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  1. itsasport

    Another thanks to Avatar Gods

    Very nice, of course, that was in my youth...I am a gray fox now.
  2. itsasport

    Tickets for Reno

    I just bought a ticket directly from the ticket staff of the school. All seats are general admission, even for season's ticket holders. But if you buy a season's ticket at $71.00 (including mailing) you can set inside about an hour earlier than single game ticket-holders. The pleasant agent...
  3. itsasport

    UConn/GTWN preview of Baylor?

    I think that GTWN was a good warm up for playing Baylor. I team with a big center, and forwards and a great guard. Against Baylor Stefanie should post high to draw Griner out. The way Stewie played in the 2nd half, she will be a mismatch for anyone else on Baylor. UConn missed many threes...
  4. itsasport

    correction to meglomania thread

    the first sentence should read that the realignments are driven by FOOTBALL
  5. itsasport

    football megalomania

    Everyone is saying that what is driving the league realignmentsadministrationl. But the idea that UConn will ever be a top 25 team in football is, to me, megalomania. Top reach that level, UConn will have to be able to consistantly recruit dozens of top players (unlike only a handful in...
  6. itsasport

    unfair to old-timers

    I like the new site; but, I think that is a little sad that the long-time posters lose their posting numbers. Its like taking medals away from soldiers. Is there any way that they could be put back on? I had only 15; so, I'm saying it for them. They might think it's silly to bring it up...
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