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    The View From Section 241

    Having missed the last two games totally, and having gone to Holy Cross but without time to prepare a tailgate, it was good to get the grill out, be in the parking lot drinking by 10:30, and then getting to watch a competitive — if frustrating — football game. Some quick thoughts: 1...
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    The View From Section 241

    The view from Section 241 ia absolutely unacceptable. Period. Really, I should end the post here. What more is there to say. The QB play isn’t good enough. I’ve supported Zergiotis, and god knows he isn’t getting help from his line, but the inaccuracy and horrific decision making isn’t good...
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    The View From Section 241 -- Preseason

    I have largely not gotten into discussions about how I expect us to play this season. Why? Because this season is so completely unprecedented that anyone who thinks they really know something about how this will go is blowing smoke up everyone's butt. But this is what I know: 1. As a full...
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    Good for Snookie

    And good for UConn’s Steve Pikiel. I viewed RU as a rival in football, but they were never a rival in basketball. Their fans — Rutgers Al and the other guy — waited 38 years for a tournament win. Good for them.
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    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    The game he played last night — offense, defense and rebounding — was as good a game as I recall seeing a UConn big play in forever. His offense has been somewhat disappointing this year, coming off the way he finished last year, but you couldn’t have asked more from an All American than we got...
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    Our Last Game This Big?

    Seriously, when was the last time I woke up in the morning anticipating a UConn basketball or even football game that was a “big” game in any realistic sense? The loss to Kansas in the second round in 2016? My God, that was almost 5 years ago. What a drought/negative turnaround from what...
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    Adams and Gaffney

    Once again, with Bouk out, we're back to where we kept getting stuck in the down years after '16 -- not enough healthy guards. We're down to 3 -- Cole, Gaffney and Adams. Yes, we got some minutes with Martin playing the 2 against DePaul, and he can presumably provide some minutes there, but is...
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    Positively Gidy

    Did I really think we'd have a chance down 25 on the road without Bouk scoring in the second half? Nope. But luckily the team didn't give up any more than I did, and ending up winning going away. Great intensity from frankly everyone the last 16 minutes. Whaley was great and what Polley did...
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    One Stat Says it All

    Bouk went 13 for 24 while carrying the offense. The three bigs, not asked to do much, combined for a competent 6 for 10. The other 5 perimeter players (Cole, Gaffney, Adams, Martin, Jackson) shot a combined 5 for 33 from the floor. Five for friggin 33. Fifteen per cent. The remarkable thing...
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    The Thing About Bouknight

    As well as he's played the last ten games or so, does anyone else think that he's still going to have a game way beyond what we've seen yet? Since his scoring has become consistent his floor game seems to be getting better game by game as well, but offensively he still has long periods of time...
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    Playing Without Akok

    Just a little confirmation about how we've changed since losing Akok Akok.. A lot has been said about how the team is "developing" and plays "prettier" in the last week. That's clearly true, because as much as we love the young man and belive in his future, Akok was giving us nothing...
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    Looking Forward From the Injury

    First, one paragraph looking backward before looking forward. Obviously I feel terrible for the young man, and pray that however far he was going as a basketball player is only delayed and not denied. But from a fan's point of view yesterday brought the kind of emotion that is why we all put...
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    A Few Thoughts On Last Night

    1. Overall a good offensive game but one of our poorer defensive ones. Yes, they are good offensively, especially at home, but part of it was on us. See #2 below. 2. The criticism of our Center play last night is absurd. Perfect, no, but Whalley and Carlton combined had a double double and...
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    A Few Thoughts

    1. Obviously Bouknight, Whaley and Gilbert were just great. The Bouk run in the 2d half was unreal, but Gilbert's run in the 1st half when we couldn't buy points was just as important. 2. While I'm happy we won comfortably, note that we didn't get over the hump of winning a close one. We're...
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    Where We Are Through a Wider Lens

    A little perspective. I just looked at the KenPoms. We rank 33rd in the country in defensive efficiency. We rank 159th in the country in offensive efficiency. We are more than good enough defensively to be an NCAA team. People need to give the coaches, and the players, credit for that. It...
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    I'm Anti Anti-Edsall

    I have decided that I am anti anti-Edsall. I have no energy or desire to defend his coaching over the last three years. What's the point. The results have sucked. But I find myself so annoyed by the irrational need to complain about everything of the anti-Edsalitas -- he's not ruthless...
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    Two Additional Thoughts about the Iona

