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Search results

  1. uconnbill

    How UConn is better than Alabama

  2. uconnbill

    Villinova touchdown pass

    CBS Sports
  3. uconnbill

    Tyler Coyle

    Had a very good pro day and hopefully he gets picked in the last day in rounds 5-7 S Tyler Coyle Height: 6'1″ (66th percentile) Weight: 209 (70th) Arm: 32 3/8 (78th) Vertical: 39 (85th) Broad: 133 (96th) Bench: 24 reps (97th) 40-yard: 4.36 (97th) Short shuttle: 4.00 (93rd) 3-cone: 7.14 (18th)
  4. uconnbill

    Maybe the loss helps

    I may be pushing it by saying this, but they seemed very confident coming into the game and maybe this helps in some way heading into next weekend. Don't hang me for this take on the team and the game Go Huskies
  5. uconnbill

    Caption this

  6. uconnbill

    Coyle going Pro
  7. uconnbill

    Darius Butler Podcast

    I follow Carl Banks on Twitter and he was pushing Darius Butler and Antoine Bethea talking football
  8. uconnbill

    Jerry Palm bowl predictions

    With all these teams out for the year, this would have been the year that UConn could have went bowling if you look at these 72 teams playing in December. UConn could have been bowling this year. That would have been nice, just saying
  9. uconnbill

    OT: Lute Olsen passes away My prayers are with his family
  10. uconnbill

    Some more Peart info from PFF

    UCONN OFFENSIVE TACKLE MATT PEART — DEVELOPMENTAL OFFENSIVE TACKLE Good offensive tackles are difficult to find. They’re also difficult investments, as many take time to develop from college to the NFL. Peart has the size and skill set to develop nicely at the next level, and he’s even more...
  11. uconnbill

    A possible recruit not sure of the class

    He is from Cromwell CT and a 6'2" wide receiver and his first year playing football. He can snag the ball out of the air, but needs work running routes.
  12. uconnbill

    New CDC guidelines for all events

    No more than 50 people at any event for the next eight weeks
  13. uconnbill

    Cam Ross Honorable All-American

    on PFF 62 catches for 723 yards and 4 touchdowns plus 3 carries for 27 yards.
  14. uconnbill

    Happy Thanksgiving

    This is from George Washington in 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation New York, 3 October 1789 (Bold is added by the author.) By the President of the United States of America. a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be...
  15. uconnbill

    Has the admissions gotten worse in the past eight years at UConn

    That is what Randy Edsall has stated in this article: During one weekly media session, Edsall (off the podium) talked about how he spent UConn's first bye week of that season talking to admissions. His message: More stringent admittance requirements were imperiling the program. Edsall said...
  16. uconnbill

    Matt Peart draft position

    Mel Kiper thinks he is a First Round pick with long arms and good feet. Thoughts from the peanut gallery. Offensive tackles 1. *Andrew Thomas, Georgia 2. *Alex Leatherwood, Alabama 3. Matt Peart, Connecticut
  17. uconnbill

    CBS 2020 Senior only Mock Draft

    Round 1 - Pick 14 Matt Peart OL CONNECTICUT • SR • 6'7" / 303 LBS The Jamaican born lineman has a lot of upside. He is really athletic and looks quick in pass protection. He needs to improve upon his run blocking. Miami allowed one starting offensive tackle to walk in free agency and traded...
  18. uconnbill

    The Catch of the day

    Great catch you have to see
  19. uconnbill

    Poll: Yes or No on the move to the Big East

    What do the UConn football fans think?
  20. uconnbill

    Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Just done with a 3rd and 5th going to Pittsburgh for the disgruntled former Steeler BREAKING: Steelers Trade WR Antonio Brown To The Oakland Raiders
  21. uconnbill

    Tre Mitchell info

    Hearing that he is going to end up at UMass when all is said and done.
  22. uconnbill

    Alex Trebek

    Has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Alex Trebek announces he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer: "I'm going to fight this"
  23. uconnbill

    Chol Marial playing again

    Not sure what this means for UConn if anything at all. Just thought I would share the video Chol Marial
  24. uconnbill

    Andrew Adams more time at a safety with the Giant's

    I think he played better than Thompson and deserves more time at Free Safety.
  25. uconnbill

    Little dying boy wants Christmas cards

    He is dying of a terrible disease Neuroblastoma and has only a week or so left and just wants Christmas cards. Here is his info: Jacob Thompson C/O Maine Medical Center 22 Bramhall St Portland, ME 04102
  26. uconnbill


    The story, about Steve Gleason who has ALS better known as Lou Gehrig disease. I just watch the documentary and thought it was something I would share here about his courage of going through this, especially with Dwight Clark being diagnosed just a couple days ago. If you get a chance to watch...
  27. uconnbill

    Greater, The Brandon Burlsworth Story

    The movie about Walk-on Brandon Burlsworth who became an All-American at Arkansas and died after being drafted by the Colts in the third round. It is a very moving story and his legacy goes on with Burlsworth trophy given yearly to a most outstanding player who started out as a Walk-on.
  28. uconnbill

    UConn first commitment

    Matt Schonvisky ‏@MattSchonvisky 6m6 minutes ago BREAKING: @UConnFootball gets 1st commit to 2016 class, 6' 4" QB Donovan Williams from Hylton HS (Woodbridge, VA) #BleedBlue
  29. uconnbill

    Former Husky Scott Lutrus News

    He was invited to the NFL Veterans combine this Sunday on the NFL Network Good luck to Scott Lutrus in getting an invite to a NFL camp this summer
  30. uconnbill

    David Ryslik next commitment

    David Ryslik ‏@DRyslik_77 1h1 hour ago UCONNNNN Just saw this on twitter and I am guessing he is a Husky. Welcome to Storrs, David Ryslik
  31. uconnbill

    Early signing period coming

    After reading this article I am hopeful it will come next year or the year after. I know a number of schools are in favor of this and I can bet UCONN will be as well.
  32. uconnbill

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Boneyarders

    May God bless each and everyone of you and keep you safe this holiday weekend
  33. uconnbill

    Meet coach Diaco event at Rentschler field

    As usual the UCONN Hartford alumni did a great job with our own Hardcore Henry. First the field looks good and will be in great condition for the BYU game in a month. Everyone got a chance to go on the field and throw the ball though the Husky mouth plus meet Jonathan XIII. The place was...
  34. uconnbill

    UCONN offers a new big man all 7'4" of him

    I know nothing about Jean Marc Christ Koumadje except he is tall and has a Tennessee offer as well Some film on him
  35. uconnbill

    Second Commitment

    Tyler Davis QB out of North Bellmore, NY. from that site we don't talk about His video
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