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Search results

  1. BGesus4

    Big East OOC tracker

    I don’t think this even includes all those secret scrimmages you guys dominated
  2. BGesus4

    If you could pick one past UConn player…who would you add to this team?

    Would love to see Marcus Williams on the same team as Jackson
  3. BGesus4

    Stephon Castle honors

    Pretty sure underclassman means not a senior. So to answer your question, maybe.
  4. BGesus4

    Duke Baylor Gonzaga

    By these posters metrics, every team we’ve ever had other than 99 sucked… as well as almost every national champion in recent history
  5. BGesus4

    Tyrese Martin Out Vs UMES

    Damn. Shows just how tough his Atlantis performances were.
  6. BGesus4

    2023 Recruiting Isaiah Miranda

    Assuming DC is at the game, we’ll have impressive size behind the bench
  7. BGesus4

    2022 NBA Mock Draft

    He also has a very good set of basketball skills. He has good handle, great court awareness and great passing skills, on top of absolutely unreal athleticism with really good size and strength. His biggest weakness is glaring and an important one but he is a better athlete and a much better...
  8. BGesus4

    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    Bottom line is college basketball is full of very flawed teams. Kansas looked great a week ago then loses to a very mediocre Dayton team. I don’t think anyone is going to feel good about seeing us in March given our defense and rebounding.
  9. BGesus4


    The amount of horrendous calls in both directions in all three games was insane. Depending on how many and which you corrected we could’ve gone 3-0 or 0-3. The outcome of every game was decided by which team was going to get the bigger balance of the refs ineptitude. Ridiculous
  10. BGesus4

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    Lololol same thought
  11. BGesus4

    Let’s Go, Auburn!

    Wonder how Benny Williams feels playing in a 2-3 zone with coach’s sons getting all the shots in offense is fitting into his NBA plans
  12. BGesus4

    Cole is going to need some Help

    Yet somehow after next game there will be a hoard of yarders swearing Cole shouldn’t start
  13. BGesus4

    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    Face palm
  14. BGesus4


    With his handle and athleticism, good things will happen if he hunts attacking the rim a little.
  15. BGesus4

    Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith!

    Can you confirm that that’s an area rug on the top of his head? It’s uncomfortable to look at
  16. BGesus4

    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    Finally broke the curse of the Hamidou Diallo game
  17. BGesus4

    Let’s go VCU!!

    Wow this cuse team is very bad, even worse than all those bubble teams that didn’t deserve to make the tourney. They’ll benefit from a down ACC but I’m worried they might be so bad that there might be pressure on Boeheim to look for the exit.
  18. BGesus4

    Rules Question

    How about the call that the ball went off rjs knee that obviously didn’t. They review it and stick with the original call.
  19. BGesus4

    What do we know about Michigan State?

    We’ll definitely be at a noticeable disadvantage given the later double overtime game and then an early start
  20. BGesus4

    Rules Question

    Every year the college basketball refs never cease to amaze with how atrocious they can be.
  21. BGesus4

    Hawkins - The couple 3s he took didnt fall but he legit looked like an NBA athlete out there

    If you are rated 50 in your senior year, all things being equal, you don’t have a good chance at being a first round pick. He’s definitely outplaying those expectations.
  22. BGesus4

    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    Definitely looked like he aggravated it on that fastbreak. They called a foul but looked like he stepped and his foot gave out on him and he wasn’t really touched. After seeing the replay I was worried he’d sit the rest of the game. Seemed ok when he came back in but hard to know if it limited him.
  23. BGesus4

    Game day from Atlantis

    Wonder if he’s down there to create some original content for Hurley for when we close on Justin Edwards
  24. BGesus4

    2022 Recruiting: Updated Composite Rankings

    Has anyone seen Bronny in person and if so do you feel like his ranking is justified?
  25. BGesus4

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    The only real leak under this staff was the cardwell commitment
  26. BGesus4

    Big East OOC tracker

    Any word on Cales injury?
  27. BGesus4

    2023 Recruiting Taylor Bol Bowen Update

    Nice. Because if we were out I’d be almost sure he was scared off by the prospect of Joe Girard grad transferring here and him not being able to crack the starting lineup (on the nights Joe wants to play 4).
  28. BGesus4

    2023 Recruiting Taylor Bol Bowen Update

    Hopefully related to our position with Edwards but could be that they saw the writing on the wall with Duke and didn’t want to waste resources
  29. BGesus4

    Justin Edwards & Other '23 Prospects

    Definitely cupcakes and definitely a lot left to prove. Before the season, I didn’t think there was a real possibility he could be drafted at the end of the season. After the start of the season and seeing him live, there’s definitely a real chance he could play himself into a late first round...
  30. BGesus4

    Justin Edwards & Other '23 Prospects

    He looked like Andre Iguodala in person last Wednesday. I don’t ever remember seeing someone do all over the court and so much better of an athlete than everyone else on the court. Between that, his competitiveness and focus, and the improved 3 ball, I think it’d be tough to count on him coming...
  31. BGesus4

    Big East OOC tracker

    Friars are perennially one of the best teams in the country in secret games. The more secret, the more dominant they are.
  32. BGesus4

    OT: Cheapest streaming service with FS1/FS2

    You can get around the location issue with a vpn, but the lack of high resolution content is a bummer. Do any of the streaming services offer a good amount of 4K sports?
  33. BGesus4

    Big East OOC tracker

    These nova teams are just so well coached. Idk if I’ve ever seen college teams that play so much on the same page and with a very specific style/strategy as they do.
  34. BGesus4

    Colgate beats Syracuse

    I wonder if Kadary Richmond caught the game
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