    1. After what looked to be an "I don't give a damn" effort against Maine, it was nice to see Josh Carlton come out last night and decide "I am going to be a man." I have said it before and I'll say it again -- I understand Carlton is not an explosive athlete, but if he simply plays to his...
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    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    Whether the suits can strike a deal to make sure that, at 6-6, we go to a bowl game as an Indy or not, 6-6 is the obvious goal for next year. Now that the schedule has come out, it breaks down pretty easily. We play three teams at home that are currently above 140 in the Sagarins: Maine, ODU...
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    One More Thing Yesterday Showed Us

    For all the deserved talk about how good the freshman are playing and how much better we looked with our starting guards letting the game come to them, one point that I haven't seen made enough. For all the frustrations of his lack of explosiveness inside and stretches where he not just...
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    The View From Section 241

    Not much to say. That was a horrific, horrific performance, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Reminiscent of last year. We didn't seem to care a lot, or if we did we aren't smart enough to put ourselves in a position to try to make plays. And, while I am one of the last people...
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    The View From Section 241

    First, for the first time probably since the win over undefeated Houston, that was a fun way to spend an afternoon. It was good, entertaining football on a beautiful day with a crowd that was way too small (and didn't come close to 22k people in the building) but was into the game and not just...
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    The View From Section 241 -- the NBE

    This is not an easy column to write. I have loved UConn basketball since I moved to Connecticut in fall of '77. I have loved UConn football with maybe even a greater passion (as it was part of a more exclusive club) since they opened the Rent. The last few years have just been incredibly...
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    Akok and mid-year acceptance

    Forgive me if this was discussed in the other thread before it become unreadable and got frozen, but there was a lot of speculation about how Akok could come here during the semester break given that we have 13 scholarship players. I did not see the obvious answer discussed, so let me set it...
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    One Thing I Haven't Seen Mentioned

    Was at MSG last night and have only skimmed the boards this morning, but with credit to my son for pointing it out to me let me make one point that I haven't seen discussion on. The most critical and underappreciated part of college basketball is point guard defense. Everyone talks about how...
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    No View From Section 241 This Week

    As a little kid I was taught if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it. There is nothing helpful to say about Saturday night's loss. Let's see what we see against URI, and then there may be more to talk about. Unfortunately, none of that may be good either. Time will tell.
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    The View From Section 241

    I think I will try to do these more regularly again, but they will be shorter. First, because this team just isn't worthy of the depth I used to provide. But more importantly, we are playing so many players that I have so little knowledge of that I can't even keep track of the defensive...
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    UCF v Memphis and Offensive Football

    With all due respect to TD HUsky (I leave it to everyone to determine how much that is), I can't watch football like this. Touchdowns are only exciting when they are not something that is supposed to happen. When you have to work for them. I know it's a matter of taste, and everyone can like...
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    The Really Good News About Beating Oregon:

    That wasn't our best game. That wasn't close to as good as we can play. 1. Shooting. 3 for 17 from 3, and 10 missed foul shots. This is not going to be a great shooting team, but we can do better than that. 2. Cobb out. We were missing one of our three center by committee members, and...
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    So Tonight is the Cheif -- Nightclub Bowl

    I assume that means the game starts at 11:11?
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    The View From Section 241 -- Temple

    So a few thoughts from Saturday's win. First, credit to the players for not getting down on themselves and finding it in their hearts to gut out a win, on the road, while teammates were going down to illness and injury. It would have been very easy for the team to quit, especially given that...
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    The View From Section 241 -- ECU

    Well, that was harsh. That was a must win game played in a sauna in front of friends and family where we dug a deep and early hole, spent the entire game trying to climb out of it, and did -- but only to see a tieing chip shot field goal attempt go badly awry. I am fairly certain that is the...
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    Invitation to AD's Suite

    I received a printed invitation to the AD's suite for the Holy Cross game. The information on the card was very vague. Did others get this? Does anyone know what it means (in terms of what the event is)? I presume it means I'm supposed to bring my checkbook.
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    Our Starting Lineup Today

    If we had a huge qualifier next week, where everyone had to be released, and everyone was equally health and rested, I think we can name with over 90% certainty 10 of the 11 starters: Howard, Brooks, Cameron, Yedlin, Johnson, Bradley, Nagbe, Pulisic, Altidore and Wood. I think the only...
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    Premiership Title

    If Spurs is to have any reasonable hope of catching Chelsea, they have to gain points on Sunday. Forget for a moment that Spurs remaining schedule is difficult (home to Arsenal and Man U and at Leicester, West Ham and Hull) and even dream that Spurs can win out (which would mean taking their...
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    Bryant Shirreffs

    O.K., as exciting as the last four weeks have been, we still don't have a QB for next year. Here is my question. The players are all back for the second semester. There must have been a meeting where the players showed up, met the new staff and started their new strength and conditioning...
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