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    Full Non-Conference Released

    Cool- You can add the 11 NC games we have won to that line-up, when we used like a snot rag in the 1995 FF, the 2009 FF, and the 2014 FF as well. Cheers
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    OT: Olympics: U.S. Women’s Soccer

    To me, Macario is a natural striker and should play as such. Her, Sophia Smith, and Williams/Pugh is a formidable front line. They have speed, skill, and creativity. As for the back, right back is a real conundrum and I thought Dunn was terrible in the Olympics. The fact that she can play...
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    Shea Ralph

    Read that third line and then stop wondering. I think Jamelle is a fantastic assistant, but a HC she does not make. As for this thread-I too think the plan is for Shea to come back, if she knocks it out of the park at Vandy. I also agree that Mosely, Banghart, and Berube will be on the...
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    Exhibition game #2...yes/no?

    Yup-I'm surprised a player of her caliber stayed. She was a top 10/15 recruit.
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    Paige Bueckers, UConn have sights set on national title

    I live in Syracuse, I've watched almost everyone of her games, and I'm a season ticket holder, so I know Q's style like the back of my hand. I also know major talent when I see it...and she has it. Her footwork, the way she runs the floor, and her court awareness are great. I've also met...
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    Biggest Surprise This Season?

    If this team can shoot 75% from the FT line, I will be very surprised and elated. I expect us to have some close games this season and FT's outside of Paige last year, were an, uhhhhhhh, adventure. Simply put, they need to be better and it'll be a pleasant surprise if they are.
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    Paige Bueckers, UConn have sights set on national title

    Cardoso is an absolute stud. Do no underestimate her. She played for a coach that had no idea how to get her the ball and make her successful....and was still the ACC FOY.
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    Autumn destination

    He didn't keep her as a walk on, she isn't on the team anymore. I am serious-I have my opinion and you can have yours-but IMO, no D1 team should ever seriously think about having her on the roster. This isn't a knock on Autumn at all. She just isn't that caliber of a basketball player.
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    Autumn destination

    THANK YOU!!! I got dragged a few months ago when I said she was a D3 JUCO type of player...and here we are. I'm sure she is a great kid, but it was obvious she has nowhere near the skill level, strength, or game to be a D1 basketball player.
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    Christyn Williams elbow surgery

    Anyone notice that she seemed to have been at Duke?
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    Has Skylar Diggins-Smith been our greatest individual rival?

    Our biggest rivals have been, IMO: SDS Arike Ogunbowale Marina Mabrey Cappie Pondexter Chamique Holdsclaw Runners up: Linda Miles, Kelly Jolly, Tasha Pointer, Alana Beard
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    21-22 Opponents

    I really want to play Maryland, early. I know we can't, but man, a game against a team that can score like that would be a really good barometer for our defensive capabilities.
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    ESPNw Releases Top 25 Under 25 in WNBA

    A'Zura needs to find a team, cough Seattle cough which she fits in with better. She has way too much talent to be this low on this list.
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    ESPNw Releases Top 25 Under 25 in WNBA

    Jones is also very much the beneficiary of location, location, location. She fits in perfectly for the versatile front line that Connecticut has. I wonder what'll happen when Alyssa Thomas comes back?
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    OT: Dawn is leaving the USA NT team?

    Call me crazy, and some of the boneyarders might not like this, but I think this would be ideal for Muffett. She is a masterful coach, she is retired and has a ton of time on her hands, and with such a quick turn around, I think she would be perfect for the job,
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    OT: Dawn is leaving the USA NT team?

    Dawn will never lose a recruiting advantage, ever. She is a masterful recruiter. She has a way of connecting with the younger generation like no other coach in the nation, IMO. a vibe.
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    OT: Olympics: U.S. Women’s Soccer

    Alex Morgan said in her post game interview that Sweden played a 5-back, pack it in, defensive type of game in that 2-2 tie earlier this year. Sweden has always played that way, played a bunker defense, and usually tried to score on counter-attacks. Well, Sweden changed formations, and went on...
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    Chassion on picking a school the second time around

    I'm sorry, but it's laughable to me that anyone on this board thinks she has D1 talent. To me, Autumn barely resembles a DIII JUCO player. Like, did we even watch the same player?
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    Homecoming Game for Liv - Dec 9 @ Georgia Tech

    That's a great opponent for us to get a homecoming game for Liv. Ga Tech will be good this season.
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    2022 W draft

    Shakira Austin might be the best pro prospect in the class. Naz is a great college player, but there is no way she is 6'2" and I think she will struggle in the W.
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    Notre Dame Was Really Good

    If my count is correct, the 2013 FF game had a combined 19 WBCA AA that played in the game. Stewie-3 Moriah-2 Bria-2 Stefanie-2 KML-2 Tuck-1 SDS-3 Kayla-2 Jewel-2
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    How awesome is this picture?!! Team USA and UCONN

    Twitter is an absolute dumpster fire with it. HA!
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    Pick a second team to root for

    As a person who is the managing partner of a restaurant in Syracuse who can practically walk to the Carrier Dome from my apartment-go orange! Now-I'm also a Vandy fan. And I really want Kara to do well at Duke.
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    Staley A Match For Trailblazers?

    Every single game in the FF was ugly-which plays right into her hands. I said it before and I'll say it again, every team in the WFF this year would've lost to the last ten National Champions by at least 20 points. This past year was the most down year WBB game has seen in years.
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    Staley A Match For Trailblazers?

    If Dawn gets this job I would be shocked. Are people seeing something other than what I see when SC plays? Yes, she can collect talent in masses, but SC never looks cohesive on offense.
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    Attendance this fall for WCBB games

    One would think the WNBA would allow their arenas to have more people, considering that they need all the fans they can get. I heard they're allowing them on 6/26, but it makes 0 sense that the Phx Suns have an almost packed arena when the Merc play in front of a HS crowd-which goes for many...
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    NCAA Softball Tournament

    I agree-I think Mowins is great.
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    Uconn Tennessee Series To Continue, Texas Pushed Back

    It's great for both of us, IMO. We would beat Texas by 35+ this year and that game would hurt our SOS and it wouldn't help our NET. Vic is going to do great things in Austin, but losing Taylor and Collier are just huge losses and this year they will have a hard time competing with Top-25 teams.
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    OT: Sources: Coach K plans to retire after season (merged thread)

    Wow- My childhood is slowly slipping away. Best to Coach K.
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    And Kia Nurse beats the Sky at the buzzer [merged thread]

    I think NY will very much regret getting rid of Nurse and Walker.
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    Numbers for New Huskies

    Swin wore #23 her freshman year and wore #32 her last 3 years.
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    USA Basketball 3x3

    She is, but with a game manager and PG like Sabrina, you need scorers at all positions-and as much as I love Kiah Stokes, she is nowhere near the same stratosphere as Dolson on offense.
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    USA Basketball 3x3

    Stef would be the perfect big for NY. Her ability to pass and play with a PG like Sabrina who sees the floor so well, would be great. She can also be a banger in the post and let Howard be the perfect 4 to compliment her physicality.
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    Megan Walker first time back to Storrs

    I think last year was a disaster scenario for MEgan when she got Covid. AS a result, NY never saw her potential or what she could become and she was quickly traded. In the long run, I think NY will regret this trade because Megan can do three things really well. Shoot 3's Rebound well for a...
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    Geno's Successor?

    The only job I could see Dawn leaving for is Virginia or UCLA......if they step up with $$$$$$ Yes, UCLA! If they pay, it's a good job. Dawn is better than any coach in the country at building and connecting with a fan base, Southern California is easy to recruit to, and the amount of HS...
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