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    Final Four court

    I've seen some reports from new stations in San Antonio and pictures of some close up shots and side angles of it. Does anyone have a clear, straight on photo of it, from high above the floor?
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    Jewel Loyd-UCONN related

    I don't know if this has been covered elsewhere and I just didn't see it, but Jewel Loyd's instagram story is of her, clearly at Gampel, saying hi to Sue and Stewie's cutouts in the stands. Anyone know why she is there? My wheels are spinning.....
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    Twice in two games

    So- Of all the things that have stood out to me after two games, one thing in particular has stood out to me the most. I've stated in a previous thread that Paige, like Diana, loves to set up her teammates and be a great passer, but when she needs to take over, she will. That was evident in...
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    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

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    2020-2021 OOC schedule

    I know it's way early, but do we know what's happening with our OOC schedule for next season? When we join the BE, it'll be a 20 game league season, with 10 OOC games, as has been discussed. Do we know anything yet?
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    ESPN Coverage

    Just thinking out loud a little here: What do you think will happen with our coverage on ESPN when we make the move to the Big East, which has a contract with Fox Sports? Surely, we are moving to a much better conference, albeit one that isn't contractually involved with ESPN. I know some...
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    The new ”Loouuuuuuuuu?”

    So, that Looouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chant is great. Where do we go next? Which player? The tradition has to continue. Thoughts?
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    Lou and Phee: The Rookies

    I see that Lou has signed with Team Wass as her agent. Has anyone heard about Phee? Have they signed shoe contracts? These things usually happen pretty quickly. I wish this info was more readily available for the women.
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    American Awards

    Anyone know when the awards will be announced? Why does this conference wait so long? The P5's all do it at the same time and generate postseason excitement, but the AAC waits. Makes no sense.
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    FT shooting

    So. I stand by the fact that the Baylor loss was the best thing that could've happened. We were on the road against a great and well coached team, after a ten day layoff with the two brand new starters. Our weaknesses were exposed and have been talked about at length on here. There will be...
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    Haley Jones to Stanford

    Save me "The Sky is Falling" BS posts. This is a VERY BIG DEAL.
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    Boston to South Carolina

    WOW. Huge loss for UCONN. This is not good.
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    Can someone shed some light on some programs starting practice so early? It used to be a mid October thing I thought. Did the NCAA change the rule? Did UCONN start practicing yet? I haven't seen anything on twitter or instagram.
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    UCONN Women's Soccer

    UGH! One of the most storied programs in the history of college soccer is 2-7 and just lost to Eastern Michigan. I may hear from flack from this, but they hung on to Len Tsentirias too long. He lost his mojo about 10 years(except for the Rachel Hill years) ago and then the departure from the...
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    Louisville tickets?

    Hey-I'm making the trek down from upstate NY for the Louisville game. Does anyone have an extra lower bowl ticket they can't use? I need two but they don't have to be together... I've been looking and the seats I want on tickets sites are just ridiculously expensive.
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    2017-2018 Roster update?

    Does anyone remember the roster update taking this long on the UCONN website?
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    West Coast road trip

    With us playing in the Phil Knight Classic on 11/25, I'm actually contemplating a little west coast trip. Has a date been set for our game at UCLA? Would it be best for me to fly to Portland, rent a car and drive to LA and then fly home out of LAX? Is there a train I could take? Can any of...
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    Three tickets available for Monday

    I have three tickets available for Monday nights game. Section 106 Row F. Great seats!! PM me for info.
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    UCONN/Nike announcement

    Did anyone see the tweet sent out by UCONN today that said something big is being announced tomorrow at Noon? Thoughts? Please tell me it's a contract extension.
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    Bob Picozzi

    Bob Picozzi is doing the PBP for the Tulane game this Saturday. I for one, am very excited. I loved him and Megan on the call for CPTV. He will be working with Debbie Antonelli.
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    New roster and schedule?

    Are these later than usual or am I just bored?
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    2016-2017 Roster

    I'm surprised the new roster isn't up on the website yet. Besides DC wearing #5, does anyone know what numbers the other 4 newcomers will be wearing? Sorry if this has already been discussed..
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    Pick the players

    The rules: 1. Pick one forward NOT on the Huskies of Honor wall to put on the 2017 roster. 2. Pick one guard NOT on the Huskies of Honor wall to put on the 2017 roster. We already know what our strengths and weaknesses will be next year, now pick the players wisely. GO!
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    Lou's foot

    Per her tweet this morning: "Never been so happy to wear two shoes again"
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    Graduating seniors

    It's been documented that Moriah has graduated already and that Stewie and Morgan have also taken on more work loads in the summer and first semesters so they wouldn't be so bogged down in the spring semester, but they must still have school left, as will a lot of other athletes. How does that...
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    Chrystal Dangerfield wins Morgan Wooten POY

    Nice get by Geno!
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    The American: 2015-2016

    So, while none of us are really thrilled to be in this conference, we need these teams to get better and I think some have a shot at doing so. After UCONN and USF, which teams have rosters back that will help them be competitive and which teams have a legit shot at making the NCAA tournament...
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    Extra ticket for the game tomorrow.

    Section 118 Row L. PM me for details. I'll sell it for less than I paid.
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    Question about Gampel seating

    Is 119 behind the UCONN bench?
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    Final Four-Who will be there?

    I have seats in section 106, where is everyone else sitting?
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    Pam Ward & Carolyn Peck

    I wonder who is more upset, UCONN fans or those two, that they have to be in Lincoln announcing that regional?
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    National Championship DVD's

    I need some help! I'm trying to get my hands on all 8 of our NC games on DVD. I've recorded them all on DVR at one time or another, but I have no way to get them on DVD....which causes a problem when I have to get a new cable box. I will pay if anyone could help me out. If they're in HD...
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    2012-2013 schedule

    Just saw on Twitter that the 2012-2013 schedule is being finalized this week. In other news, I really can't wait to see what Nike has in store for uniforms this season. Geno tweeted a while back that he was in Oregon at Nike and was seeing some really innovative stuff. Hopefully it was for...
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