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  1. EricLA

    OT: The new shows on TV this season...

    Most of them seem to be "meh", at least in the previews, but has anyone come on a show that they thought was worth watching? I happened to catch the pilot of The Big Leap with Scott Foley - he's surprisingly funny, and it was much better than I expected. I'm curious what others have seen...
  2. EricLA

    OT: US Open Tsitsipas vs. Alcaraz (spoiler alert)

    Just finished watching the match. Holy crap. Alcaraz is a young 18 year old Spaniard. Tons of potential. And he's already realizing it. Apparently grew up playing on the clay in Spain, but just finished off Tsitsipas in a 5 set thriller. Alcaraz lost the 4th set 6-0 and looked completely out...
  3. EricLA

    Ashley Battle - doing the Sparks vs. Liberty game!

    Watching the Sparks vs. Liberty game and realized our own Ashley Battle is doing the play by play. She's actually quite good. Made a comment about how easy it is to hear the players with so few fans in the stands, and right on cue, Wheeler and a player from NYL got into it dropping the $#!t word...
  4. EricLA

    OT: Twitter link for Washington vs. Phoenix game?

    It's on twitter supposedly - I searched twitter WNBA for it, but all they have is a tweet. Am I missing something? Where is the link to watch the game? Phx will have their hands full going up against Charles and EDD (returning tonight).
  5. EricLA

    Poll: Outcome of Team USA gold medal game vs. Japan - what say you?

    Do you think we win? Lose? What will the MOV be if we win? Inquiring minds want to know!
  6. EricLA

    OT: Next great Olympic sport??

    Seriously?? The next great Olympic sport? It could be cornhole I'll admit there are numerous Olympic sports I've just never understood how they made it to the Olympics as an actual event - Curling, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, competitive walking, etc. Don't get me...
  7. EricLA

    OT: The problem with Team USA women's hoops

    IMHO the bottom line is the problem is the roster. It has ZERO to do with Ogwumike - it's becoming crystal clear this team is in desperate need of guards and wings. Nneka lost her spot to Stewie, Wilson and Charles, not to Pheesa and Ariel. There was no way the team needed to add yet another...
  8. EricLA

    OT: Suni Lee wins gymnastics all around gold for Team USA

    With all the focus on Biles' mental health, I thought it might be nice to give a shout out / congrats to Suni Lee - the all around champ in gymnastics at the Olympics. It's likely that had Biles competed, USA would have gone 1-2. Regardless, thought it might be nice to give Ms. Lee her own...
  9. EricLA

    Cool article on ALL the UCONN alums representing their countries at the Olympics!

    I thought this was really cool - it lists ALL the UCONN alums representing their countries, not just basketball. Men's and women's hoops, field hockey, soccer, and even a Parylympian!! Our alums are representing 6 nations in total. Huskies heading to Tokyo Sophomore Aaliyah Edwards, named...
  10. EricLA

    Predictions this season - total losses and how far in NCAA's?

    So one of the recent threads got me thinking, since people were starting to predict losses and NCAA advancement, that maybe a poll would be fun! You are choosing only 1 answer, but it's a 2 part question. 1) How many TOTAL losses will UCONN have after their season is done this coming year? 2)...
  11. EricLA

    OT: Problems for Cambage and Team Australia

    Cambage stated she withdrew due to mental health concerns, but according to this article, there is more to the story. Her withdrawal came AFTER an incident being investigated by Team Australia. Liz Cambage Incident During Australia's Scrimmage vs. Nigeria Under Investigation The organization...
  12. EricLA

    Who is (are) your favorite non-UCONN current professional hoops player(s)?

    I'm not talking about anyone who was remotely related to UCONN either - like EDD who verbaled, committed, came to campus for a day or so, and transferred. And no past players - Tamika Catchings and Kara Lawson are probably 2 of the all time favorites for UCONN fans (in spite of their unfortunate...
  13. EricLA

    Who starts this coming season?

    Given that several threads have morphed into "who starts", it feels like the monthly "who will start" insanity needs an outlet. :p I say that tongue-in-cheek (about the "insanity"). People love to debate it, many have very strong opinions one way or the other, so here's a poll and thread for...
  14. EricLA

    How awesome is this picture?!! Team USA and UCONN

    Could not be more thrilled for these 5 deserving ladies! So proud to have them represent UCONN, the WNBA, and Team USA!!!
  15. EricLA

    UCONN set to begin summer session missing multiple players

    Saw this in the UCONN Blog. Not sure if it was posted. Summer session to begin Some really good quotes and info.
  16. EricLA

    For all the flaws of this past years' team...

    WE made it to ANOTHER consecutive final 4, and a VERY young team that when healthy started 2 freshmen, 3 juniors, and had (reliably) 1 freshman and 2 sophomores off the bench. On top of that, the team had to endure losing 2 starters during the course of the season. Name another top team who had...
  17. EricLA

    Based on the roster as we know it right now, who do you think starts next season?

    First, let me say that some people get super annoyed at these polls/threads. My advice, skip it. No need to comment "this is dumb". I realize that things might change during the season given injuries, poor play, or exceptional play, but who do you think starts the beginning of the season in...
  18. EricLA

    Which team wins?

