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  1. Stinger92860

    Sportsbook in NJ

    Not sure if I am allowed to post this, so mods please delete as needed. Draftkings is an absolute disaster for account opening. Fanduel was easy, but they don’t seem to have UConn wins over/under. Can anyone recommend a secure and safe alternative to these two sites for the over/under?
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    Nova vs Baylor

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a Nova team play this scared. Baylor’s defensive intensity was high. I was surprised that Jay did not use a timeout when Baylor was still down 2.
  3. Stinger92860

    Props to Mangakahia from Cuse

    I had no idea she was a breast cancer survivor. To come back and play D1 basketball is amazing. Her ability to come back and to survive is a testament to her heart and fight. I mentioned to my now wife that I loved her hair. I had no idea that her hair may have curled from chemo. My first...
  4. Stinger92860

    Keith Richards

    Still alive, amazing. I love this guy!
  5. Stinger92860

    Duke and UNC entrepreneurs

    I can’t wait to see the beating Appalachian State takes for this. Feds break up frat house drug ring at major North Carolina universities Edit: I thought belonged in realignment since these kids will be changing conferences eventually.
  6. Stinger92860

    Interesting article on how soccer may have contributed to Italy’s crisis

    How the virus may have spread in northern Italy If there is no vaccine by next fall and this virus boomerangs back, everything including college and professional sports could be shut down again.
  7. Stinger92860

    UConn-ND Presser?

    Anyone know where I can watch it Live?
  8. Stinger92860

    Tarin Smith!

    i thought he also deserved his own thread. Very efficient performance, calm approach. 14 points and 6 assists in 30 minutes. What a great pickup. He had a nice baseline jumper off the dribble in the 2nd half. Just what is needed against the cuse zone. We have not had that in a while.
  9. Stinger92860

    Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

  10. Stinger92860

    The teams that passed on Kia and Gabby....

    will be sorry. Of course I’m a UConn homer, but with the possible exception of A’ja I believe these 2 are going to be the best of the picks. Edit: are there really 9 players better than Kia?
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    once again uses the “they’re all freshman excuse”. Has any other coach done less with more? I hope the one and done option goes away and he is revealed for the fraud he is.
  12. Stinger92860

    Woody Williams!

    A Medal Of Honor winner during the biggest game of his life! I can't applaud you enough. To all his friends who fought and those who gave their lives so we can be free, I can't thank you enough. Hershel W. Williams - Wikipedia
  13. Stinger92860

    Oscar Gamble RIP Too young at 68. When I was a kid I copied his stance, but I could not get my hands on top of the ball.
  14. Stinger92860

    MSU day of reckoning?

    MSU Faces A Reckoning Over Its Handling Of Sexual Abuse | HuffPost Mods, please move as you see fit. I was not sure where to place this post. Day of reckoning, yea right. This will end up like PSU, a slight hand slap and back to the top 25 in 2 years. The P5 hides criminal activity on a...
  15. Stinger92860

    Camara status?

    Is she still hurt or not just ready for game speed? I've checked and I can't seem to find any info.
  16. Stinger92860

    Carm Cozza dead at 87

    Former Yale Coach Carm Cozza Dies At Age 87; Led Bulldogs For 31 Seasons I attended Yale football games when I was young. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Coach Cozza for the memories.
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  18. Stinger92860

    UConn considering religious affiliation

    According to well placed sources, Susan Herbst has reached out to the Vatican in an effort to cecede from the State of Connecticut and realign as a Roman Catholic University. Susan was quoted as saying "Look at the Torquemada like review of the Corey Edsall hire by the State's Ethics Committee...
  19. Stinger92860

    We also need an entire staff

    How can they pull this off by January 12th? Can we recruit with just a head coach or do we also require OC and DC at a minimum? I am starting to lean towad Houston at JMU and the possibility he brings his most of his staff with him.
  20. Stinger92860

    We need to recruit shooters

    They are doing a good job busting the zone. Durham is key in the middle of the zone. We need someone who can hit an open shot. Someone who can make lay ups would be nice too.
  21. Stinger92860

    Indiana Football HC Resigns

    C'mon Bobby, do the right thing too! IU's Wilson quits over 'philosophical differences'
  22. Stinger92860

    Navy Game

    Loving Navy, hope they can win this. A win against the Irish would be great.
  23. Stinger92860

    Madden the next Cubs goat?

    why the hell do you take Hendricks out. What else did he need to do to stay in the game? Let's see how the game ends.
  24. Stinger92860

    CBS Sports Network Streaming

    i can't seem to get CBSSN to stream. Anyone else having issues? If not, how are you getting it to work? Thanks in advance
  25. Stinger92860

    Blue lot parking season pass

    at face value, selling the entire season only. If you are interested please leave a private message.
  26. Stinger92860

    OT They're Freshman....

    we should never have to play Indiana in the 2nd round, etc, It's coming in 10 minutes.
  27. Stinger92860

    This is why you want us in your league on your network $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  28. Stinger92860

    Props to Facey for his play in the 4th OT

    The stats don't show but he gave us key minutes. Boxed out and played solid defense.
  29. Stinger92860

    Is WTIC run by idiots?

    I know UConn monitors the yard, maybe someone from WTIC does too. WTIC is supposed to be the flagship for UConn. Why the he ll is WTIC killing their own content? Content they invest in. Why is UConn allowing this to happen. Someone fron UConn should be having a conversation with WTIC. No way...
  30. Stinger92860

    We need to take more three's

    and less Miller 4-17 from beyond the arc
  31. Stinger92860

    Nolan - 8 boards

    Nice job by Phil. Hit the boards and played within his limits. He also did a decent job on his defensive rotations.
  32. Stinger92860

    Nets fire Hollins, reassign GM

    Calipari mention Don't they understand he recruits and can't coach.
  33. Stinger92860

    Here's the problem with 3-3

    Now I have positive expectations. I am expecting us to beat USF. At 4-3, I will hope to go bowling. If this does not happen then I am crushed. This team has become fun to watch and it's refreshing to leave the tailgate and think the best part of game day is yet to come. We are dooooomed!
  34. Stinger92860

    Chat Room?

    i can't get in, says I need to logon.
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