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  1. uconnbill

    Shame on the Courant

    Sad the the largest and oldest paper in America has been stripped as it has been Sadly print media is for old folks now as younger people read everything they want on their phones
  2. uconnbill

    2022 Recruiting Thread

    My thinking is the offensive line needed more one on one coaching and didn't receive it due to Guiffe's double duty, My hope is that there will be one offensive line coach whose only duty is the oline
  3. uconnbill

    Sanogo Observation

    He is UConn's best inside scorer in a few years. Yes he he needs to work on passing from inside lane but you can't kill him for his touch and gives UConn the presence UConn needs against the rest of the Big East.
  4. uconnbill

    Props to Tyler Polley

    He was awesome today and without him UConn loses today. If UConn shoots well they will be hard to beat this year
  5. uconnbill

    Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith!

    turned the sound off in overtime as it was much more enjoyable to watch
  6. uconnbill

    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    You forgot one important thing. Taxes are higher here and overall cost of living is higher as well. We have snow, the other two areas are nicer overall weather wise. Connecticut is 6th in overall taxes North Carolina is 28th Florida is 45th
  7. uconnbill

    Roster churn season

    Transfer portal, JUCO, and seniors while talking to juniors and Sophomores by sending out letters and inviting them to events. Time to tear down and rebuild
  8. uconnbill

    Assistant Coach Wish List

    If you keep Spanos I like his as linebacker coach and then give him asst head coach as a title. He has done well with linebackers at Pittsburgh for years. He knows the position.
  9. uconnbill

    Mora Introductory Press Conference- Saturday November 27th 10:30am Rentschler Field Club Level

    Why not hold something after the game for those who suffered through the last few years and would like to welcome the new coach
  10. uconnbill

    Tim Boyle likely to start for Lions on Sunday.

    I think what people forget is that he was thrown into the lion's den due to Paul Pasquoloni being on the hot seat and was about to be canned. Tim needed a year to redshirt coming from a Xavier. Not saying he would have starred at UConn but would have had a better chance then he did. I root...
  11. uconnbill

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    Coach Mora will continue to watch practice and give his input to see who can help and who needs to move on. With his contacts he will do a decent job with recruiting this year when the players know the offense and defense they are going to run.
  12. uconnbill

    This team is loaded

    The team has depth, that is a fact. Auburn will be a good test for the team. Nice win after starting off a little slow
  13. uconnbill

    Washington’s coach just fired

    Lane isn't leaving the SEC for Washington
  14. uconnbill

    Realistic 5 Year Goals for Coach Mora & UConn Football

    I want to see progress on offense next year and more overall team speed as there are some building blocks here as his Father stated as the third youngest FBS team. A winning record within 3 years would be excellent.
  15. uconnbill

    Assistant Coach Search

    I like Mazzone and wouldn't be upset if Spanos stayed. UConn needs recruiters for the MD, PA, NJ, FL, TX, GA and then the local areas like New England, Long Island and parts of NY.
  16. uconnbill

    UConn needs new media deal

    I like that ESPN does a post and pregame but would love a pre and post game on SNY or a local channel
  17. uconnbill

    Lobbying: our Special Teams have been good all year

    It was the only thing UConn won today.
  18. uconnbill

    High five while returning a kickoff for a TD

    Let the players have a little fun is a positive and it looked good on tv.
  19. uconnbill

    First order of business for Mora

    One play the snap happened and he didn't move and why he got bulled over. The offensive line needs a lot of help as the inside was pushed around all game long. The quarterbacks were gun shy to say the least. The defense was solid most of the game but being on the field the majority of time...
  20. uconnbill

    Rate the Hire (Jim Mora)

    He put UConn on the front page of a number of sports pages for a good reason. He has a great family name and has the connections to hire the proper people to get the job done, or so is our hope as UConn fans. Those who graded it lower don't have a clue
  21. uconnbill

    Benedict/Mora presser.

    What I get is professional and someone who has been there before and nothing is going to surprise him as a coach. The coaching staff he hires will tell me a lot if they "UConn" opened the purse strings and bring in a solid staff would go a long way in quieting the critics here and in the...
  22. uconnbill

    Coaching search…

    Everyone has a stadium on the campus. UConn facilitates are superior to Rutgers, BC, Syracuse and a number of others. In the Northeast only Penn St has better facilities .
  23. uconnbill

    Coaching search…

    How about Bobby Petrino. He is coaching at Missouri St and always has winning teams "except Atlanta Falcons" I know he has baggage a good deal of it, but heck I want a winner and I am tired of the talk that UConn will always stink. So cast the stones
  24. uconnbill

    Coaching search…

    You forget that Dave was at Auburn with Lashlee and why he came here with Diaco to begin with and to get away from Malzahn who was the offensive coach who called his own plays
  25. uconnbill

    Coaching search…

    I like Coen but does UConn take another coordinator or go with a head coach at a lower level or like a MAC school type. One thing the offense has to be 21st century not the screens, draws and other 1990 offenses
  26. uconnbill

    UConn at UCF November 20 will kick at 4pm on ESPN+

    sign up for a free week of Hulu/Disney/ESPN and then cancel it
  27. uconnbill

    2020 Army-UConn football game rescheduled for 2033

    Same here and still spry or something like that :cool:
  28. uconnbill

    Ernie Johnson's son RIP

    I feel bad for Ernie and his wife. He had a very tough life but was loved by many. Prayers for Ernie and his family
  29. uconnbill

    How UConn is better than Alabama

    I think we need to pay Bama to come here with this proof :cool:
  30. uconnbill

    UConn Expected to Pay At Least $2M For Next Head Coach

    I think it is $2 million plus which is solid and now another $2.5 million for the rest of the staff would be good.
  31. uconnbill

    How UConn is better than Alabama

  32. uconnbill

    Rentschler Field managers urge state to upgrade the stadium

    What frustrates me is that general repairs are not done as part of the upkeep of the facility to begin with.
  33. uconnbill

    @ Clemson Road Trip Suggestions

    You will love the Grove as it is an happening place to be. Remember to stick to 18 miles an hour on campus :)
  34. uconnbill

    There is going to be a retention problem....

    How about giving long time season ticket holders a couple of tickets to another sport like men or women's basketball or hockey? I went to a Giant's game and they do a fifty-fifty and make money for one person and a charity and that could go to UConn in scholarships. Just a thought
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