    I was reading the post about scrimmages for next season and thought I'd throw a poll out here. Just for the heck of it, I broke our roster of 15 in to 2 teams - one with 8 players and one with 7 players. Which team do you think would win? Let's say the game is played mid-season, so all the...
  19. EricLA

    What I hope to see next season from each player (work on over the summer)

    I'm going to assume everyone comes back. Evina - not much more to ask for out of her - her leadership and ability to be the architect of team chemistry was other-worldly this season. I'd like to see her give her knee(s) some rest this summer and work on her jump shots. Maybe when her knees feel...
  20. EricLA

    Congrats to Arizona...

    While I am incredibly disappointed that we lost, congrats to Arizona on a great game plan and on winning the game and making it to the NC title game. No one gave them a chance in this game, myself included. In fact, they were left out of the Final 4 promo put together by the NCAA. What a glaring...
  21. EricLA

    A little levity - best quote of the night by Geno (IMHO)

    Q: Alexa - Which teammate called them out for how they looked - their lack of confidence (in that last huddle referenced in his previous answer)? Geno: Anna!! Alexa: Anna Makurat????? (seriously - she was incredulous in her tone of voice - it went up about an octave LOL). Geno: Yeah!!! And...
  22. EricLA

    Let's just stop (announcers etc.) with the "controversial no-call" at the end of the game. [merged thread]

    How many times did Baylor mug Paige and not get called for a foul? How many over the back blocks were not called? It's ridiculous to whine about that one call. Go back and look at the rest of the favorable calls Baylor got ALL GAME, then come back and have a discussion. Baylor did not lose...
  23. EricLA

    "Uncoachable Christyn Williams" - I dislike the way it's mischaracterized

    There's an article on ESPNW UConn's Christyn Williams motivated by Geno Auriemma's 'uncoachable' comment, fuels Sweet 16 win The article goes on to say "Christyn Williams was wounded by the remark, probably more than UConn women's basketball head coach Geno Auriemma intended. When he referred...
  24. EricLA

    Maybe now the experts will stop wetting themselves over Baylor

    UCONN systematically dismantled a really good Iowa team, and it took everything Baylor had in OT to beat 6 seed Michigan, who by the way, apparently was without their starting PG. Baylor plays some smothering defense and has good size, but they don't seem to have a true PG. Michigan is...
  25. EricLA

    Thank you for an exciting season, Team UCONN!

    It was a crazy year. Covid, stops and starts, injuries, etc. Obviously it did not end the way anyone wanted, and I'm sure there will be many discussions about coaching, offense, defense, players, etc. But I just wanted to take a minute to thank the team for playing their guts out this year...
  26. EricLA

    175-0? TonyC was crazy...

    Probably should have been 215-0. LOL ;) What's worse than "bad for basketball"? We need new adjectives...!! :p
  27. EricLA

    Who will be the starters the season after next year?

    Just wanted to throw it out for discussion since it's never too early to start speculating, even tho we are just starting our NCAA push, and still don't know all the recruits coming in with Ice's class. Even tho we missed out on Betts, let's just assume that we land Barker, Patterson, and Rice...
  28. EricLA

    Nice games from Gabby and Megan in Euroleague quarterfinals...

    Sopron won 94-66 so congrats to them. I think Megan fouled out at the very end - do they allow 5 or 6 fouls?
  29. EricLA

    "UCONN belongs in a tougher conference"

    First off, let me say that given how incredibly well UCONN has played the past week, I would think the BY would be filled with mild euphoria. Color me surprised, and wrong apparently. Numerous folks are not following Geno's excitement about the team, how they progressed, and how proud he is of...
  30. EricLA

    Coaching strategy of Geno entering postseason

    One thing that I've read/heard over the years that is very interesting to me is how Geno changes his coaching strategy regular season vs. post season. Regular season is all about challenging, pushing, motivating, criticizing, breaking down and rebuilding, teaching new/better skills, etc. The...
  31. EricLA

    ESPN top 10 transfers impact on new teams

    ESPN wrote up their top 10 impact transfers this season. Evina is #6... Women's college basketball's top 10 transfers for 2020-21 Destiny Slocum - Arkansas Shak Austin - Ole Miss Kierstan Bell - FGCU Katie Benzan - Maryland Chloe Bibby - Maryland Evina - UCONN DiJonai Carrington - Baylor...
  32. EricLA

    Who has been the biggest surprise this season?

    When I say the biggest surprise, I mean "who has surpassed your expectations by the biggest margin"? We knew Evina was good, but she is an incredible leader and "mom" figure for the youngsters. She gives whatever the team needs, whether scoring, dishing, rebounding, etc. Was hoping for an...
  33. EricLA

    RIP Christopher Plummer

    SO sad. Sound of Music - one of my all time favorites. Sound of Music actor dies at 91
  34. EricLA

    Game televised today?

    I looked on the ESPN feed and it says the game is on Fox. I have ATT Uverse and checked all the Fox sports channels and it's not listed. Anyone have any insight?
  35. EricLA

    I noticed a bit of doom and gloom on here lately... My $.02

    With UCONN's lackluster win over Tennessee (sure their length gave us problems), and the "bad practice" win over Georgetown, I've noticed a decidedly downtrodden slant to numerous posts regarding UCONN's chances at a final 4, where they belong in the rankings, etc. But i wanted to recap a few...
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