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  1. dtbtbtb

    Debbie Antonelli

    Watching the ACC Semi Final games and it seems it hurts her to say anything positive about UConn...she continues to question UConn's number 1 with all kind of claims about the eye test for other teams such as Louisville....Really....)
  2. dtbtbtb

    PHX against Tulsa (Long)

    The game of Tulsa against PHX was a lot of fun with great offense, OT and the “right” team winning J Few impressions/observations: · DT is the best PG, SG, Small Forward, and Player in the world and when the starting 5 were announced before the game she was announced as the center J ·...
  3. dtbtbtb

    Kind of Tulsa against Minnesota

    Wanting to see the PHX against Tulsa I figured to make a weekend out of it and see as well the Tulsa against Minnesota and see Maya in action as well as to see how Diggins does. Had a great seat and it's kind of interesting how much faster and more physical the game looks from close. Cambage...
  4. dtbtbtb

    How do I get a ticket for the game?

    Any ideas? (just got to New Orleans)
  5. dtbtbtb

    Thoughts and Observations about the Stanford Game (long)

    Had the pleasure of being at the game and here are some thoughts and observations about what I saw: · First time ever visiting Stanford and was not impressed by the look or structure of Maples (and sitting in it I found it to be cold – I guess the building in not well insulated. ·...
  6. dtbtbtb

    Ticket for the Final 4?

    Just arranged my flight and hotel for the Final 4 and all I miss is a ticket :) if anyone got a ticket (lower level) that they could sell me, I'll be happy to buy it!
  7. dtbtbtb

    Moriah Jefferson (Long)

    Saw in the paper that there is a basketball tournament called the Sandra Meadows Classic in Dallas and that Moriah Jefferson’s team will be playing so I figured it will be a good opportunity to see her in action and provide some first hand impressions to the Boneyard. The game I saw was between...
  8. dtbtbtb

    Got my ticket to the Baylor game

    Just got my ticket for the Baylor game (sec. 104 row 31) and assume i'll be sitting in a sea of green:)
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