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    Sorry for the mixup Caitlin Clark Article

    For a game whose outcome never seriously felt in doubt, UConn’s 92-72 regional semifinal win over Iowa gave basketball fans almost everything they could have asked for — even in Iowa City, where the hometown team came up short. Iowa is used to playing frenetic, high-scoring games. This was just...

    Caitlin Clark Article

    Great article on Caitlin Clark!

    Better Late Than Never UCONN vs UMass-Lowell

    Sorry guys, I meant to do this last Saturday night but at 73 my mind is floating away! Bear with me.......... I've read some comments that we shouldn't take the UCONN victory over UMass-Lowell too seriously as UMass was a terrible team! But I beg to differ, as every girl that got into the game...

    Give It Up For The CT SUN!

    What a great win by the CT Sun! With the gritty A. Thomas playing through obvious pain drawing on the memory of Willis Reed performance vs the Lakers in the 1970's! When she was announced in the starting lineup it must have sent the Sun players sky high! Their leader was going to gut it out...

    I'm like a timex watch, I just keep on ticking.........

    Yesterday afternoon around 4:30pm I got Home from L&M Hospital after they gave me a NEW PACEMAKER and 3 wires on Wednesday the 24th! 1 Wire from left side of my pacemaker to the left side of my heart and 2 wires from the right side of the pacemaker to the right side of my heart! My Cardiac...

    Chances are ripe for two UCONN players to get All-American Awards

    IMHO both Meg Walker at SF and Crystal Dangerfield at PG will be named to the 2020 All-American on the WBCA list of 10 players! I also think Meg will get on the 5 member AP and Coaches list! These two players numbers throughout the season are comparable to the top players around Division I!

    WNBA CT Sun at NY Liberty Today

    I watched the Sun at NY Liberty game today and IMHO the Sun played their best game in many years! In all aspects of the game the Sun shined hustle, shooting, passing, defense, attitude, etc. Every player put out 125% effort throughout the game and when the Liberty made their runs the Sun didn't...

    OT: Songs from artists who passed away too soon

    There is a Grand Canyon worth of talent from artists that have passed away way before their time! Selena I COULD FALL IN LOVE youtube Selena - Yahoo Video Search Results Selena DREAMING OF YOU youtube Selena - Yahoo Video Search Results

    Just for the record, I got home from the hospital yesterday at noon!

    They released me from L&M Hospital yesterday at noon! I'm feeling better but still very tired! Hopefully things start to turn around for me after 3+ years! Thanks again for all the kind words and support from you BYers!

    - -I’m back in the hospital!

    I was admitted to L&M hospital around four pm yesterday for problems breathing and no strength or energy! I’ve had these issues for over 2 months and finally hit a wall yesterday and my Doctors got me in! I’ve already had 3 tests this morning and trying to get more information! I’m so tired of...

    Geno may have created his own hell!

    I apologize for not posting this earlier but I've had 1 week of computer problems with my C drive crashing and I'm just starting to get my PC act together again! In reference to Geno's, "the worst game UCONN has played in his 32 years here!" comments, I think he brought some of the grief on...

    OT: My Latest Health News!

    Tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 25th I finish with Cardiac Rehab! It's been a long 2 3/4 years so hopefully I'm turning the corner on poor health! Thanks again to all you BYers for your tremendous support! It is truly appreciated!

    You can't make this stuff up!

    Over the last 3 weeks my breathing has been more & more labored! And after doing a simple task I feel like I've just run a marathon! So today I went to my Cardio Dr and he thinks I'm retaining fluids causing both, so I'm on water pills and stop taking some other meds and NO CARDIO REHAB till I...

    Just to let you know.......

    Hi everyone! Yesterday afternoon I had surgery to remove the cyst on my back! The last of many problems I've gone through for over 2 3/4 years! Obviously what was supposed to be a simple surgery, cut, pop cyst out, and stitch up was harder as the part of the cyst had attached itself to...

    OT: Just to let you know

    Hi BYers, just to let my buddies know yesterday I had my Bladder/Prostate operation at L&M Hospital here in New London! And sometime in the future I have to have a cyst removed from my back. Hopefully that's it after 2 1/2 years of sickness! With my PC being down I haven't posted like I...

    Patberg and Boley will transfer from Notre Dame

    Boley, Patberg to transfer from Notre Dame

    Home bound finally!

    at 11:00am I am leaving BRIDEBROOK for home after 5 weeks of rehab! I' be been away since the heart surgery February 7th!

    UCONN email for NCAA tickets?

    Has anyone got the email from the UCONN ticket office with the tickets for the 1st 2 games at Gampel? It was supposed to be Tuesday but snow day then Wednesday. I haven't gotten anything as of this morning!

