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  1. andy34

    Bouknight Preseason Debut

    Charlotte @ Oklahoma City in 20 minutes. The preseason is still a place where coaches are gonna test out a lot of different lineups, but James should get plenty of run. Can't wait to see him out there!
  2. andy34

    Bouk vs. Jalen, 7 pm

    Charlotte vs. Toronto tonight, 7 pm. I'm sure they'll share the floor at least occasionally. They missed playing here together by only 1 year, but feels like they are from totally different eras so it seems like a much greater separation. (Game airs on ESPN3, FYI)
  3. andy34

    SI Roundtable: UConn the higher seed most likely to make the F4 In response to "Which 7 seed or lower is the best bet to make the Final Four?" 3 of the 5 SI writers picked UConn.
  4. andy34

    Villanova and St. John's games postponed...

  5. andy34

    URI Perspective on Martin

    I glanced over at the URI board, I curious what they think about how Martin has played for us this year. I thought there were some complaints about him when he transferred. With one or two exceptions, it they seem to be very impressed with him and genuinely happy to see him do well. I saw...
  6. andy34

    Bouknight Highlights

    I was looking around for some news & analysis of today's media day, and saw this from an NBA Draft analyst: The highlight vid he links to is awesome too, nothing we haven't seen before but really sums up James' many strengths nicely: James Bouknight | UConn Huskies
  7. andy34

    Donovan Clingan talks about Hurley

    New article from Jake Weingarten about Clingan's recruitment. Not a whole lot of new info, but Jake specifically asks him about Hurley. I asked him what his relationship is like with UConn coach Danny Hurley, who was one of the first coaches to spark interest in Clingan, his answer: Great. He...
  8. andy34

    Cliff Dunk Comp

    @Dunk_Comp on Twitter does great little highlight vids. They just posted one of Cliff. What a special player.
  9. andy34

    G-League to Vote on Unionization

    Looks like the G-League players are voting tomorrow to unionize. If they do, I get the feeling like some of ways the G-League is downplayed as an alternative to college (unglamorous lifestyle, low pay) will be addressed. Right now the base salary is only $35,000 - and this is the result of a...
  10. andy34


    He had a horrendous first half yesterday (missed all 7 shots) but picked it up again in the second half (made all 4 shots). It really says something about the kind of player he has become that he bounced back from such a bad start .... and still finished with 10 pts, 10 rebs, and 5 blocks...
  11. andy34

    Perspective on Vital

    Hard to think of a more complicated legacy legacy for a player than Vital. He was the only member of that highly touted recruiting class to chose to stay put (AG didn't leave, but given his injuries... I'm not sure he had many options). A late signing, he was overlooked within that class and...
  12. andy34

    Getting more out of Polley

    Obviously the coaching staff has a ton of different things to be focusing on right now, but one of them needs to be getting more out of Polley. He's never been able to get his own shot - and that is what it is. But when we've freed him up with set plays, he's been deadly. Those two fadeaway 3s...
  13. andy34


    From Borges' new piece: UConn's Dan Hurley is feeling good - about his health, and his team "Then there’s James Bouknight, the 6-4 wing who may be the most talented of them all. [...] On Saturday, Bouknight made some athletic moves that simply haven’t been seen in the Werth Family Champions...
  14. andy34

    Arbitrator rules in Ollie's favor re: protections

    Ollie wins ruling on union protection in fight over firing "The arbitrator in the dispute between UConn and Kevin Ollie says the former basketball coach is protected by a union contract when it comes to the standard the school must meet in proving his ouster was justified." Just to be clear...
  15. andy34

    Brandon Weston (2021)

    Per Cue_The_Music, he's visiting UConn 7/25: 6-5 small forward, been offered by Illinois, Wake Forest, Seton Hall and UMass. Interesting writeup about him here on an Illinois site: Illinois Basketball: Illini need Brandon Weston’s scoring ability
  16. andy34

    Kwintin tweet

    He deleted it already, might have been because of a typo ("definitely" frequently autocorrects to "defiantly") but more likely he thought better of it.
  17. andy34

    Hasheem Thabeet on the Comeback Trail

    Hasheem Thabeet is on the NBA comeback trail, and the former No. 2 overall pick says it'll be different this time around I feel like I read a similar article a year or two ago... but seems like Hasheem is expanding his game and has worked out for a number of teams. Lots of tread still on...
  18. andy34

    Yakwe out for season

  19. andy34

    6 Years Ago Today

    News came out that Calhoun would be retiring. Somehow feels like just yesterday but also ages ago. So glad Coach is still around and closely connected to the program. I'm feeling confident that the next few years will be more enjoyable than the last few...
  20. andy34

    Husky Run

    Totally snuck up on me. Thrilling to have actual basketball stuff starting to happen. Looks like Kwintin, Larrier, Diarra and Gilbert aren't participating though, would like to know more about why.
  21. andy34

    Meet the Newcomers: Isaiah Whaley

    Meet The UConn Men Newcomers: Hard Work, And Growth, Make Isaiah Whaley Special "I always thought about the tradition of UConn," he said. "They've always been great and they've always sent a lot of people to the league." Really great to know recruits think this way about UConn (and they should!)
  22. andy34

    Absurdly detailed examination of UConn football in Deadspin God bless the Deadspin 25
  23. andy34

    UConn on SNY - ESPN3?

    My father is thinking of switching from DIRECTV (which has SNY) to Dish Network (which does not) because the overall cost is much lower based on the packages he would buy. If he goes through with this, will he be able to watch UConn's SNY games via ESPN3? Or are they blacked out in CT... I...
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