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  1. JustbrewitMan


    I also found it comical that all they had for the refs to look at a replay was a 17” low-res monitor. You can buy a big 30”+ monitor nowadays for about $159.
  2. JustbrewitMan

    VCU UConn thoughts

    We have a lot of work to do. But all the issues are fixable with game film study, practice, and improved execution. Under Hurley, our teams have generally gotten better and better as the season has progressed. I’m still confident we are gonna be a top 10-15 team as we head into the last 1/4 of...
  3. JustbrewitMan

    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    This thread is the Thanksgiving dinner table of bad takes! So many varieties to choose from… Thank you coachn for your generosity during this special time of year.
  4. JustbrewitMan

    A game like this is just what the doctor ordered!

    All you knuckleheads lamenting that we have no shooters… crow for dinner tomorrow!
  5. JustbrewitMan

    A game like this is just what the doctor ordered!

    Sanogo went up against just about as strong of a frontcourt as he’ll probably face all year and made them look silly. Look out. This season is going to be fun
  6. JustbrewitMan

    Report Card vs Binghampton

    Are we getting spoiled by Jackson’s athleticism? No mention by anyone of that SICK putback dunk and his breakaway dunk. Good lord if he does that during a Big East game, the roof better blow off the building. Also, I LOVE that our team has each others’ backs and is not gonna take any BS from...
  7. JustbrewitMan

    Concerns vs Binghamatan

    Dude’s thread title and post are a garbled mess. Equivalent of a drink dial. Yea, we played a mediocre game. But we’re still a bunch of badasses and we’re gonna have a kick-butt season. LFG
  8. JustbrewitMan

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle

    Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine…
  9. JustbrewitMan

    The team with no shooters

    In only 3 games this year, Andre has equaled his total # of 3pt shots made last year over 17 games. And, he didn't even take a 3pt attempt in one of these 3 games.
  10. JustbrewitMan

    Dan Hurley's Offense Year 4

    Yep, and to further support that point, we're shooting 37.8% as a team through our first 3 games. And that's with Polley starting the season 3-15 (20%). Granted, Martin, Akok, & Gaff are not gonna continue their combined 15-24 (62.5%) pace, but when everyone gets enough sample size to regress...
  11. JustbrewitMan

    Dan Hurley's Offense Year 4

    We could be shooting 46% from three point range and there would be people posting on here that we can’t shoot the three…
  12. JustbrewitMan

    Big Ten is overrated

    Ten-Ply Soft Also, water is wet
  13. JustbrewitMan

    What do these coaches see when they watch Jack Zergiotis?

    The primary thing throwing off the oline last game were the Clemson defenders. Sheesh! Also, a bit of fuzzy math as Puma started vs. Wyoming & Vandy. Steven Krajewski had only started the last 3 games?
  14. JustbrewitMan

    Dom Amore: Like father, like son, both knew UConn football was a challenge Jim Mora couldn’t resist

    Sounds like a football version of Danny Hurley. That seems to be going OK so far.
  15. JustbrewitMan

    Coppin' a feel ThoughtZ™

    Nice writeup as always. WRT #2, I don't think you can discount the XL Center effect. First game of the year there. I know we do practice there, but the amount of time is small relative to Gampel practice, I would surmise. Not a total excuse, as some shot just fine (Akok, Gaff, Tyrese), but...
  16. JustbrewitMan

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Yep, you reap what you sow. I’m sure AD David Benedict didn’t forget that exchange.
  17. JustbrewitMan

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    Can't wait to extend an offer to Coach Mora to come mountain biking with our weekly crew of Husky alum!
  18. JustbrewitMan

    Benedict/Mora presser.

    I know in one of the posted articles he was quoted as saying that he was taking an opportunity to be at home as his kids worked their way through high school. His youngest just started college, and his whole family encouraged him to get back into coaching. At the same stage in life myself...
  19. JustbrewitMan

    Two Roads Two-Conn offering...

