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    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    It is crazy, but any post that puts UCONN football in the B1G gets an automatic like from me.
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    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    The Big East is not saturated in MASS, we have no presence there at all which is a shame, and I remember the 90's very well, there was UMASS Mania in that state just like Husky Mania in CT. They have a large fanbase it's just kind of dormant right now, add UMASS to the Big East and they will...
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    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    Yes, they would make a great addition. Ignore their recent history. UMASS is in the same condition that Houston was in prior to joining the AAC. Houston capitalized on the AAC upgrade, found themselves a great coach and they are now a basketball power. UMASS would be quite capable of doing...
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    Big East Expansion?

    Gonzaga is a ridiculous add for the Big East and I mean that in the pejorative sense.
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    Big East expansion exercise approaching 2025…

    Throw out all of your partisan rooting interests and think of this like a mathematician working for Fox Sports with a job to perform. Which school adds the largest potential fanbase that would realistically say yes to the offer? Which school brings the Big East to a new state with a flagship...
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    Connecticut governor declares UConn is 'all in' on big-time college football despite its current spot at bottom (Yahoo Thamel)

    That's great to hear and it needed to be said. In a way this is step 1. Now on to step 2, kidnap Joe Moorhead and bring him back to Connecticut.
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    UConn and UMass to play for "at least next 10 years"

    Good. Rivalries should be nourished and appreciated not avoided. They should play every year in basketball too....and IF the Big East ever wants to add another school UMASS is by far the best addition that would accept the offer.
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    What is the Point?

    How about top 20 ranked Coastal Carolina and pretty much every school in the MAC. They can have FBS football but for some reason UCONN should drop out? Makes no sense. I believe in Stratford native PUMA, better days are right around the corner. It stinks that he got injured but we'll...
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    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    Sorry, I didn't realize I was communicating with an adolescent.
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    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    This is a weak uninformed take. The defense started the season playing well in the first half against Fresno. The offense was so bad in game 1 and it was so hot (120degrees) that it is completely understandable that the defense caved in the second half. Again, game two the offense laid a...
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    Five members of the #UConn football program, including interim head coach Lou Spanos, have tested positive for COVID-19

    If the defense pitches a shutout tomorrow this board will go wild, especially if we win the game on a 4th down cover zero blitz.
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    Five members of the #UConn football program, including interim head coach Lou Spanos, have tested positive for COVID-19

    I hope they all get tested again. There have been many cases like this (Jets last year) where it was determined that the original positive tests were all false positives. Jets had 9 test positive last year in one day and they were all false positives. I wonder if they are all asymptomatic.
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    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    Seems like pie in the sky to me unless we suddenly have a very generous donor.
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    UConn Football clearing the decks for next Coach?

    If we kept Spanos at DC and Mazzone as OC then why would we be hiring a new coach for 3.5 mil? 3.5 mil just to look tough on the sideline? are we cloning Greg Schiano? Why not just give Spanos 800K on a 3 year "prove it" contract to be head coach and use the money saved on head coach to hire...
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    Game Week - UConn @ UMass (10/9/21 @ 3:30p on FloSports/NESN/NESN+)

    Whipple actually did a great job under impossible circumstances. His teams were competitive and scored points.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    The Hurley equivalent for this football team is Moorhead. If DB can pull that off more power to him. Hopefully Moorhead is OK by the way after his "emergency surgery".
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    If only we looked under our nose in 2011 and hired Moorhead, we might be in the ACC right now. Spanos in not TJ Weist, his resume is much better and whoever we hire is going to have a hard time finding themselves a OC as good as Mazzone. Fingers crossed Spanos wins the next three games with...
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    Tyler Phommachanh injury

    The most frustrating part of his injury is that it occurred when he was doing something completely unnecessary. He had nothing but open space between himself and the endzone and he was trying to avoid the DB gaining on him from his right rear. He should have just been going all out toward the...
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    K seemed comfortable in the pocket.

    I'm far from an expert, but I pulled this from someone else discussing 6th year eligibility rules. It seems that Tyler Phommachanh could qualify as he only played in three games in the first half of the season. The point being if his season ends now due to a medical and down the road Tyler Phommachanh loses another...
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    Schiano 2.0 vs. Edsall 2.0

    for a 3-3-5 to be effective you need to blitz constantly. If you don't blitz out of a 3-3-5 you are essentially playing a prevent defense the whole game. I would bet the house Croker wanted to blitz more but someone was holding him back. Just a guess.
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    K seemed comfortable in the pocket.

    If Tyler Phommachanh can't return in October it makes no sense to bring him back for multiple games in November and burn his redshirt. Tyler Phommachanh might also be eligible for a medical redshirt this year making him potentially eligible for a 6th year should another injury occur.
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    Spanos is a good guy but he makes a lot of dumb decisions.

    Can you list these "decisions" you are talking about? That way maybe he can read the thread and learn from your genius mind. In the meantime i'm going to appreciate the 180 degree effect he has had on this team. After the Holy Cross game I suggested our loss was "all about the coaching" and...
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    Hugely disappointing loss but signs of better days

    The head coaching job is definitely much more desirable than it was a couple weeks ago. We'll get some good people interviewing. Hopefully the people doing the hiring can discern the good prospects from the bad this time around. On another note our current head coach is better than...
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    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    UCONN should take a look at Gleeson if we go the offensive coordinator route. Good resume.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    I agree with that. Moorhead also won quickly at Fordham and MISS ST. Edsall on the other hand famously went to Maryland and benched the ACC freshman of the year QB who ended up transferring. Edsall took a winning team at Maryland and took them backwards. He pulled the same crap when he...
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    This cannot be overstated, we cannot tolerate another coach telling us he can't win until he has a roster full of his players. It's nothing more than a BS excuse from a failing coach. "Tear it down to the studs" just means "I'm not qualified for this job" A good coach can come in and make...
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    Wyoming game was....

    actually this has been part of the problem. All X's and no O's. It was nice to finally see some O's last week.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    I think if we get at least three wins and the players want the Spanos/Mazzone combo back there will be a groundswell of support to give Spanos a modest three year "prove it" contract. Saturday's performance was a big step in this direction and I think Spanos/ Mazzone provide a very solid fall...
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    Tyler Phommachanh

    The biggest effect Tyler Phommachanh has had is in the running game. He has to be accounted for so we now have space to run. He also extends passing plays with his agility/mobility. I think Tyler Phommachanh should run more. He did a great job of avoiding the big hit on Saturday which was a big improvement over the...
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    UConn opens as 14 point underdog to Vanderbilt on 10/2/21

    Vanderbilt hired Notre Dame's defensive coordinator to be their head coach last December. He had no prior head coaching experience. They should have consulted The Boneyard prior to this hire.
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    Credit to Spanos

    This does nothing for me. PP was given a substantial amount of money to burn the place down. Diaco was given a substantial amount of money to burn the place down. Giving a lot of money to idiots just makes wealthy idiots. Tell me what is different about the qualifications we are looking...
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    Credit to Spanos

    If we fire the current staff to bring in a better staff the decision makers better get it right this time. A lot of us like what we saw yesterday, the fear is the people doing the hiring are still the same clowns who whiffed on the last three hires.
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    PFF Grades - Oline

    That's the effect of all of the misdirection and the running threat at the QB position. We're finally running a modern offense. The new coach better be a believer in this type of offense. If we fire Spanos/Mazzone and hire someone who talks about "smashmouth football" at his introductory...
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