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  1. Cheddie

    Spotted this in Montauk this week ...

    "The Boneyard" in Montauk ...
  2. Cheddie

    ARod soap opera.

    Likely some self-serving on the cousin's part, but Good Lord. This has to be the nadir. Going to be an interesting spring training when he shows up. He peed on my wall
  3. Cheddie

    60 Minutes Story on ARod

    Pretty interesting piece about his PED use that aired on CBS .... The Case of Alex Rodriguez
  4. Cheddie

    Lester to Oakland

    Lester and Gomes to the A's for Cespedes Lester in the post season again?
  5. Cheddie

    Mo: Pedroia over Cano

    Wow - pretty interesting excerpt from Mariano Rivera about Cano and Pedroia. Wonder if he'd write that if Robby stayed in NY? He doesn't have that burning desire
  6. Cheddie

    Read this - and you'll be even more amazed at KO

    Wondered why his Mother wasn't in a family portrait he tweeted after Iowa St. - she had surgery for stage 2 breast cancer six days ago. Let's keep her in our prayers/good thoughts, as we root on the team! Cancer surgery for his mother
  7. Cheddie


    Wonder if he's going to bat without a helmet? Kevin in Japan
  8. Cheddie

    Jeter's Replacement?

    Hanley Ramirez: "Everybody knows I grew up looking at Jeter. It's why I wore No. 2 in Miami. He was my idol, my hero." And just coincidentally, Ramirez is a free agent after this season. Not Drew
  9. Cheddie

    Yankees to sign Tanaka

    Big deal, more $ than I expected. If terms are correct, 5th largest contract ever for a pitcher.
  10. Cheddie

    Cano to Seattle!

    Reportedly 10 years, $240 million, and the differential between NY's best offer is magnified by no income tax in Washington state. Yanks offered more per year, Seattle decided to sign him until age 41. The Cano deal cost, more or less, what NY paid for both Ellsbury and McCann. Making it a...
  11. Cheddie

    ARod Hearing

    Earlier in the week, ARod's lawyers said that if he took banned substances, it was because he was mislead by claims they were legal supplements. Late Thursday, his legal team sued baseball, claiming it bought the cooperation of Bosch. Both tactics shrewdly sidestep the issue of whether...
  12. Cheddie

    Holy **** Cano, ARod and Grandy suspended for PEDs?

    Not sure if this has any credibility, but the on-line New Haven Register published this link, so for better or worse the story is getting Internet play ... 50 Game Suspensions
  13. Cheddie

    Wolf to be deported?

    Unbelievable. The Daily Campus is reporting that there's "pretty much no way to stay in the country if he's found guilty." Immigration Lawyer's claim
  14. Cheddie

    Robby Cano becomes a US citizen

    Congratulations! Here's a photo he tweeted on Tuesday, 11/13, saying he was very proud.
  15. Cheddie

    Drummond a Beast on the Boards

    Per the Detroit Free Press, nice words about Andre ... Drummond Beast on Boards
  16. Cheddie

    Melky case gets very strange

    In a bizarre attempt to avoid a 50-game drug suspension, Cabrera created a fictitious website and a nonexistent product designed to prove he unknowingly took a banned substance. Melky's Web site
  17. Cheddie

    Dyson Cut by Phoenix

    Suns signed Jermaine O'Neal and cut him for roster space. Too bad. Hope he can catch on with another team.
  18. Cheddie

    UCF gets bowl and men's BB tournament ban

    Bad news for the new Big East member ...
  19. Cheddie

    Jason Kidd arrested for DWI

    Knicks can't catch a break - their new point guard was arrested for DWI after crashing his SUV into a utility pole in the Hamptons.
  20. Cheddie

    Drummond Impromptu Workout

    Joe Dumars called Andre at 10:30 - at night - and asked him to come for a workout @ 11:00 that night. Interesting story about the lead-up to the draft, written by Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie)...
  21. Cheddie

    Thank goodness he's gone

    If Yankees fans are upset about the team's pitching so far, take a look at this performance ...
  22. Cheddie

    Youk to marry Tom Brady's sister

    A union of Boston sports families ...
  23. Cheddie

    Calhoun and last summer

    JC's future with UConn after last season was a hot topic here last summer, and I admit I wondered why he waited so long to announce he was returning. I guess we know the reason why now - he was taking the "conservative" route to treating his ailment, hoping it would improve enough to make it...
  24. Cheddie

    New NESN Announcer

    Move over Kim Jonees; may have to watch some Red Sox games ...
  25. Cheddie

    John Wall the Worst Shooter in the NBA

    Before we get too nervous about Kemba's early games in the NBA and his shot, here's an interesting read about John Wall
  26. Cheddie

    Reason for a Quiet Winter in the Bronx?

    Interesting article by Tyler Kepner, of the Times, about the Yankees' plans. They're passing on pitchers this year, possibly in anticipation of either Hamels or Cain being available next year...
  27. Cheddie

    Lowrie for Melancon

    Rosenthal reports that the Sox traded Lowrie and Weiland for reliever Mark Melancon. Melancon was once highly rated in the NY system and considered a possible successor to Rivera. Had a good past season in Houston.!/Ken_Rosenthal/statuses/146993269220442113
  28. Cheddie

    Terrible Syracuse Rumor

    I'm not familiar with this site but Deadspin is saying rumors, including an alleged sex tape, are swirling that Bernie Fine's wife, Laurie, had sex with some of the men's team.
  29. Cheddie

    Drummond Top Yahoo Sports NBA Pick

    "He's the first legitimate center prospect since Greg Oden. He's got the physical tools of an everyday center in our league.";_ylt=ApId7ZcM9uXvDq_eJHlFxjK8vLYF?slug=mc-spears_nba_draft_college_prospects_111011
  30. Cheddie

    BC a stumbling block to UConn moving to ACC?

    According to Jeff Jacobs column in the Courant today, BC may still have some animosity over a lawsuit that Dick Blumenthal filed when BC bolted the Big East for the ACC.,0,5707163.column
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