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    Duke Gonzaga

    Banchero is REALLY good
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    A tale of two programs

    Hoops favored by 41, football underdogs by 41. I wonder if in the history of college sports there’s been such a disparity in lines for two such programs on the same day??
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    Gerritt Cole

    So Gerritt Cole just essentially admitted to cheating. Where is the outrage from all the Yankee fans who crucified the Astros and the Red Sox for stealing signs?? (Which by the way the Yankees were doing too). Same group that love hopping on Manny and Big Papi but are silent about Giambi...
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    You want the closest thing to a guaranteed money making scheme?? Bet against Charles Barkley.

    You want the closest thing to a guaranteed money making scheme?? Bet against Charles Barkley. Is he ever right?? It’s kind of funny how horribly, consistently wrong he is.
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    Zags/Baylor- Who ya got?

    Great matchup. Baylor is deep, Zags I think are more talented. I think Baylor may do it, but just hoping for a good game. For once it’s the two best teams, by far, squaring off.
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    Self gets lifetime deal

    And people thought he might get punished for his transgressions. Punished?? He just got a LIFETIME contract. Think Les Miles is wondering what’s up???
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    Bama outscored us already

    With 16 minutes left in the game. Yes, it helps to have shooters.
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    Illinois v Us

    I’m totally bummed by our loss last night, but imagine being an Illinois fan right now?? This was their chance and they got totally punked. Would be the equivalent of us losing to Fairfield in the tourney. They gotta be besides themselves. Only saving grace of the tournament is...
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    OT: Geno tests positive for COVID

    Let’s hope it stays on his side of the building
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    Tough one

    So many un-smart plays that stand out (Gaffney’s whatever-that-was shot, Whaley taking a step back 17 footer at a crucial time, AJ’s horrific decision to shoot a 3) and just poor execution (Bouk’s missed front end leading to everything it directly led to). Yet, I’m not as apoplectic as I...
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    PC’s “talent”

    So who was the guy that kept arguing after the first game that we played against PC that they had two guys that were so far and away more talented then anyone we had and that’s why they beat us?? Well, they just got punked by a DePaul team that won four games all year. FOUR. But hey, you’ll...
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    Would you rather have "respect" or wins??

    All of this whining about not being ranked, being under-seeded, blah, blah, blah is becoming too much. All that matters is what happens on the court. Is it nauseating that Dook, UNC, Mich St, etc are perenially over-seeded? Of course. Does it make you want to throw up when they get all the...
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    Took the boys +7

  14. U

    Selection criteria

    One thing I haven’t seen/heard discussed anywhere is consideration given for all the time Bouk missed. Is this something the Committee doesn’t take into account anymore? Because with him, we are 7-1 and we would probably be ranked in the top 20. Without him, we were 4-4. Objectively, he’s...
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    I think the Polley to the NBA talk can safely be put to rest now

    We have a 3 point specialist who cannot make 3 pointers, and a point guard who cannot make fouls shots. Great combo. If Polley can't make a wide open 3, he's worthless. He literally does nothing else. We needed him today and he came up tiny. Really, non-existent. That was by far our worst...
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    Nice effort at coming back

    But Hurley has to be MUCH better in game: 1. His use of TOs (or lack thereof) is maddening 2. Great that he realized the lineup that worked, but they were down 18 by then 3. The T was brutal. It wasn’t even on a bad call and was in the middle of our comeback. That singlehandedly stemmed...
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    I know this is beating a dead horse. But until it changes, I’m gonna beat it. 29 minutes 2 points (on 2-4 from the line.....really? That’s Shaq like) 1 rebound 2 assists A good chunk of those minutes HAVE to go elsewhere. I don’t care who’s healthy and who isn’t. The guy is simply not...
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    Rutty crashing back to Earrh

    Remember when they were trendy top 10 pick?? Me neither
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    Another loss for Dook

    Begin the countdown towards a self-cancellation of their season and self-righteous indignation as to why everyone should shut it down this year “for the good of the kids”
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    FL cancels next 3 games

    I don’t want to seem insensitive here. But what exactly are the parameters for when a team can decide which games to cancel and when? Although obviously tragic circumstances, FL loses their best player and can just decide to cancel their next 3 games?? What kind of precedent does this set? I...
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    Thank goodness UNC held on today

    You know if they lost to NC Central, along w Duke and Kentucky's troubles, the season would have been called on the spot You know, cuz of Covid
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    Kentucky getting annihilated

    I know they suck, but it still doesn’t get old. And it ain’t like ND is that good.
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    Good ole Coach K

    Dook gets smoked by Illinois and is now Coach Krapmypantski now calls into question the whole season and whether they should be playing college basketball at all. How friggin transparent. If that doesn't work, we'll be hearing about a back issue soon...
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    Seton hall getting annihilated early against URI

    Sorry, couldn’t help it
  25. U

    Georgetown loses to Navy

    All of a sudden things don't look so bad around here!!
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    One of the best things about today

    We no longer have to worry how something called Florida College (USF's opponent today) is going to impact our SOS, RPI, BPI or whatever the hell metric the AAC used to drag us down with.
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    Ivy League

    Well, here we go. Ivy League cancels hoop season. Now what?
  28. U

    Joe Morgan now

    They are really dropping like flies
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    PAC 12

    Surprised no one is talking about this. They’ve canceled all sports through the end of 2020, which obviously includes the beginning of the hoops season. As these things tend to be dominoes, this probably pretty much means at best no hoops til Jan 2021. Until someone else decides to be more...
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    Do you think Kansas will demand an apology? The NCAA called their actions "egregious" and "severe". I am shocked. SHOCKED the NCAA would go after them so harshly. That's quite a reprimand. Hope Kansas can...
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    Looks like non-grad transfers gonna have to sit a year? Know this is not definitive, but would they really vote against the NCAA recommendation? Ah, who knows
  32. U

    Self takes pay cut Real question is, will any of his players follow suit?? (Sorry, couldn't help it)
  33. U

    Nolley to UConn

    Huge get for DH and staff! Things really coming together now.
  34. U

    So does the Big 12 not care about their fans??

    I’m watching a game w people in the stands. What does this mean? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of all these other conferences emptying their buildings?? How is it ok for this to go on?? how does everyone not see the lunacy of this??
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