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  1. Artifact

    OT: ADAGE on Complicated Matters in Life ?

    I believe in the 'KISS' philosophy, 'KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID !
  2. Artifact

    Steven's 'Pushing On'.

    Just read the caption & I presume it is true. I am very surprised that Geno agreed that Steven's was not bound to stay for 2 years. My question is, 'Why spend, all that time coaching some one who may stay only one year? Why not give all that time & training spent, to the new incoming freshman ...
  3. Artifact

    Sports Illustrated-Incorrect

    Just received my 'waiting room' edition of S.I. men's & womans final four championship play. Shown on a 2 full page spread is a picture of Chiney & a UConn player laying horizontal from a previous play. It fairly obvious the UConn player is Stokes. S. I. identifiers Stokes as Bria Hartley! This...
  4. Artifact

    Basketball & Lent !

    The word "Lent' has made it's appearance in women's basketball which is a traditionally a time of forgiveness & reconciliation. Setting aside all details & basketball rivalry, their should be reconciliation between the UConn & N.D. basketball programs !
  5. Artifact

    Blue Monday, how about 'Paraprodokians'

    (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous. 1. Where there's a will, I want to be in...
  6. Artifact

    Idyll's of March

    In Roman times, a Roman & Greek were walking together. Roman Geno, in sandals & without socks spoke, A strange thing happened to me on the way to the forum, today'. The Greek responded, 'Beware of the idyll's of March'. Fast forward today, UConn Geno, in shoes without socks, says 'Beware of...
  7. Artifact

    Navy has committed to:

    to the Big East beginning in 2014 for football only. Can the Air force Academy be far behind?
  8. Artifact

    Chris Dailey , looks like -

    she is 10 years younger. Her facial features & profile to my eye, appear to be modified from last year. Humm! Good for you Chris, as a great coach & the best recruiter in girls college basketball.
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