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  1. reno tony

    Home Game Winning Streak

    If my math is correct, UCONN will be playing Baylor to break their own 99-home game winning streak. Assuming they don't lose at home before that game. Did I figure that out correctly? How funny would it be to have two 99-home game winning streaks?
  2. reno tony

    Overtime Fouls

    I took a look at the SC/Purdue game and noticed that three Purdue players fouled out during the game. I don't know when they fouled out, but it made me think there should be an additional foul allowed when they go to overtime. Then maybe another one when they go to a third overtime and so on...
  3. reno tony

    SNL skit about UCONN

    SNL has this skit about UCONN Dry Fridays. It is a little bit odd but thought some might want a look.
  4. reno tony

    Do Minnesota Gopher football players risk losing their scholarships by boycotting team activity

    I am curious as to the obligations of the university in lieu of the players boycott. Anyone else have any idea?
  5. reno tony

    Trophy Points

    I have 590 Trophy Points that I am not using. Would anyone like to trade them for something of equal or greater value? Possibly 200 likes? I don't know if this is allowed but I figured this post would answer that question. :)
  6. reno tony

    U.S.A. Basketball wins another Gold Medal

    U.S.A. Basketball won a Gold Medal at the 2016 Invictus Games. It is an Olympic style set of events where the competitors are wounded(mentally or physically) military veterans. There were 14 countries represented with around 400 competitors in 10 major events. The Invictus Games is the...
  7. reno tony

    Who gets the points and assist?

    Which player gets the points and who gets the assist, if any?
  8. reno tony

    Stewie dunks for Colgate

    I think Stewie should dunk for the Colgate fans tonight if she gets the chance. It would not be an in-your-face moment at all. Just a thanks for coming out and I saved my first college dunk for you moment. I would love to see it.
  9. reno tony

    Final Four Tickets

    Just purchased tickets for the Final Four using this link. Hope it works for anyone else wanting to purchase pre-sale tickets.
  10. reno tony

    Kiah Stokes on fire

    Tonight's game stats: Pts. 7, Rebs. 8, Blocks 8, steals 1, fouls 0, T/O 0 in 30 minutes. And Tina had 22 pts and 12 rebs. to boot.
  11. reno tony

    What WNBA match ups do you want to see?

    There are a lot of match ups I want to see in the WNBA. Stokes vs. Griner, Stokes vs. Dolson, Hartley vs. Jefferson and my favorite will be Tuck vs. Stewie. I know we saw a little Stokes vs. Griner but I want to see some more.
  12. reno tony

    Indianapolis Final Four Tickets

    Has anyone received any emails from the NCAA about tickets for next years Final Four? Last year they released a VIP password to gain access one day earlier than the general public sale. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. reno tony

    New Coaches Poll Out

    UCONN picked up two first place votes.
  14. reno tony

    Morgan Tuck

    By the end of this season Morgan Tuck will be the second best player on UCONN.
  15. reno tony

    Lauren Hill's basket

    Such an inspiration
  16. reno tony

    What is your favorite stat from last season?

    Mine is Moriah was fourth in blocks behind Breanna, Stefanie and Kiah. 45 TO GO
  17. reno tony

    Stef gets double-double in first WNBA start
  18. reno tony

    How bad is the AAC?

    The WNIT won by Rutgers, MNCAA won by UCONN, MNIT runner up SMU, and possible WNCAA winner UCONN. AAC would win 3 post season tourneys and be runner up in a fourth. Sounds pretty good for their first year.
  19. reno tony

    Who could have the next triple double?

    Kiah had a double double to go with 6 blocks. I think if she plays 35 minutes against the right team she has the potential to get a triple double.
  20. reno tony

    Season predictions leaders....

    The top three leaders after three games in each category are as follows: UCONN avg. pts per game = 79pts. HuskyFan1125.....................80 wbbfan1 ..............................82.5 jbloveshuskies.....................83.4 UCONN Margin of Victory = 30.3 pts...
  21. reno tony

    Only 8 hours left for your season predictions.....

    Season starts in eight hours and the following regular season predictions have been made: User ..................UCONN Avg pts.............. Avg Margin/Victory HuskyPhan .............. 88 .....................................39 reno tony ...................86.5...
  22. reno tony

    Two days left for your predictions......

    Season starts in two days and the following regular season predictions have been made: User ..................UCONN Avg pts.............. Avg Margin/Victory HuskyPhan .............. 88 .....................................39 reno tony ...................86.5...
  23. reno tony

    Season predictions.....

    I know some don't like predicting scores but the gambler in me loves it. I am going to predict the average UCONN points per game and their average margin of victory for anyone who would care to join me. My prediction is 86.5 points per game with an average margin of victory of 37.3 points. It...
  24. reno tony

    Is this really a problem?

    Is this a big problem at UCONN?
  25. reno tony

    Top Losing Streaks

    I loved the thread on winning streaks so here is one for the other teams. I'll start with Caltech Beavers Men's BB with 207 loses in a row and 310 conference loses in a row. And of course, the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 104 years although they played in seven since then. Love...
  26. reno tony

    Crazy Questions?

    We all know who will have the best team next season. Do you think it would make the games more interesting if UCONN let their opponent play six or seven players on the court? Could the new AAC have some type of cutting edge handicap system? Could Geno mastermind some new 5 on 7 offensive...
  27. reno tony

    Is UCONN luckiest team in WCBB?

    I have followed UCONN WBB for about 20 years. This year is very similar to many others in that almost without exception, every team that plays UCONN has their worst offensive output of the season. It amazes me how UCONN can be so lucky to happen to play these teams on those nights. And these...
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