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  1. JustbrewitMan

    Sometimes it takes a couple showers to wash off the stink…

    This is all I can hope for at this point. Team playing hard and engaged with both offense and defense looking better.. I would love for us to win this game but IM already satisfied with what is going on with this program post Edsall. LFG UConn!
  2. JustbrewitMan

    DiMauro at it again…

    To call this article cherry picking the facts to support his tired narrative (bash UConn whenever possible) would be putting it mildly… Discuss.
  3. JustbrewitMan

    An Eerie Silence…

    I’ve read through and participated in just about all of the post game threads here since yesterday… Have not seen or heard a peep from anyone directly associated with the football program…were there any secret pressers or tweets that I wasn’t aware of?
  4. JustbrewitMan

    Husky Mojo!

    I posted this in the "The Judge Speaks" thread, but figured it might get overlooked. Hope it generates some laughs. This is tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic humor for mojo's sake. No personal vendettas against anyone (well, maybe a couple of you) :D
  5. JustbrewitMan

    Dan Hurley = Super Dave Osborne

    I was just listening to Danny’s latest presser and my wife said “who is that...that sounds like Super Dave Osborne!” I don’t know if anyone here on the BY has made that analogy yet, but reviewing some YouTube videos, and she was spot-on. Uncanny similarity with voice tone, inflection, pauses...
  6. JustbrewitMan

    Fans for Saturday at Gampel (Poll)?

    CT is addressing current guidelines for restaurants, etc. this you think they will allow a limited amount of non-family/friend-group fans into Gampel for this Saturday's final home game (Senior Day)? I know my answer but let's see what the eternal optimists and pessimists of the BY...
  7. JustbrewitMan

    3pt Shooting: Who woulda predicted?

    ...that Tyrese Martin & Isaiah Whaley would be our team leaders, shooting a combined 14/32 (43.8%)? Cautiously optimistic that the positive trend continues! [Doomed]
  8. JustbrewitMan

    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    The Hype is Real!!!!!
  9. JustbrewitMan

    OT: COVID-19 Presentation from CROI Meeting

    I thought it may be helpful to the group to provide a link to this overview given at the "virtual" Conference on Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections (CROI Meeting). Live meeting was cancelled due to the COVID Outbreak. Excellent presentations from the head of the Chinese CDC, a presenter...
  10. JustbrewitMan

    OT: Seen on UConn Rock this AM...

    We all know where to go for safety now!!!
  11. JustbrewitMan

    I have 1 extra ticket for Houston...

    Free to a Boneyarder that promises to be LOUD and doesn't try to sell it on secondary market (don't be a !) Section 222, Row V Offered it to @AntG168 in the recent thread, but not sure if he/she got my PM. They have first shot...but times running out. PM me if you need a ticket. I...
  12. JustbrewitMan

    Let’s root for Wichita St, Tulane, & UCF...

    Realistically, we have a shot to be anywhere from 5 to 7 seed for the AAC tourney. We could potentially leapfrog Memphis and or SMU (less likely) if we can win out and each of them collects 1-2 losses. WSU has a chance to pin a loss on both! Would love the other 2 to be spoilers vs. SMU/Memphis...
  13. JustbrewitMan

    Hurley UCF Postgame Presser

    Didn’t see a link to it posted yet.
  14. JustbrewitMan

    I love this team but...

    They’re making me have to take ulcer meds again! Gutwrenching loss. Temple should have finished us in regulation, but we don’t give up...can’t believe we got it to an OT. They hit an off balance 3 to send it to 2nd OT...CV gets a decent look but can’t get it to drop...can we catch a break on...
  15. JustbrewitMan

    FYI - Flash Sale for final games

    Just in case some here don’t get the emails from AD and/or don’t see ads anymore. All games remaining for MBB, WBB, & Hockey available. Sale ends 2/21. I could only buy 4 max tix, but scored 4 each to UCF & Houston for $69 total (nice!) Let’s pack these last games and support our Huskies!!!
  16. JustbrewitMan

    NCAA Hoops - Week of 2/3-2/9

    Watching BC give Duke all it can handle. Not an outside shooting clinic. Teams are a combined 1-24 from 3pt range deep into 2nd half
  17. JustbrewitMan

    Memphis tried to give the game to us for 36 min...