    Kinsmen is a meh brewery, in general, but I think they did a really, really nice job with Husky Hops. Big Kudos to them! Had 2 during the CCSU MBB game...what a treat of an evening! Not a surprise that Two Conn/Two Roads disappointed. Mediocre brewery at best, unfortunately.
  20. JustbrewitMan

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    To be fair, DO seems slowly be turning into a somewhat insufferable douche the longer he stays at ESPN. His spots on the morning show are a bit annoying, TBH. AD David Benedict really had no reason to reach out to him for anything related to coaching spots. He has absolutely no experience, and it's not...
  21. JustbrewitMan


    LOL. I heard that during the game too but it was clearly the announcer being a doofus. Since pre-COVID, the Dentist promo has been for people to stand up and do the "floss" dance.
  22. JustbrewitMan

    Report Card vs CCSU

    A couple of other observations from last night that I don't think have been mentioned (or not mentioned too much yet): -Gaff got called for an offensive foul and I think probably forced the issue a little too much on at least one iso drive to the hoop. BUT, I will take that any game...
  23. JustbrewitMan

    So much to like about Sanogo's skillset and game

    It’s cute how people get locked into narratives and refuse to process what their eyes are seeing
  24. JustbrewitMan

    Report Card vs CCSU

    I mean we shot 8-13 from 3pt. Is that not good and encouraging? Sheesh
  25. JustbrewitMan

    Report Card vs CCSU

    Nice report, Card! I’d also add that the Student Section should get a 9.0. Section was packed 20min before game time, very vocal for a cupcake game, and most stayed until the end. They also were loud during 2nd half FTs and helped make CCSU miss 2 straight, which apparently wins some # of...
  26. JustbrewitMan

    Well, That Was Refreshing

    I was referring to the overall team, which includes AJ. Yes the sample size was small, and AJ only took one shot, but anyone objectively looking at his shot form during open practice and during last nights game will say his shot looks much much better. I would be shocked if his % doesn’t...
  27. JustbrewitMan

    Well, That Was Refreshing

    -Look, I know it was vs. CCSU, but: - 8-13 (61.5%) from 3pt range was not too shabby. Andre's 1 attempt at a 3 looked pure, too...just didn't fall. All you "zOmG wE cAn'T ShOoT" negative nellies, let me know how you want your crow cooked. I think our shooting may be improved this year...
  28. JustbrewitMan


    CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC I'll be there with beer(s) in hand!
  29. JustbrewitMan

    No sellout tomorrow?

    Now its displaying tix buying options. There are 14 tickets left on the Gampel map. LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. JustbrewitMan

    No sellout tomorrow?

    I'm hoping they have Husky Hops for opening night. Much better beer than Two Roads. But I'll be drinking some kind of IPA there tonight. Unless they have a Stout. Drinking a stout watching the 1st game of the season would be amazing!
  31. JustbrewitMan

    Coaching search…

    I think you're being too rigid in your thinking/interpretation. -It's no secret that UConn is highly unlikely to become a P5 power any time soon (perhaps, never). -A strong coach to rebuild us to respectable levels will also likely have aspirations to use us as a resume-builder to move to a...
  32. JustbrewitMan

    Coaching search…

    I like the general gist of your post, but we don't have time for a 5-year rebuild. I think AD David Benedict will hire someone that has a clear, reasonable action plan to start seeing significant turnaround by end of year 2.
  33. JustbrewitMan

    Coaching search…

    Would it be crazy to think that AD David Benedict is looking to orchestrate a "2 for 1 special"? -Hire a HC with a history of rebuilding a similar FBS program (e.g., Golden w/ Temple) who is still reasonably young and has aspirations of using the turnaround as a stepping stone to another crack at a...
  34. JustbrewitMan

    UConn's coaching uncertainty leaves CT football recruits in limbo: 'Everything's up in the air' (Bonjour/Hearst)

    I’m not sure what recruiting rules are, but can AD David Benedict reach out directly to committed recruits to explain to them new coach hire timeline, qualities desired of new coach etc? Would be helpful for maximizing retention of recruits. Not sure if Spanos & assistants are also doing the same?
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