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  1. gtcam

    UConn Secret Scrimmage

    WRONG The secret was tonight
  2. gtcam

    Why can't we schedule OOC like Marquette?

    Marquette does that because they suck Say that this year but once Shaka starts recruiting his players you won't be saying that again
  3. gtcam

    Official First Night Observations and Analysis Thread

    If it screwed up - he had his hands in it
  4. gtcam

    David Benedict still on mission with UConn football, and finding right coach is top priority (Amore/Courant)

    gets what? gas? hemorrhoids? not what an AD needs to be successful-that's clear
  5. gtcam

    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    Without Tuite it isn't UConn soccer on WHUS Is he collecting social security and a pension???;)
  6. gtcam

    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    VCU, Temple are the only two that make sense geographically - love to say St Bonnies but not sure what they bring besides basketball, but then again who cares
  7. gtcam

    OT: Beer sales at Gampel?

    they never checked kids (under 15) going into the Field House One of my friends used to have his younger brother carry a pint in his pants
  8. gtcam

    Expectations for the Freshmen

    Hawkins will show why he's 2 and done Bouk who? :rolleyes:
  9. gtcam

    OT: uk pro day

    Who cares about the KU or UK programs? A lot of idle time - this season needs to start
  10. gtcam

    What was Cora thinking?

    Questions Questions and 2nd guessing But in the end they move on Isn't that the name of the game? Wish my Cubbies had these type of questions at this time of the year
  11. gtcam

    UConn elected not to play and Umass did play.

    All you folks who put the decision not to play squarely on RE's shoulders know little or nothing about college athletics AD had to have been involved and blessed the decision - whether it be RE's suggestion or BoD's or Lamont's Many non P5 teams did not play any sports during the fall 2020 UConn...
  12. gtcam

    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    Maybe Donigan as HC and CGbandi as AHC and coach in waiting
  13. gtcam

    What I Would Like To See vs Yale

    I just want to see the coach back and the missing Covid players back Then we can talk about Yale UConn plays with a handicap at full strength now but when you are missing pieces it just rolls down hill
  14. gtcam

    UConn Football, one ask….

    Looks like you will have an extra ticket for some time. DB better start earning his money and do something or get out of the way and let's get an AD who has the guts to move and shake The time is NOW
  15. gtcam

    Expectations: Tyrese Martin

    There is always a place for someone like Martin but unfortunate for him but fortunate for the team, there is a guy named Hawkins who will take a lot of minutes. If Martin can come in and do the things he does best - defend and rebound he will get appreciable minutes but not as many as in the past
  16. gtcam

    So its official

    I could not go or watch the game today My question - how much of a difference would it have been if Spanos and the other Covid afflicted folks were there?
  17. gtcam

    K seemed comfortable in the pocket.

    UConn needs a real QB all this argument over who is the best of the worst is BS
  18. gtcam

    Benedict Record

    DB is a db He is not the football guy he has claimed He will never AD at any reputable P5 school Time to clean house in the Athletic Dept And don't give me that "he hired DH" crap. DH was handed to him by JC and DH better win some tourney games this year
  19. gtcam

    Rothstein on Hawkins

    If Jordan can get the ball in his hands the amount of time he merits he will be the team's top scorer - without a doubt A lot depends on the PG play and if they decide to dish more than drive Hawkins will be the best player at UConn since Bazz once his sophomore season is done
  20. gtcam

    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    Lashlee isnt coming here for any amount His wife despised the area and "happy wife = happy life"
  21. gtcam

    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    UConn was always spoken about as a top 10 program for decades Its all about recruiting and the type of player you recruit I watched GTown last night who is ranked #1 this season in the nation - their coach is Brian Wiese who has had nothing but success since being at Gtown - before that he was...
  22. gtcam

    Season Ticket Numbers…

    Larger Knitting clubs
  23. gtcam

    Poll: which venue do you enjoy more?

    MSG in March
  24. gtcam

    Who's your list for next HC?

    I know it's been said by quite a few but the coach has to want UConn and right now its definitely not one of the better houses in the neighborhood - without a doubt an extreme fixer-upper
  25. gtcam

    OT: Best Places To Get A Drink After An XL Game?

    JP's Just loved that place - lived for the bowling machine Liked Honiss Oyster House for St Pauli's Girl - I used to work at Hartford Federal Savings next door - saw so many celebs - sat with Steve Martin one afternoon for about 10 minutes
  26. gtcam

    UConn Top 20 (Here we go again)

    Your top 9 are solid Bouknight hasn't accomplished near enough at UConn to be on the list Every player you have listed below the top 20 except Sonago is above JB JB is a talent yes, but contributor? Not in top 35/40 terms IMHO (Wes B, Tony H, Corny T, Toby K, Taliek, Hobbs, AJ, Sticks, Marcus...
  27. gtcam

    Cincy's up on ND in the 4Q, but....

    Always had respect for Cinci football Very happy they beat ND - if ND never wins a football game again I would be elated I remember rooting for ND in the 60s and early 70s when they played the big boys but what they have done to NCAA football with their elitist attitude is crazy I despise...
  28. gtcam

    K seemed comfortable in the pocket.

    It is who puts points on the board, who leads the team to wins and really that is it. So far that is...............................none of the above:cool:
  29. gtcam

    Tyler Phommachanh injury

    At this point we have seen what he can do If he can come back at 100% and can step right back into the starting position you have to play him As Blawyer said, if Steven Krajewski is doing well - it makes much more sense to redshirt Tyler Phommachanh
  30. gtcam

    UConn opens as -2 pt road favorite to UMass on 10/9/22

    Favored or underdog - at this point what difference does it really make? The one thing I am looking for is improvement and I have seen that for 2 consecutive weeks, however, both games were very winnable and thats what hurts the most. This team needs to go into Amherst with three things as...
  31. gtcam

    Greg Lloyd Jr. left UConn for the NFL in 2011. Ten years later, he graduated: 'I needed to finish' (Mike Anthony)

    These are the stories that we need to hear about in college athletics Congrats Greg Lloyd Jr
  32. gtcam

    OT: Hartford Marathon

    Good Luck to your wife Its quite an accomplishment
  33. gtcam

    Dog Pound grows by one

    Great pic. Congrats DJ
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