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  1. Ts5034

    A Random Observation…

    We have not done well in the second game of these style tournaments over the last few years. In the 2K Sports from a few years ago, we made a statement by beating Syracuse, but got blown out by Iowa the next night. The AAC Tournament of that same season, we beat USF, then got blown out vs...
  2. Ts5034

    Next Year's Schedule?

    Never too early to start thinking about next season and who we are going to play. Hopefully Covid is knocked out and we can play a full schedule. That leaves 18 Big East games, but what does our OOC look like? IIRC we are scheduled to play in Atlantis this November, but like I said, hopefully...
  3. Ts5034

    Im Nervous About Tonight’s Game

    I don’t know why, but I just have a funny feeling about this one. I actually don’t like the fact some of the analysts are picking us as a dark horse Final Four team. We are also the betting favorite to win tonight’s game. I think it just gives the opposing team extra motivation and something to...
  4. Ts5034

    Hats Off To Our Old Friend, Dave Leitao

    That is a very good win for DePaul. As we all know, Leitao is a good coach that had a hand in helping build UConn into a national power. So, 10 years after our magical 2011 run, our first game in our return to the Big East Tournament is...DePaul. How is that for the irony?
  5. Ts5034

    First Top 3 Finish In Conference Since 2014

    That says a lot. Clearly this thing is turning around under Hurley, and turning around fast.
  6. Ts5034

    Javonte Brown to Texas A&M

  7. Ts5034

    Great Quote From Hurley

  8. Ts5034

    Did I miss Something?

    I thought we had a game scheduled at DePaul tonight that was cancelled because of Covid protocol. I turned the TV on FS1 and saw that DePaul was playing a game vs W Illinois. Why was the game with us cancelled because of Covid but they played somebody else on the same day?
  9. Ts5034

    Big East News

  10. Ts5034

    Some Schedule News

  11. Ts5034

    10 Year Anniversary Of The 2010-2011 Championship Season

    Surprised this hasn't been talked about much. It's just crazy to think back on that season and everything that happened, and starting with Maui, was 10 years ago, but I can remember so much of it so vividly. I will never forget being in Madison Square Garden for the Big East Championship game...
  12. Ts5034

    Donyell Marshall

    Just wanted to show some appreciation for Donyell seeing how we are playing him tonight. Donyell Marshall was my earliest memory of UConn basketball. I remember watching his 360 dunk live, which is one of the most memorable highlights of his career, and one of the best dunks in UConn history. My...
  13. Ts5034

    UConn - All Warrior Team

    With the hire of Kevin Freeman, It got me thinking who would be on the UConn all warrior team? For me, it would be Kevin Freeman, Jeff Adrien, Christian Vital, Charlie Villanueva, and Shabazz.
  14. Ts5034

    AAC Tournament Seeding?

    Right now, we are 8-8, and Temple is right behind us at 6-10. How do the tie breakers work? I know we split with them, but if we hold the tie breaker, I think that means we cannot finish any worse than 7th. Memphis is 9-7, we split with them as well, and its possible we finish with the same...
  15. Ts5034

    OT: Knicks Have Strong Interest in Jay Wright Should be an interesting off season. I can’t see Jay Wright leaving, but crazier things have happened. It would really be a let down if he did leave before we actually...
  16. Ts5034

    So, Tulsa?

    Tulsa is quietly the second place team in the AAC coming off that blow out win vs Memphis. They have also beaten Houston. We have another tough one ahead of us. Tulsa is a veteran team, but I think its time we win one of these.
  17. Ts5034

    OT: Tulsa Destroys Memphis 80-40!

    That is a shocker. Tulsa is now 5-1 in the AAC and probably the best team in the league based on their resume alone. They beat Houston already, and now Memphis. Now, we play the top 2 teams in the AAC back to back with Houston on Thursday, and Tulsa in Hartford Sunday.
  18. Ts5034

    2013-2014 Season Comparison

    This season seems like the exact opposite of how things played out in 2013/14. Im not saying this team has Championship talent, but I think it shows how razor thin the margin is between winning and losing. First of all, I think this team lacks confidence at the end of games. Hurley has basically...
  19. Ts5034

    Sal Alosi Instagram Story

    Did anybody watch Sal Alosi’s Instagram story this morning? It looks like the team hotel in Philadelphia was evacuated at 4:30 this morning because of a fire alarm. Thats probably not the best case scenario when you’re already playing an early 12 PM game on the road...
  20. Ts5034

    Road Game Prep?

    Im in no way making this an excuse for the way we played, but I heard on the broadcast yesterday that the team flew directly to FL after the Cincinnati game. I know 3 days is kind of a quick turnaround for another road game so heading right to the next city makes the most sense, but what is the...
  21. Ts5034

    OT: Tulane Beat Cincinnati 76-71.

    Shocking! This will not be an easy game when we play Tulane on Wednesday. We have some work to do over the next few days.
  22. Ts5034

    I Just Don’t Understand

    How can we look so good beating Florida? And play Xavier and Indiana even right down to the wire, but look terrible vs Cincy tonight? I know it was the first true road game of the season, but that was just bad. Its just year after year we struggle vs teams in this conference, especially...
  23. Ts5034

    Predictions for tonights game at Cincinnati

    I expect this to be a classic low scoring rock fight at Cincy. Im going with my heart on this one saying we win 64-61.
  24. Ts5034

    Predictions/Expectations for the rest of the season?

    With a full week before our next game, I was just wondering what everyones expectations are from what we have seen up to this point. Now that we only have 3 OOC games left before conference play, It looks like we will be 9-3 going into our AAC schedule. I think many of us would have signed up...
  25. Ts5034


    That pretty much sums it up. Im currently in a cab on my way back to Grand Central and tonight was a really frustrating loss. I do not like playing teams coming off a loss so I was a little worried about tonight. If I knew we were going to give up only 57 points, I would have guaranteed a win.
  26. Ts5034

    We have been a second half team all year!

    We have been a second half team all year. I trust in the staff to make the right adjustments and get the win! Lets go! By the way, the UConn crowd is on fire Madison Square Garden will always be our house.
  27. Ts5034

    Jimmy V Tickets?

    Did anyone buy their Jimmy V tickets from the alumni? If so did anybody get theirs in the mail yet? I ordered mine back in early October and they have not been delivered.
  28. Ts5034

    Can we go back to the old Husky logo now?

    Not just for the nostalgia, but I don’t think the new logo really grew on the fan base. I think they just accepted it because they had to. I now associate this new logo with the AAC since it was debuted right before our first year as a member of the AAC. I think one of the reasons the school...
  29. Ts5034

    Some Guy’s Exit Interview with Susan Herbst

    Jeff Jacobs: An exit interview with outgoing UConn president Susan Herbst Interesting stuff here, I thought she was very transparent.
  30. Ts5034

    Zion will dominate Tacko

    I dont think this will be close.
  31. Ts5034

    Bill Self

    I will start this off by saying that I know Bill Self is in the hall of fame, and if Bill Self retired tomorrow, he does not have anything else to prove to anybody from a basketball perspective, but this guy is not a big time coach. Hes getting blown out by 25 at the half vs Auburn, he got blown...
  32. Ts5034

    4 > 1

    Still 4 > 1
  33. Ts5034

    What happened if the Catholic 7 decided to leave first?

    Serious question, if the Catholic 7 decided to leave before Syracuse and Pitt, could something have worked out where we formed a league with: Syracuse, Pitt, West Virginia, Cincinnati, USF, and Rutgers, along with the additions that were made to the AAC like Houston, UCF, SMU, Memphis, Navy, and...
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