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  1. K

    Rare combination

    Big men who can't make layups inches from the rim Point guard who can't make free throws
  2. K

    Wake Forest Espionage

    Wake: Radio announcer leaked game plans I immediately thought of Gresh and then I remembered we have no game plans.
  3. K

    Linardi: last 4 in!

    We got this!
  4. K

    Jacobs to the rescue Now he says he will fight for us. Good or bad timing right now?
  5. K

    2nd Down

    It looked like shirreffs was on his way to a first down scramble when he decided to chuck the incomplete pass. New set of downs, we will never know...
  6. K

    Here is a bright spot

    our rpi is virtually unchanged at around 85. If we run table from here, it projects to 39, and your top 40 are usually automatic for at large. Only 6 games!
  7. K

    Here we go And because of Warde's wonderful hire, we have noooo shot
  8. K

    Here is some hope

    At kickoff, Boise body clocks will be at 10am. NFL teams coming west to east have all kinds of trouble with 1 o'clock starts. Win/ loss records are huge in favor of eastern teams. This is something nobody is talking about, and it could be huge!
  9. K

    New York City

    Sitting here watching the Yankees post game show sponsored by Syracuse. Look at my NYY program with successive pages from the ACC and Big Ten. What perfect timing we have here in our most dire time of need. Run a simple ad. Uconn, the tri state area's national champion. We actually have an...
  10. K

    More smoke about Turtle
  11. K

    Whoa, the championship dvd

    Anybody else have this? I purchased at Walmart today. Everything was excellent quality and production with the pre-game, halftime and post game as bonus coverage. Nothing like that high school level production from 2011. So Im watching the game, its coming down to the nitty gritty and then they...
  12. K

    Great. Now we have to root for Romo
  13. K

    Could Warde just be monitoring the situation?

    between KO and the Lakers? Why isn't this done!
  14. K

    McKnight / Dunk City?

    Would he now fit right into the 4 spot?
  15. K

    A wish that will not happen

    I want KO to pull a Phil Jackson and call out what Kentucky has been getting away with foul wise in the tourney in one of his press briefings. This would put the officials and the ncaa on alert whether they like it or not, it would be in the national spotlight. Of course if we had some media...
  16. K


    In 2011 Dunkin Donuts of all places had piles of final four programs for sale in all their outlets. Has anybody seen them for sale anywhere this year?
  17. K

    monster shout out

    to the fans that made their way to MSG today. Someone made a post from there that they would will the team to victory. Thats exactly what happened. Just about every player alluded to it afterwards. The noise on the TV was deafening, sounded like Gampel on the best days. In terms of what this...
  18. K

    Any word from our superhero Aresco?

    NCAA Committee spokesman got on the tube and said SMU was not good enough because of a strength of schedule of 137. How then, is Wichita St. a number one seed in said tourney with an SOS of 112??? Where is the outrage?
  19. K

    Seeding order!

    Uconn ranked 26th. Behind Texas! Baylor! Umass 23???? VCU 19th!
  20. K

    Has anyone seen this? According to this it has been out since last march?
  21. K

    Another incoming

    According to eerlaw, Fox and the Big10 network are in talks with the C-7 to air games on the BTN, along with cross conference play. Maybe this is why there was noise about uconn and the c-7? Some sort of pre-affiliation?
  22. K

    More er says

    Uconn and Cincy still considering MWC but want USF to go too, but the C-7 doesnt want usf. Even if he makes this stuff up it does make sense I guess it wont let me edit title of thread...should be that villain er
  23. K

    Anybody see KO work officials?

    I have not seen it once this year, and I am looking for it. Has anybody seen it? IMO this played a factor in the game getting out of hand. How the heck does a pressing team on the road avoid the bonus until 3 minutes left in the game? Because Rick Pitino is out of his chair from the first call...
  24. K

    16 r.p.i.

    According to CBS. A quick question, I know we are not eligible for the NIT because it is run by the NCAA. Isn't there another 2 post season tourneys, the CPI and something else? Would we be eligible for those? I know they carry no prestige but the xtra games will help for next year. Plus this...
  25. K

    Here is a new one

    Someone on the wv board is claiming when the ACC is blown up, Uconn; syr; pitt and bc will end up in the Pac 10. Says their new office in NY is evidence that they want an eastern presence. But then they say that the Big 10 will keep a spot for ND after picking thru the acc, but ND might want to...
  26. K

    I sure hope

    that the uconn administration is pressuring the new commisioner to allow our team to compete in the Big East tourney. All we keep hearing from them is we should be supporting the team as fans. Why are they not supporting the team themselves? All these schools that voted us out are leaving, why...
  27. K

    From what I understand

    The next trainwreck after this CR will be the super leagues breaking off from the ncaa. It seems to be a question of when, not if. That being the case, why wouldnt they want as many of the top flight hoops programs as possible, because the billion dollar ncaa tourney money would have to be...
  28. K

  29. K

    Why is somebody not thinking this?

    Hello boneyarders Old poster from the old board, lurked ever since and this issue has drawn me back... Is this the solution? Uconn network Howard Baldwin had this as a centerpeice of his nhl idea because it makes money. Regional sports networks get between 2 dollars and 4.25 right now for...
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