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    Best High School Player Ever from Your High School

    Mike Gminski was from Monroe. Played at Duke. Courtney Alexander was born in Bridgeport. Played at St. Joes and Masuk. Bridgeport has had a ton of great players, but I feel like there hasn’t been a lot of talent coming out of there lately. Where did Drummond play HS ball? No one has...
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    There is going to be a retention problem....

    When I was at UConn we had really good student attendance for basketball games in Hartford and football games in East Hartford. At that time we were winning at both so that had a lot to do with it. However, there were always a lot of students who didn’t go because they didn’t want to or couldn’t...
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    Connecticut governor declares UConn is 'all in' on big-time college football despite its current spot at bottom (Yahoo Thamel)

    I am 100% in favor of an on-campus stadium - but I understand that will not be happening anytime soon. I believe the State should have initially invested in an on-campus stadium but I’m assuming they did not go in that direction due to opposition from Mansfield. Is that accurate?
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    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    Dayton/Xavier reminds me of some of the old Big East rivalries. Not sure if Xavier would want it but I think they make the most sense out of all teams mentioned (outside Gonzaga of course).
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    I believe Cignetti should seriously be considered. He’s recruited some serious talent and worked under Saban. JMU has been a hell of a program as well.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    There’s a good amount of people who seem to think that there is a coach out here who wants to take over as our HC . Currently I am not sure there is a lot of takers. Why might you ask? First, We can start with the current reputation of the program - we are a laughing stock at the moment and...
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    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    He will turn it down if he can get a gig at P5 school. He would make the same and would likely have better resources and an easier time recruiting. We need to be more realistic here. His name is being mentioned for other potential openings - he’s going to get offered that money somewhere else -...
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    The season is not over. We are not the only school that’ll be looking for a new HC. Also, you can throw money around all you want - if coach knows there is a better opportunity or if they feel UConn could be a stumbling block in their career they’ll wait it out - regardless of what UConn...
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    What is UConn's Status For B1G FB Scheduling Purposes??

    UConn football was abysmal in 2016 as well. Over half of those metrics in the tweet above have nothing to do with football. I am a huge advocate for the football team and want to see the program succeed. but let’s be realistic here - if you think leaving the AAC , hiring Hurley and putting a...
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    We're Right Back Where We Started

    Edsall never cared. He wanted the biggest pay check he could get and then bolted for his dream job (and a bigger pay day) at Maryland and left our program in the dust. It was UConn (and more importantly the players) that gave him the opportunity to take his dream job. he left the program high...
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    It’s not over until the fat lady sings

    UConn does not have the buy-in for the football program that other public universities have. We all know that the New England is a bit different when it comes to higher education…many of our best and brightest (as well as our wealthiest) do not want to attend or support the state’s largest...
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    Edsall stepping down immediately

    Spot on. I wish more people understood this about New Englanders. Drives me nuts when people think I’m rude because I don’t ask you personal questions all the time or that I am not constantly looking to strike up a detailed conversation.
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    OT: Michael K Williams (Omar from the Wire) has died.

    “A man got to have a code.”.
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    Edsall stepping down immediately

    My thoughts exactly. What really bothers me is how Randy left us the first time and yet we gave him another chance and this is how he decided to end things.
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    Edsall stepping down immediately

    It’ll be interesting to see why this went from a retirement to effective immediately. If Edsall tried to spin, place blame, call the shots, etc. then it’s just him trying to screw over the program…again.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    I think DB has some idea of who he wants to hire. The problem is what good candidate will leave their current situation to jump into this mess? If you’re a great HC you’ll likely wait until a better opportunity opens up. that’s why the Coastal HC is likely not coming here. He’s built a program...
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    Dave Benedict this is on you

    UConn Football has been a laughing stock for sometime now. No one has been trying to coach/play for this team and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s the reason we bought Edsall back in the first place, he had head coaching and recruiting experience and had some success in the 2000s...
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    So this Randy thing is done right?

    Our AD has made coaching changes before. One of which was to our basketball program that involved a former player who was handpicked by our former legendary head coach - and who happened to win a a national title a few years prior. Our AD hasn’t pulled the plug yet because who is he bringing...
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    So this Randy thing is done right?

