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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    I fully agree that the reality in this situation mocks the law. My solution would not be to cure the problem by removing coaches from the law. My solution would be to say that if the law works well enough for the Attorney General to hire lawyers and UConn to hire professsors, I don’t accept...
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    Huh? The entire purpose of these laws is because we’ve learned that if you let bosses hire based solely on networking, the bottom line is that consciously or not they are more likely to hire people like them. So if you’re telling me these laws getting others into the process don’t go far...
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    Why isn’t Diggins playing?

    Minutes are wide open. We’re not getting what we want from any of Hawkins, AJ or Gaffney. Hurley has shown and is showing he will play freshman. So he doesn’t think that Diggins is as good as the folks playing at this time. He may be right and he may be wrong. No one is infallible...
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    These laws aren’t perfect, but they all exist for a reason. If you think that taxpayer money should go to the most qualified, and not reserved for friends of bosses even if they are overwhelmingly white and male, how do you not require some amount of openness in the hiring process? Unless you...
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    Steven Krajewski appreciation thread

    You think that putting on 20 pounds reduces the risk of an acl tear? That’s an interesting medical theory
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    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    The Fairfield Train Station was built in the 1890s. At the time it was built, it took LESS time to take a train from Fairfield to Grand Central then it takes. today. Other than Northeastern U.S. infrastructure, is there anything in the world that hasn't been improved over the last 125 years?
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    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    Steal Schiano's helicopter?
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    Going small was the right move

    We didn’t play nearly well enough, but they made a large number of very difficult shots.
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    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    LMAO. Monmouth isn't even south Jersey.
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    Does this push ND to join a conf?

    Why would Cincy making the playoffs change the P5s outlook? For a non P-5 team to get in, even once, requires not just an undefeated season but a road win at a team that was itself in contention for the playoffs. Don't get me wrong -- it is all about money and the expansion of the playoffs...
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    Does this push ND to join a conf?

    LOL. Just as a matter of academic perception, there is zero chance ND would want to go to the Big 12.
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    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    I would be shocked if he had interest. But if he played for Marinelli senior, if he wants to leave ND, that would certainly get Mora in the door.
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    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    Did Pyne play for Marinelli's father?
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    IIRC that was the game that Nuzzi missed the game winning FG with just over 2 minutes left, and miraculously Akron went three and out with two incomplete passes, we were able to run about 10 plays in the last 90 seconds and then Nuzzi came through on his second chance.
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    Syracuse DI Hockey?

    Eh. Some people think the purpose of a rival is to beat the crap out of them as often as you can. Not be happy where you avoid competing with them. Unless, of course, you think the BCU model is how normal fan bases want to operate.
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    Jim Mora’s new staff coming together…

    They used to say about oil deals, no good investment opportunities ever left Texas. Maybe the same is true of high school football players.
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    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    No, I’m not saying we’ve shown we won’t. I’m mocking those who looked at the Auburn game and said it showed we would. And we both know you’re smart enough to know the difference
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    Explain to me why we didn’t bring in another point guard???

    He wanted Diggins. If you bring in a transfer PG, do you get (or keep) Diggins? These decisions aren’t as easy as blowing steam off because Gaffney had a really poor weak. Unless, of course, you’ve given up on Diggins 7 games into his freshman season.
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    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    Did anyone think coming into the season we have the offensive firepower to compete for a national championship? Without that, the only way to compete for championships is for Hurley to take teams with Top 15 talent and blend them into a team where the whole is substantially greater than the sum...
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    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    By the way == where are the folks who mocked me for saying hitting 3s against terrible teams didn’t prove we’d do it against good teams after the Auburn game? Feeling a little silly about thinking you can read everything into one game?
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    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    So far, with ups and downs and pluses and minuses, we’re right where the consensus for us was coming into the season. We’re a team that’s going to have a chance to get to the second weekend and compete at the top of the big east. And we have the potential to be better than we are today if...
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    Seeking Your Thoughts On Akok

    I don’t think anyone knew what their role was supposed to be on a day when Sanogo only made two baskets. Luckily Cole scored just enough to let IW hit the two big late 3s and our defense and rebounding to win the game.
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    Depth in Atlantis

    You are not going to convince me that Hawkins' minutes weren't limited by his ankle being reinjured against Auburn. If he's not getting more minutes against St. Bonnies and WVU, then I'll be proven wrong.
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    VCU UConn thoughts

    It's got to be hard to be in synch when you don't know day to day who isn't going to show up. Sanogo? AJ? Polley? Gaffney? How do you game play not knowing whether Polley will go for 24 or 3? Not knowing if SAnogo will go for 30 or 6? Not knowing if Akok will ever look like he was as a...
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    Cole is going to need some Help

    There is no reason they can't. But if they thought would be a better emergency option this year than Diggins, he wouldn't be the one redshirting.
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    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    I don’t know what happened so I’m not going to knock Lucien, the old staff or the new staff. But I will say this — I have never accepted that it’s o.k. for a coach to walk out on a team before the season is over, and I’m hard pressed to see a situation where I think it’s o.k. for a player to do...
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    Late Game Management

    I can forgive the foul call on Cole. That’s normally a foul and refs anticipate. The non-call when Martin was shoved out I find harder to accept. They saw that. For some reason that didn’t care.
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    No Whaley

    First half we just looked like we didn’t have any energy. Which, frankly, was understandable after that game yesterday with a 19 hour turnaround, 1 starter out and two others banged up. That they were able to come up with the energy to get to up 7 in the second half was quite impressive. The...
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    A game like this is just what the doctor ordered!

    Winning tomorrow will take more minutes from Gaffney and Akok and if Hawkins ankle is a problem, or Whaley can't play tomorrow, minutes from Diggins and Johnson. But that shouldn't be problematic. Diggins and Johnson aren't riding the bench because they're not capable of being contributing...
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    End of Overtime Sequence

    It was like an offensive rebound. Because we kept the ball after the shot without the other team gaining possession, the shot clock resets to 20 seconds. That’s what happened
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    The Super Seniors

    I fully agree. But he’s not the one coming out of the starting lineup to solve that problem.
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    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    As a 3. Not as a 2 with Polley at the 3.
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    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    Right. The only two conditions for an ankle are 100% and you can't play. It's not possible to strain an ankle ligament where you can run straight ahead if you have to but you don't have the lateral movement that you have if you're not hurt. Seriously, you can't believe that Hurley voluntarily...
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    That was epic

    You watched a different game than I did. The game I saw, Cole turned it over five times because he was the only player we had who could handle the ball for any length of time without turning it over. Hint -- turnovers go up when the percentage of time on offense you have the ball goes up.
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