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  1. The Funster

    My turn: goodbye Boneyard

    see you tomorrow
  2. The Funster

    How does the FBI investigation impact AAU?

    We're all talking about Louisville and Pitino. Then the other heads will start rolling at individual universities. We may even see the NCAA itself come under scrutiny. No one has really had a chance to get to the real festering sore, the catalyst, if you will, of all this: AAU basketball...
  3. The Funster

    Here's what's really happening

    This is based on a friend of mine who I shall refer to as PACman. He has contacts in a couple of schools: one in the ACC and one in the SEC. According to PACman, ESPN is planning to do to the Big 12 what it did to the Big East. ESPN's subscriber base is dwindling. It has lost money on the...
  4. The Funster

    I'm boycotting the BET

    I won't be going to MSG and I will not watch a single game on TV. If things were different, if the Big East, a conference I loved, had not been torn apart by self interest and greed and UConn had been banned I would have followed every game as I always have. Now, with the last vestiges of...
  5. The Funster

    Office 365

    I'm doing some research for my company in regards to Office 365 which is Microsoft's cloud based Office solution. Does anyone have first hand experience either as a user, implementer or both?
  6. The Funster

    ESPN wins again

    They win the rights to televise the college FB playoffs for the next twelve years.
  7. The Funster

    It appears that the B1G would likely not ever happen

    From this article Delany makes pretty clear what the profile is for a B1G school: Despite everything we have heard "contiguous" and "AAU" are still extremely...
  8. The Funster

    Hypothetical: sometime soon, football has no value

    There is a storm brewing on the horizon for the NFL. Class action lawsuits are being filed and these lawsuits could cripple the NFL. Of course, what hurts the NFL, hurts college...
  9. The Funster

    It has to be said

    The only thing more disappointing than the season is the content of the majority of people who post here. I don't care if you've followed the program for 40 years and watched Toby Kimball scratch his against Holy Cross; you suck. At some point you've crossed over from "fan" to...
  10. The Funster

    The way it used to be

    When we won, the board lit up like a Christmas tree. When we lost, it got real quiet. Now it's just the opposite.
  11. The Funster

    I must say

    This new site "looks great" Home is where the heart is. Well done!
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