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Search results

  1. John

    Duke soccer: Stay classy fellas
  2. John

    SEC! SEC! SEC!
  3. John

    Some Kind of Heaven - The Villages FL

    Watched it tonight - documentary that follows a handful of The Villages residents through their life there. Takeaway: getting old sucks.
  4. John

    OT: Pet insurance

    We got a new dog after about 10 years without one. The old dog was somewhat sickly and I remember the vet bills, so definintely intersted in some insurance options. Our vet gave us some brochures to pet insurance companies, and I'm wondering if there's a better one that we should go for...
  5. John

    Maradona Passed Away

    one of the best ever to lace up the boots.
  6. John

    Semi 29 year old playing HS ball
  7. John

    Oklahoma @ Army

    Just got an email about Army's 2020 schedule (we go to occassional games there) - Oklahoma coming to West Point on 9/26. Good get by them.
  8. John

    Maradona documentary HBO

    I posted this over on the Soccer board, but will do it here too - watched the HBO documentary on Diego Maradona last night. Definitely worth a watch even if you're not a huge soccer fan.
  9. John

    Maradona documentary on HBO

    If you have access to HBO, I strongly suggest the Maradona documentary they're currently showing. Very well done exploration of his life.
  10. John

    B-17 Flying Fortress crashes at Bradley AP

    always a risk flying these things
  11. John

    Corvette Reveal

    The mid-engine C8 is getting revealed later today - anyone have a deposit on one yet?
  12. John

    Calhoun podcast- interesting
  13. John

    Question about other school's fan bases

    I'm really only familiar with UConn (long time fan and alumni). Do other school's fan bases have such a deep schism (or any schism) between fans of different sports? The past few days have been very eye opening and I think there is a sickness in our general fanbase now that I've seen the open...
  14. John


    Here's some shocking news
  15. John

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    Watched the first episode last night and was thoroughly impressed. This is going to be another great HBO mini-series if they maintain the level of the first episode.
  16. John

    Omaha steak - question for experts

    is this a good deal? Not looking for anything gourmet, just wondering if it's a good price for what you get (not a big steak guy):
  17. John

    SB LIII Halftime Show

    I actually like Maroon 5 even though I'm probably quite a bit out of thier typical demographic age-wise (I have no idea who the other groups were). This being said, that was cringe-worthy halftime show. Are they that bad a concert band, or did they just fall flat last night?
  18. John

    Sebastian Maniscalco

    Probably late to the party, but I've really started enjoying this guy's comedy. There's a good new special on Netflix (Stay Hungry), plus tons of stuff on Youtube.
  19. John


    When was the last time UConn was ranked in the top 25?
  20. John

    HBO - Momentum Generation

    Was channel surfing (hah) and came across this last night - very good documentary and I highly recommend even if you're not into surfing (I'm don't know much about it, but find the sport interesting). Another great job by HBO getting stuff like this on the air. Momentum Generation
  21. John

    Free admission today

    Just bring your basketball ticket from today's game to Gate B Yay, football season tickets!
  22. John

    Temple game time question (Updated > it’s 3:30)

    considering there's an XL men's basketball game the same afternoon at noon, any guesses on the Temple game time? Hoping to make both, but not sure how that'll be possible without a night game at The Rent.
  23. John

    profile help

    Hi Mods, I'm trying to change my profile and my signature block is locked. Can you unlock it? Thank you! John
  24. John

    Sharp Objects (HBO)

    anyone watching this? Very depressing yet well-made mini-series. I've watched the first two episodes, and it's engrossing but not exactly uplifting stuff here.
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