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  1. WestHartHusk

    Can We Please Change the Player Signing Window?

    All these coaching moves during the season are ridiculous. Move early signing to February. The players and fans invest a lot in their teams and yet by the time the payoff comes (playoffs/bowls) the players/fans don’t even get the same team and same competition they have been building towards.
  2. WestHartHusk


    Went online to buy some tickets and the UConn website put me in a waiting room to even look at tickets due to demand. I think the sellout era is back.
  3. WestHartHusk

    Marquette’s Court

    Why can’t they afford one? I just flipped the game on the see them struggle with New Hampshire, and they are playing on Bucks logos. Odd since courts are pretty easy to change out.
  4. WestHartHusk

    Anyone Else a Little Excited?

    Maybe it is because I am drunk, and I am an optimistic when I drink, but I think tonight is the night we start turning a corner and distancing ourselves from the Edsall/Diaco/P stink.
  5. WestHartHusk

    Remember the Poster Arguing All Week...

    That players would get a voice in picking the new coach? How about that...
  6. WestHartHusk

    It Was Crazy Then, Crazier Now...

    Auburn’s OC comes to UConn and we made him work for Edsall.
  7. WestHartHusk

    Was There a Post-Game Presser?

    Sorry if there was, I just haven't seen anything on it.
  8. WestHartHusk

    Serious Salary Question

    Did Randy and Guifre collect a full salary last year?
  9. WestHartHusk

    The Big12 Conundrum, Presented by Bowlsby

    1. The Big12 just tried to (falsely) establish that talking to other schools is tortious interference, so they can hardly go calling other schools. ESPN is probably offering bonuses to any school that discloses contact from the Big12. 2. Setting aside #1, the Big12 just made themselves...
  10. WestHartHusk

    Frontier Fiber

    Any good?
  11. WestHartHusk

    NIL & Recruiting

    NIL has got to become the cornerstone of our recruiting. Hartford/New Haven is the largest market without a pro sports team. The state knows it’s players, and that relationship should translate into real money, more than most schools. And by the way, NIL kills KOs league. What is the pitch to...
  12. WestHartHusk

    Appropriately Rated Cities

    Just to round it out. Chicago Baltimore Seattle Austin Syracuse
  13. WestHartHusk

    OT: Blue Jay's Need a Home

    Feel like Bronin should be on the phone with them right now. Good proximity to Toronto, and great proximity to other AL East teams. Plus, a rational and science-based government and population. And a new stadium to boot.
  14. WestHartHusk

    Can You Imagine...

    You want to watch your team play basketball and you have to sit through Frank Caliendo AND Bill Walton?
  15. WestHartHusk

    Stop Forcing It to Carlton & Put Akok Back In

    There, I fixed it.
  16. WestHartHusk

    Win, Lose or Draw

    I hope we never see these officials ever again.
  17. WestHartHusk

    Where is the game?

    I am seeing indoor tennis. Lord help.
  18. WestHartHusk

    How Can I Stream?

    i have comcast, which apparently doesn't have a deal to stream cbs sports net.
  19. WestHartHusk

    3-4 v 2-5

    That is what is at stake tomorrow. Win, and we are earshot of .500 heading into a winnable game against an SEC team. Lose, and deflate. Let's pound this glorified high school.
  20. WestHartHusk

    TV For SH Game?

    Won be able to get to Bridgeport but want to see the game.
  21. WestHartHusk

    Ollie's Contract

    Of course he gets next year, but do we know the terms after that? I know there are injuries, but we have seniors that have regressed and freshman that aren't developing and we need to start thinking about our options in 2018.
  22. WestHartHusk

    Anyone Got a Link to a Stream?

  23. WestHartHusk

    Premium Top-Shelf Tweets - The Shame Thread

    Up until now, those jokers that post commentary in the Premium Top-Shelf Tweets thread really had us in a Catch-22. Either we call them out on their transgressions and contribute to the problem, or we ignore them and let their malfeasance go unpunished. Well, not anymore my friends. I propose...
  24. WestHartHusk

    NESN Stream?

    Anyone know if there are any NESN live streams out there? I would love to catch today's game, if possible.
  25. WestHartHusk

    My Tailgate Hot-Take

    The crowd will be lively today. The tailgate looks great, big crowds, tons of drinking and a steady stream of new arrivals. I would guess 30k drunkards by 330. Let's go you husky dogs :cool:
  26. WestHartHusk

    College Football Stipends - What a Joke

    Apparently, it is more expensive to live in the deep south than LA, San Fran, Boston, Seattle, LA, DC or Chicago :rolleyes:. What a joke. Here are the 'most expensive' schools: 1. Tennessee: $5,666 SEC 2. Auburn: $5,586 SEC 3. Louisville: $5,202 ACC 4. Mississippi State: $5,126 SEC 5. Texas...
  27. WestHartHusk

    Let's Go Hockey East!

    It is fun to be in a conference that is stable, and that you can take pride in. I will be rooting for PC and BU tonight.
  28. WestHartHusk

    Aresco on Bowls

    Let's play Sun Belt Conference in Little Rock. Honestly, it would be easier and cheaper for whoever was 'selected' for this bowl to just stay home.
  29. WestHartHusk

    For Another Day

    There needs to be a frank discussion about who does, and does not, have moderator power on this board (and what that power is). I don't expect mods to think every post is brilliant, but if we want to discuss calls I would think we should be able to. To me, deleting threads should be reserved for...
  30. WestHartHusk

    Wolfpack Attendance

    Seems to be on the rise lately, and last night they had about 11,000 on hand. Does anyone know why?
  31. WestHartHusk

    Facts that our Orange Friends Can't Ignore

    A few days ago the tundra people got up on their high horse because there was a groupon offer for the rafter seats at the Izod. This, they said, was their proof that all of UConn's fans for games in NYC came down on Metro North, unlike their local support 'subway' support. Well, now that the...
  32. WestHartHusk

    Take it FWIW

    A poster claiming to have ties to the TCU AD (on CSN) said that BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, USF, UConn, and possibly now Memphis are the leading candidates and that the TV folks were going to be giving the Big12 their inputs.
  33. WestHartHusk

    I Keep Thinking about Texas

    Will their fan base really accept any of the additions being bandied about for the B12? One has to seriously consider that they would look to the ACC for salvation, which would offer them: 1) better recruiting; 2) better exposure (TV coverage and conference footprint) and generally better...
  34. WestHartHusk

    UConn Back at the Garden Next Year

    December 8th for Jimmy V Classic with UVA, WVU and UMD.
  35. WestHartHusk

    New Approach

    How about we just pay the Big12 whatever they lost by not making the playoffs to not expand?
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