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  1. Brochacho

    UConn opens as 14 point underdog to Vanderbilt on 10/2/21

    That's interesting. I'd imagine there is going to be a lot of Vandy money this week.
  2. Brochacho

    Predictions on the opening line for Vandy?

    -28. Anything less is going to be absolutely hammered. Yesterday was a positive and I really enjoyed the game but we are still one of the five worst teams in FBS on the road vs SEC talent. Vandy sucks though Huskies outright.
  3. Brochacho

    2022 Recruiting: Updated Composite Rankings

    Yup. Cole and Martin back = 0 open scholarships. 2 open if neither come back. Positive things have been mentioned here about RJ Cole and its been reflected in the recruiting imo but haven't heard anything regarding Martin. Unless we lose guys to the NBA I don't see the roster fit for Martin with...
  4. Brochacho

    21-22 Conference Schedule is Out

    February is a huge month. 8 games, 5 at home, and we only have to travel to NYC, DC, Philly. Great month to climb the BE standings.
  5. Brochacho

    Should the Boneyard Be Represented?

    I voted yes. It just can’t be someone normal though. Need to make sure whoever it is captures the true essence of the Boneyard.
  6. Brochacho

    OT: Pokemon Cards/Pokemon 25th Anniversary

    My parents threw away my cards I had as a kid.
  7. Brochacho

    UConn 2021-2022 Champions

    I still think 2022-23 is THE team but I could settle for back to back.
  8. Brochacho


    I would never advocate UConn to leave the Big East unless its ACC/B10 but I'd consider the B12 to be a better basketball conference. Texas/Oklahoma haven't been anything special of late. Houston is at a comparable level, Cincy brings some quality history. BYU is solid, UCF is spunky.
  9. Brochacho

    The one good thing to come of this

    Its really a non-factor for three reasons: 1. Just like all other ADs, UConn counts athletics scholarships in the deficit calculation. No cash changes hands. A significant portion of the deficit is the scholarship allocation. 2. UConn doesn't count donations made to the AD in its calculation...
  10. Brochacho

    Who else on this board feels like their head is about to explode?

    This is the most fun I’ve had within the context of UConn football in a long time. Fully expect a breaking news alert that Dave Benedict is being held for ransom in Edsalls basement.
  11. Brochacho

    Who's your list for next HC?

    I can honestly get behind Lou Spanos if his 10 game stint turns out well. Who else can say they worked under Nick Saban and Dick Lebeau while flaunting a couple SB rings?
  12. Brochacho

    Edsall stepping down immediately

    UConn is absolutely dominating the headlines the first real weekend of college football and I find it hilarious.
  13. Brochacho

    Need a new coach, but the hate for Edsall is ridiculous

    One coach is in the hall of fame and had the best program build in the history of their sport. The other is Randy Edsall. The high water mark of his career was taking an 8-4 team to the Fiesta Bowl because the committee was contractually obligated to take someone from the Big East. If UConn was...
  14. Brochacho

    Who's your list for next HC?

    I think one thing that might be getting overlooked by he team's play and Edsall's retirement is scheduling announcements. We know from Edsall in the past UConn was in talks with Pitt, Rutgers, etc. AD David Benedict needs to prioritize getting these games finalized and announced. Get some more big time bag...
  15. Brochacho

    Who's your list for next HC?

    I think he can do for us what he did for Penn State before trying to take the Patriots job after Belichick retires (if he ever does). And he makes 1.1 million at Alabama - I bet we could push 2 million.
  16. Brochacho

    Who's your list for next HC?

    Bill O'Brien is my #1 choice
  17. Brochacho

    Can we stop with Dan O, Corey, Lashlee or TJ Weist HC suggestions?

