    OT: Roy Williams retires

    Now that would qualify as an April fools joke.
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