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    How easily?

    You are among the last, literate, generation to use the "ly."
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    Where Will UConn's 2022 Graduates Go in WNBA Draft?

    Obviously, it all depends on their last season. All of them could really shine this year. I think that Liv has the potential to be the top draft pick among the three,
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    OT: UConn football coach Randy Edsall announces retirement [edit] Now effective immediately

    UConn was, and is, a national brand in basketball, but never football. For coaches, UConn football was just a stepping stone up to a more respected program. Even Edsall left after a modicum of success. Basketball needs only a few good players to become successful- a football team needs dozens...
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    Which three players will suprise us this year and why?

    I agree with oldhuskie- Caroline Ducharme
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    Werth Family UConn Basketball Champions Center > New WBB Program History Graphics

    It did not mention Maya among the top former players
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    U19 World Championship Gold Medal Game 2:30 USA vs Australia

    The announcers for the game were very good. They concentrated on what was actually going on in the game (very refreshing). They said that defense won the game for the USA, and gave Fudd most of the credit because she shut down the Aussies primary scorer. Fudd also sent good passes inside. One...
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    Nika, Dorka, Caroline: much longer videos from 7/6/21 Media Availability

    The most important comment in the videos is that Dorka is planning to play at UConn for two years to prepare for a professional career,
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    OT: Don't ever stop walking

    To put a light touch on a serious topic, Ellen DeGeneres had a joke in which she said that her grandmother has been walking five miles a day for years- God knows where she is by now. Sometimes the funniest jokes do not make any real sense,
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    OT: Nanci Griffith

    Among the very few truly iconic voices.
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    How many medals?

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    OT: Next great Olympic sport??

    Karate is out in the next Olympics, I saw the American win the Bronze. It is quite an impressive physical/mental discipline, Another sport- guessing the actual height of UConn women's; basketball players.
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    Predictions this season - total losses and how far in NCAA's?

    Any team with a 6 or 7 rotation, which means that there is no good sub in some positions, can have a bad game or weakness due to injuries. But, assuming that Nika will start (which I think she will), they can bring in Azzi, Dorka, Evina, Aubrey, Saylor, Caroline, Amari, and Mir-great skill and...
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    Mid-July way too early preason predictions

    Ono will start but, last year, she sat a lot of minutes due to fouls. Dorka will get plenty of playing time. Aubry last year put in some very impactful short-minute stretches in terms of defense and under the basket rebounding and scoring. and also on fast breaks. I think the same will happened...
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    The Odds of Paige Staying for Her Fifth Year Have Gone Up...Just Ask Her Mother!

    The question is, and I don't have the answer, would Paige think another national championship and playing at UConn, would be more enjoyable than the pros. It seems that would be a major factor to her, I wonder what other former UConn players would have done if they could have made money in...
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    Inappropriate touching

    So, when UConn wins the championship this year, the coaches and players can't hug? Or. a player can't playfully slap her coaches butt? You can not make general rules of behavior. It is entirely an individual thing as to the contact people appreciate or not. If a player runs to a coach and...
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    Who will Make It Happen

    Muhl is going to start, period. Not starting does not mean that Fudd will not get plenty of playing time, But, this year, with the incredible depth in the guard position (every position ) there is no necessity to play anyone who has any injury. Let Fudd's injury heal, Against many teams, the...
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    Geno’s coaching tree

    Mel Thomas was Director of Operations at Florida Gulf State for four years
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    OT: I Heard 72% of Adults Live Within......

    About 3000 miles from Willimantic to a little north of San Francisco- but I was born in San Francisco.
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    Uconn Tennessee Series To Continue, Texas Pushed Back

    The main problem in OC scheduling is finding good teams willing to play UConn, not the reverse.
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    Western Region Husky Fans - Check In.

    North of San Francisco. Brought up in Willimantic.
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    OT: The Limits of a rivalry...Tennessee Player Needs Help

    I was not able to donate, Is it just my computer?
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    OT: The Limits of a rivalry...Tennessee Player Needs Help

    I am giving $50, Could we get a count going?
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    Regarding OT and non-basketball threads

    I thought that the whole point of a message board was that we could remain unburdened with each others identities and personal problems. However, if you must know, I look exactly like my avatar (a little grayer), Robert Kennedy walked by me once, He had the worst sunburn on his face I have...
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    OT: Songs About Time

    Unchained Melody, sung by Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers has gone viral on YouTube, Many consider this the best live singing performance of all time.
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    OT: The eight perfectly made films

    Moby Dick The Cain Mutuny Treasure of the Sierra Madre On the Beach 2001 In Harms Way 20,000n Leagues Under the Sea
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    Afraid of Competition?

    There are a huge number of talented players coming out of HS and from overseas. Only a few of them can come to UConn. As long as we get our share, and in every position, AND, most importantly, if UConn can continue the unprecedented run of getting the transcendent players, there is nothing to...
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    Autumn enters transfer portal

    Agree, I don't know if she was offered any athletic scholarships out of High School; but, her year at UConn and going into the portal from UConn has to put her in a much belter position for a scholarship and into a better program. A lesser known fact about college is that if a student does well...
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    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    But, did your cough sound like "Cordoso?"
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    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    I do not think that "a sniff" warrants "a pat on the back." perhaps a wry, imperceptible smile.
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    Any info on Shea’s staff?

    Didn't Shea say that, as of now, her husband was going to be the taking care of the baby full-time?
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    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    I think that the minutes played will depend on who UConn is playing. (barring injuries) At the beginning of the season- For when the A game is required, it will be a 9 player rotation with Paige, Christyn, and Edwards getting 30+ minutes, ONO, and Nika getting high 20's, Azzi and Evina getting...
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    2021-2022 NC

    Geno will have the luxury, more than ever before, that if he is dissatisfied with the performance of the first string, of benching them and putting in the second string. No one, not even Paige will be guaranteed playing time. This will be payback time for hitting him in the butt and not holding...
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