    Bill O'Brien, Bob Chesney, and GJ Kinne are some people I'd consider.
  18. Brochacho

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    I wouldn't be opposed to Corey Edsall staying. He's been one of the most successful recruiters employed at UConn and clearly cultivates meaningful relationships with players. Retaining him may help limit roster turnover and keep the class intact.
  19. Brochacho

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    As weird as it may sound, my #1 desired quality in our next coach is that he doesn't want to be here. Worked for Cincy, Memphis, UCF, Houston, Temple. String a couple good hires in a row and you look like a real program.
  20. Brochacho

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    First call is Bill O'Brien imo. He will decline the offer, and I doubt we could afford him. But he's a NE guy who knows offense and is currently in the Nick Saban rehab program - so an attractive target.
  21. Brochacho

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    If this is AD David Benedict, I don't care to see complaints about him. He's had a few bumps in the road here but he's an elite AD.
  22. Brochacho

    Randy Edsall to retire @ end of season

    I can't tell if this was a retire or get fired move by Benedict or if Edsall got ahead of his eventual mid-season canning by announcing this. The optimist in me hopes that HC was a wakeup call and RE realized he isn't the guy for the job.
  23. Brochacho

    The View From Section 241

    We still have one advantage over the G5 - if you want maximum P5 exposure, you either go to a P5 team, Notre Dame, or UConn. Remains to be seen how much this matters.
  24. Brochacho

    Should UConn abandon big-time college football? The question is a complex one to answer (Hearst)

    There's no reason UConn can't be a plucky 6-6 bowl participant most seasons besides horrid coaching for the past decade.
  25. Brochacho

    Dave Benedict this is on you

    Here's the thing. We have a bad team, with a bad coach, with a bad QB. But we play a lot of bad teams. Vanderbilt lost 23-3 to FCS, UMass got dumped on. MTSU isn't supposed to be good. Theoretically, we should be better than Yale. Army is solid, but the triple option never really scares me...
  26. Brochacho

    Dave Benedict this is on you

    I don’t think any AD walked into a tougher job than Benedict. Post-RE letdown. Championship alum basketball coach goes off the rails. Football coach with a P5 offer goes off the rails. The writing on the wall for the AAC and getting buried by a bad media contract. B12 expansion x2. Hands tied...
  27. Brochacho

    What do we need to see this week to feel better about the team's direction?

    New QB. The entire Boneyard has known since Q1 of Fresno that JZ shouldn’t be starting. There’s like 6 QBs on the roster and if there isn’t one better the offensive staff is absolutely pathetic - which we have also known since Fresno Q1.
  28. Brochacho

    What have we seen through 2 games?

    Nope. I did work for the UConn program for four years. But I guess this will earn me a snarky comment for trying to see positives in what we have.
  29. Brochacho

    What have we seen through 2 games?

    I'm still generally bullish on the defense. They're young coming off more than a year without playing. They've given up 900 yards and 69 points through two games which isn't great. But take away 3 plays of 75+ yards with piss poor tackling and we get 200 yards and 21 points back. A third of the...
  30. Brochacho

    OT: American, who replaces 3 teams to Big 12

    Yeah the only team that was interesting in this B12/AAC musical chairs was Kansas and obviously that's not happening. There's not a team out there worth losing the round robin for.
  31. Brochacho

    OT: American, who replaces 3 teams to Big 12

    I think they need to add 6 teams. The best bet to long-term survival is to still try to be the best of the rest. Boise won't come - but schools like UAB, Louisiana, Georgia State, App State, Coastal Carolina are all programs that seem like they could challenge for that NY6 spot. Maybe go to 16...
  32. Brochacho

    Benedict, it’s on you…

    I'd imagine it was moreso Edsall lying to him. Benedict has done well overall - Big East, scheduling.
  33. Brochacho

    Benedict, it’s on you…

    Dave Benedict extended Diaco after RU offered him the job. That's his mistake - UConn was on the hook for the buyout instead of collecting it. Coach uses UConn as a stepping stone, next coach sees UConn as a way to advance their career. Other AAC teams let the coaches go, collect the buyout...
  34. Brochacho

    So this Randy thing is done right?

    Corey Edsall
  35. Brochacho

    So this Randy thing is done right?

    Meh. Backup RB is good. Like our TEs, WRs. We have decent players on the defensive line. I like our secondary except for Myles Bell. Our kicking is good. Coaching and QB. That's where we suffer.
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