    Randy fled during the high point of UConn football in a somewhat disrespectful manner. He then failed at Maryland and somehow landed back here. Guy doesn’t give a flying you know what about UConn football. He wasn’t making $1.3M anywhere else but at UConn and he knew it. We fell for it. Never...
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    OT: Interesting Facts (history, geography, science, etc.)

    Franzia. Nothing like a box of wine.
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    Bouknight Draft Watch

    Obviously want to see Bouk drafted as high as possible but I really don’t want him in Orlando - would love to see him in a major market so Golden State at 7 would be awesome. Imagine if the Knicks were able to trade up and land him? And if he lives up to the hype?? He could just make it fun to...
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    Boosters can technically pay athletes as of July 1

    Maybe I’m not understanding all of this correctly but how will this benefit any athletes aside from the 5* recruits and a few athletes that have already have a strong social media presence? Why as a company would I pay a college athlete with little to no name recognition to promote my business...
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    Legal Advice on a new house

    Aesthetically it’s ugly. Also, it is not really retaining anything, therefore I don’t really think you or your neighbor need to worry about that. Why not just ask the neighbor to split the cost to rebuild the wall or landscape it? Your neighbor gets what he wants and you get a nice looking yard...
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    OT: Unorthodox interview

    If you ever find yourself in a position similar to your friend in PE, in all honesty what do you do? It’s clearly a test but if another grown man just leaned over and grabbed food of my plate I’d be livid inside. Do you laugh? Offer more food? Ask the person what in the world they’re doing? I...
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    OT: Golf - Bummer for Rahm

    Do we know if John Rahm is vaccinated? If he is, can he still get COVID? I believe the answer is yes. It might be a small chance of contracting COVID while vaccinated but still a chance. So until people can say for sure that he’s not vaccinated then maybe we should stop with all these comments...
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    Chimney Swifts

    Anyone run into an issue with birds in a chimney? I don’t believe there’s much I can do at this point other than to put a cap on my chimney. I didn’t have a cap on and had the chimney sweep done in earlier winter but for some reason the guy gave me an excuse as to why he couldn’t install the cap...
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    UConn President Thomas Katsouleas will leave post, sources say

    I also notice that Connecticut generally lacks investing in things until it’s to late. I know we are speaking strictly to UConn in this thread but Let’s take our cities as another example. Decades of disinvestment and a lack of planning caused our central business districts to decline. Then...
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    UConn President Thomas Katsouleas will leave post, sources say

    I believe there is a stigma among some within the state that private colleges/universities are better. I also believe that a large portion of our wealthier residents (who have the means to support/advocate/donate) shun UConn for smaller schools or out of state schools. Maybe I’m completely off...
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    OT: Replanting steep grass hill to avoid mowing

    I have an incredibly steep yard as well. If you don’t feel comfortable cutting with a zero turn have you ever thought about getting a commercial walk behind? I’ve been thinking of purchasing one as using the self propelled is annoying and time consuming. I have some periwinkle in a bed of mine...
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    Underrated US Cities

    Care to elaborate? Might have to travel there in the near future. I was looking forward to visiting it but I guess I should reconsider that excitement.
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    Underrated US Cities

    I was shockingly surprised at how much I enjoyed Pittsburgh. The historic district, theaters, the rivers - it was just a really cool place. I always had that image of Pitt as being dirty and with smoke stacks everywhere. Not such much anymore. I couldn’t help but to think of Hartford while I...
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    Ollie lands a new job

    Being a head coach takes a lot of different skill sets. You can be the best at recruiting and not know X’s and O’s. You can have an eye for talent but have no idea how to manage that talent. You could be a great public speaker, but not know what should be said and/or when to say it at a...
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    I think Mick is going to do great things with UCLA. They were waiting for years to get back to relevancy and I don’t think anyone would have thought Mick would be the one to do it. Goes to show it’s about hiring the best coach not necessarily the one that “fits” which is what I think UCLA tried...
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    Why March Is Great

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