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  1. Artifact

    Sunday (12/5) vs Notre Dame

    A 30 pt. win against Notre Dame ? I'm sure they will 'love' this motivation !
  2. Artifact

    Two undefeated teams, Maryland and Indiana lost today

    I'm not a coach, but I concur with this multi player approach. Remember, 'Experience is the Best Teacher but the Most Expensive'. So we lose some games, but win the 'Last Big One ' !
  3. Artifact

    Mir ?

    A Stamford rotation of 10-12 players rotation, paid dividends last years, even with a number of losses . Their lower rating was traded off so that players receive a great deal of experience which in the end, proved fruitful in winning the big 'Championship Game', with a number one rating !
  4. Artifact

    The UConn Huskies Have a SERIOUS PROBLEM

    We have a lot of depth, without a lot of experience ! Please, give us time.
  5. Artifact

    KK Arnold to UConn [merged thread]

    Interesting ! You make a decision, for a player, because of 1 in. difference ?
  6. Artifact

    UConn, the Alabama of Basketball

    'PRESSURE' is great, provided it generates equal 'Response' !
  7. Artifact

    Post game thread (merged thread)

    I want to thank, Arkansas for helping us to exhibit our strength & weakness as a team !
  8. Artifact

    Kiki commits to UCLA

    Want to wish, 'KiKi,'only the best & success, in her playing basketball career at UCLA !
  9. Artifact

    Chasing Kiki Rice -A waste of UConn's time?

    Me think's, that her parent's, will have the greatest influence on her decision where she end's up ! Just look at her parent's background. I have strong reservations that she will not end-up on Geno's team. But, 'Never say Never'.
  10. Artifact

    Returners, newcomers fighting for minutes on deep, talented team

    Reading a lot of 'talk' about who's to play & who needs improvement! I say, that 'simply' put, their game performing actions, will dictate who plays & who sits. Only the 'best' to this 'Great Team' assembled by Geno!
  11. Artifact

    LIv NIL deal with Fabletics

    For time spent in 'Sports' yes, in 'Studies', I would not short change her !
  12. Artifact

    OT: Olympics: U.S. Women’s Soccer

    I have strong reservations concerning the U. S. A. Women's soccer team !
  13. Artifact

    Paige better get her signing hand ready this summer

    I believe this NIL opportunities passage is a , 'COACHES NIGHTMARE'! I do not believe it encourages team unity on any team!
  14. Artifact

    It’s not just basketball, the NCAA fumbles softball too

    The problem for woman's sports starts with the NCAA. They do a terrible job in representing all women athletes. Just look how they handled the last Woman's NCAA Final Four, especially their housing accommodations & meals, practice facilities, & qualities of the referees in the games played...
  15. Artifact

    CT NIL Legislation Now On Gov.'s Desk

    With the upcoming NIL legislation, their is a number of questions regarding. 'Nike' as a would be sponsor. I will leave it at that!
  16. Artifact

    Congrats to Paige

    Paige is not only brilliant with a 'basketball' in hand but also with a 'book' in hand! They go together for Paige, 'Hand and Hand'.
  17. Artifact

    Surprise. Freshman Amari DeBerry coming to UConn with big expectations

    Hello Amari, so glad to have you with us. I took the trip , many times from Conn. up to Buffalo, via the N.Y. Central Railroad, at the time, which followed the Hudson River up to Niagara University. The students from Western N.Y. impressed me as great kids, like their parents. We have a great...
  18. Artifact

    Geno's Successor?

    Knowing one of our great's just got married & I presume a eventual family is on their mind, & just fantasizing that she would be available, wouldn't 'Maya Moore' make a great replacement for coach Geno ? Sorry, just dreaming !
  19. Artifact

    OT: UConn President to resign

    Question always exit, should a great coach be payed more than a great scholastic educator. The coach, if a winner, brings exposure to the team & university. usually increasing more student qualified candidates & in many cases increased revenue. A school may have less exposure in sports, but a...
  20. Artifact

    OT: Kentucky Derby Winner May Be DQed

    Similar to many sports , like basketball, Ref's makes a bad call in a tight game, which results in a loss for the offended team! Seen, it in a number of times in women's basketball. No recourse, NCAA needs to greatly improve their ref's !
  21. Artifact

    List Three Changes To Improve Womens College BB

    1 Move the 3pt line back to same distance as the 'Men's 2. Use the same ball as the 'Men's...
  22. Artifact

    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    I can appreciate , all the time taken to calculate, the possible minutes a player may participate in playing. I believe It all will come down to 3 issues, players motivation in practice, attitude & performance. That covers it all!
  23. Artifact

    Portal Problems

    After reading all above, I tend to agree with most has been said. Reminds, me of a competitive enterprise venture ! It will play out in the end. Just remember, for every 'Yes', their is a 'No'. GOOD LUCK !
  24. Artifact

    Shea's New Digs

    I wish success to Shea as coach at Vanderbilt. She has a wealth of experience. under the wing of Geno. What 'Much' has been given to her as head coach & recruitment, 'Much' will be expected of her in return. We, also, should remember, 'All that shines is not Golden !'
  25. Artifact

    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    It appears that their is a rupture between the attitude, player performance & coaching staff at Syracuse. I would think the S.U. administration must be now deeply involved. But, do we really know what's going on ?
  26. Artifact

    New UConn Assistant Coach Morgan Valley

    Supposedly. we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Give, 'Morgan', a break. She's one of our own !
  27. Artifact

    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    Geno, as coach, with the players he has assembled will have a "Feast amongst aplenty. No more, 'Starvation" !
  28. Artifact

    Sweet Caroline! Doty joins Marisa's Staff at Wisconsin!

    Hey Caroline, glad to see you back active in basketball. A great person with great energy for basketball. Loved when seeing you playing for UConn. The knowledge & experience is their. Good luck in connecting with the Wisconsin players !
  29. Artifact

    Anna Makurat to pursue professional ball in Europe

    Thank you 'ANNA' for your coming & playing basketball at UConn. Now will get to see family & have some great home-made Schawnie {delicious} 'Pierogies' !
  30. Artifact

    OT: UCONN Women's Basketball

    This a Yes & No, 'One' person gets to censor the remarks of another, who 'O'ne does not agree with ? To me this is censoring. If I object to what someone is saying, as someone already mentioned , I pass them by. Reason why I volunteered 2 yrs in the Military. Got behind 'Iron Curtain', saw...
  31. Artifact

    April 2021 Recruiting Thread

    Interesting about the Bigs being mentioned & their scoring abilities for transfer. Question is, what about all the new player talents, we got coming in. Geno has to find out their ability to practice as a team, attitude & their performance, on a higher scale. He has many unknowns to deal with...
  32. Artifact

    EVINA IS COMING BACK! [Merged Thread]

    Hey Evina: we're with you ,100 percent. Glad that you feel comfortable with your decision. Thumb's up !
  33. Artifact

    That was an ugly title game to watch..

    Stamford should of had a 'medical group' on the side line, to attend all their injured players.
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