    Kelly Schumacher sighting

    In the MD vs OSU game at the 5:09 4th period showing the OSU bench next row Kelly Schumacher! Is she connected to OSU?

    Well I'm moving on!

    I had the heart surgery on Monday afternoon and the doctor's are happy with my recovery and I'll be released to BRIDEBROOK rehab in Niantic! I might be there 2 to 3 weeks. I have not see a UCONN game vs Cinc, and SMU because SNY is not on YNHH! I'm hoping I can watch the upcoming games!

    Well it's heart operation time!

    Hey fellow Boneyarders, I'm having my heart operation on this coming Monday Feb. 6th at 11am at YaleNHH! It was supposed to be tomorrow, Friday the 3rd at 7:30am but was pushed back to Monday! It's called a Myectomy(sp?) where they "shave" down one of the 4 chambers because it's grown too big...

    Good times keep on happening, NOT!

    Hey BYers, On Saturday, 4am had a bug, and with my heart problems, I drove myself to L&M hospital, 5 blocks away, 1 hour later was in an ambulance to Yale-NH Hospital for a heart operation on my pacemaker. At YNH they changed their minds, no heart operation, cure the bug! Possible h o in a...

    The Sky knock off the Sparks

    In an inspiring performance after being given the last rites in LA the Chicago Sky played their hearts out and beat LA in Chicago in game 3, 70 - 66! That's without EDD! LA scored 27 points in the 2nd 1/2 with Candace Parker scoring 0 in the 2nd 1/2! For those who said that Parker would show...

    The Greatest Geno Auriemma Article #2

    CONTINUED............................ The turning point came in her sophomore year. She began to understand the game. She began to understand her coach. Instead of left out, she would become his right arm. "It was an interesting process," she said. "When I would think something was almost...

    The Greatest Geno Auriemma Article #1

    After seeing Geno so emotional after the USA Olympic Championship I thought of the following article written by Jeff Jacobs in the COURANT April 7, 2009! I know it's long but please indulge me as it's well worth the read! After the article there's a postscript that explains everything! Geno...


    I have way too much time on my hands, so I came up with the following list of 8 players, great athletes that play a position bigger then their height. Please add names that you feel belong. "Their hearts are bigger than their height!" In no special order: Gabby Williams...

    WCBB 2015 Transfers as of 8/21/15

    This is off the NCAA site as of August 21, 2015: Anyone have any additions please add names and schools! 2015 NCAA TRANSFERS Updated 8-21-15 List derived from emails, phone calls, internet searches, twitter etc. Key sources, Bret McCormick (ASGR), Brandon Clay (PN), Rebkell Boards...

    Need help! UCONN First Night

    I have been trying to go on ESPN3 to watch the UCONN WBB/MBB First Night and it is not even listed! Can someone direct me to where this broadcast is listed and how I can watch it? Thanks for any help! RSHERMVIKES

    -Mo'ne Davis Philadelphia LL [merged thread]

    The new sensation in LL Baseball at the LL WORLD SERIES is Mo'ne Davis! Read the article and especially the highlighted in RED section! A very smart girl! Girl phenom Mo'ne Davis delivering in major way and even wows Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Everybody from Diane Sawyer to Ellen DeGeneres...

    Jeff Jacobs Article on Sunday Sun OT Victory

    Here's a good article from Jeff Jacobs of the COURANT on today's 2/OT win vs Washington and elimination from the WNBA playoffs again!,0,1470191.column

    I Apologize!

    To those BONEYARDERS that I have upset with my posts I apologize! I am excessive compulsive and it usually is like a "snowball going down hill", I start calm and by the time the "snowball" gets to the bottom it's quite volatile! The exclamation points are a sign of that! Most of the time I...

    UCONN vs NOTRE DAME Future hook-up?

    Back when the season started I thought of UCONN and Notre Dame matching up in the Final 4. I had UCONN with their full roster winning by 20+ points, but now if they were to meet in the Finals it becomes a scarier match-up! Here are their current rosters: UCONN...

    Upgrade the CUZZIN VINNY check in site please

    I go through the CUZZIN VINNY site to get to THE BONEYARD and other areas of WBB but it still shows the 7th UCONN Championship team photo and lists the Seventh Team Championship! Who is responsible for the CUZZIN VINNY site? Maybe they can update the photo and the Championship! Just...

    What gives with the NCAA........

    What is going on at the NCAA? I love printing up each year the Division I Coaching Records, Wins, Loses, %'s, for Career, Season, etc. Well at the NCAA Site the last update for Coaching Records/Stats are up to the 2010-2011 season! I have tried to e-mail the NCAA with pleas to update the...
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