    ...and we still lost. Just can’t make the dagger shots. Absolutely efuse to make smart winning plays when it matters. Memphis made like 11 straight FTs down the stretch. Even their worst shooters were clutch. Everyone onthe floor for us did at least one losing play and we checked just about...
  18. JustbrewitMan

    Lappas & Gillen Embedded Analysts

    A lot of folks on here like to diss them, but I found the whole broadcast (including their embedded analyses) excellent and entertaining. I also thought it was great that there were many plays that they were able to comment on by being closer to the action by the basket in real time than if...
  19. JustbrewitMan


    Didn’t see anything about this series on Hulu. My brother & brother-in-law introduced it to me over Thanksgiving. Smartly written,a bit crude Canadian humor. Chronicles life in Letterkenny, a town of 5000 with hicks, skids (druggies/methheads), hockey players, and Christians. Cold open from...
  20. JustbrewitMan

    OT: Ten year Anniversary...

    ...Of the upload of one of the classic internet memes. Enjoy & give thanks! Mr Trololo
  21. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - Temple of the Dog

    It's not rocket science. Make your $#%!#$^#$^%! free throws and you win the game. Peace out, I'm getting plastered.
  22. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - Bulls on Parade

    Finally, a win!!! -The thing I was most impressed with was our overall defensive. Ball pressure and switching was some of the best I've seen from the squad this year. And Josh did a decent job rim-protecting. If we didn't give up so many ORebs, this would have been a blowout victory. -Josh...
  23. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - Houston...Free Throws are a Problem

    --I have total mixed emotions after this game. Proud of the fight and effort that the team put forth, but irritated at what might have been with some improvements in fundamentals. Nevertheless, was nothing near the potential Valentine's day massacre many were worried about. Some Things I saw...
  24. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - Temple

    Even without Jalen getting hurt (and let's hope the MRI shows nothing bad tomorrow), it was gonna be tough to beat Temple tonight. They were much quicker/athletic at the 1-4 positions, blew by us all night, and decided to hit just about every shot from all over the court. Thoughts: --Carlton...
  25. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues: Wichita State

    Overall, a great game for the good guys on many fronts, offset only by the spectre of a possible serious re-injury of Al's shoulder...let's hope that the day-to-day status turns out in the best way possible and Al can make it back to the court in the next week. Positives worth noting (not...
  26. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - Tulsa

    Ugh. I drank all the beer myself. No awards tonight. -First half we showed good ball movement, patience, found holes in the zone...just didn't hit a lot of open looks. -Most of the 2nd half, we fell into rushing offense, settling for the first open look instead of finding better open looks...
  27. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Craft 4-Pack of Facts!

    I'm a big fan of looking at data to reveal important facts, interesting trends, and the like. It's part of my real job. So I figure, why not do the same periodically for my beloved Huskies? Here's a 4-pack of facts for you to sip on leading into the weekend: 1.) Big reason we won last night...
  28. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues - SMU

    Nothing like a little home cooking to get things back on track. This game is all I ask to see from the team for the rest of this season...strong effort across the board from everyone, limited amounts of silly plays, and maintained poise when faced with adversity. ***The positives (LOTS!!!)...
  29. JustbrewitMan

    Brew’s Clues - Drexel

    A great bounce back from Manhattan and gets the spirits up for our big game vs Villanova this weekend! The positives: -I think this was our best team defensive game of the year. We had great ball pressure, bigs didn’t get burned as much and were in much better position -After we settled down a...
  30. JustbrewitMan

    Brew’s Clues - Manhattan

    Tonight’s game was a bit like that skunked Natty Light you forgot you stashed in the trunk of your old beater car during high school... Positives: —We played hard on defense. Forced 24 TOs, had I think 9 blocks. —CV brought great energy on D and had an OK offensive game —Sid made some nice...
  31. JustbrewitMan

    Brew’s Clues - FSU

    —Frustrating game. Came out of the gate strong then it seemed like the wheels came off towards the last 7-8 min of the 1st half. Too antsy and careless on offense for essentially the rest of the game. I thought to win, we needed to limit our turnovers to <12 for the game. We had 11 at halftime...
  32. JustbrewitMan

    Stats for Thought thru first 7 games

    Some interesting stats I noticed through first 7 games [most are good!]: Individuals: -After a cold first two games FG shooting overall and from beyond the arc (5/21 & 2/12), CV has shot 24/48 (50%) and 11/23 (48%) in the past 5 games -CV has had the same # of TOs in the last 5 games as the...
  33. JustbrewitMan

    Brew's Clues: UMass Lowell

    Feeling a bit like @RichZ after the UNH game. Kinda disappointed in the overall game we played. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I'm feeling disappointed with a 22-point win versus the types of disappointment I felt the last 2 years. **The positives: --Alterique had his best game of...
  34. JustbrewitMan

    Brew’s Clues – UNH Game & *BONUS* Norbrook Farm Brewery Review

    Just got done watching the game on DVR. In true casual fan fashion, I spent the day finding a xmas tree with the family, then visited Norbrook Farm Brewery. Here's what I have today: **Positives: -I love that the team comes out active, aggressive, and engaged. Seems like the lethargic...
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