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  1. EricLA

    Should this board include this emoji?

    What would that be? "I'm vaccinated and safe" "Shut up" "I am speechless" Something else?
  2. EricLA

    OT: The new shows on TV this season...

    Most of them seem to be "meh", at least in the previews, but has anyone come on a show that they thought was worth watching? I happened to catch the pilot of The Big Leap with Scott Foley - he's surprisingly funny, and it was much better than I expected. I'm curious what others have seen...
  3. EricLA

    UConn has too much fire power

    Whilst I love Tony's optimism and enthusiasm, IMHO there is no way UCONN will be dominant against the best teams this season. Sure we will likely blow out anyone not in the top 10, but there is no team out there who will roll over for UCONN, and I'm betting fans of Stanford and SC like their...
  4. EricLA

    UCTV UConn John Fanta

    He's pretty emphatic that UCONN is the best team in the country. But when he talks about the guards, no mention of Ducharme. When he talks about the post players, no mention of Juhusz. Not sure that Ducharme will be the difference in winning the NC, but the guard depth certainly helps. Same for...
  5. EricLA

    2021 WNBA MVP

    I voted for Tina - not because I think she has a snowball's chance in hell, but rather because she had such a tremendous season with almost no help. No Delle Donne, no Meeseman, sure she had Atkins (another Olympian), but she seriously needs to rethink where she signs next season.
  6. EricLA

    MSU’s Jessika Carter arrested

    Over 100 posts. How many of them are actually about Jessika Carter being arrested??
  7. EricLA

    First Big East preview

    And Andra E-Hunter transferred from the SEC to the Big East. At least I think it was the SEC. She was at about 4 different schools before landing at Seton Hall :p
  8. EricLA

    First Big East preview

    All true comments about "teams who will try to challenge UCONN", but I have no issue with that. She alone (Paige) is penomenal and make [sic] the Huskies one of the favorites for the Big East women’s basketball throne, but when you add in Christyn Williams and Olivia Nelson-Ododa as well, the...
  9. EricLA

    Where Will UConn's 2022 Graduates Go in WNBA Draft?

    I get it's all speculation at this point, but it's premature. All 3 of them have a lot to prove this season, and how they play will have a direct correlation to where they are drafted... Of course, nothing wrong with the exercise of "if the draft were held today, where would they go?..."
  10. EricLA

    Poll: You Can only attend ONE Home Game, Which Game and Why?

    I chose Tennessee, but it's close between all of them. Tennessee because I want to destroy them. Like by 50 points. But the same goes for ND. Louisville will be a good game, and Arkansas to get revenge from last year. But POUND Tennessee (and ND)...
  11. EricLA

    Big East teams 2021-2022

    There were a couple big east games last season that were stinkers, or closer than expected. Seton Hall and Georgetown, 20 point victories in one meeting, and Marquette, a 10 point win, in another. Yes we stomped Marquette in the BET, but it wasn't all puppies and kittens during the season. But...
  12. EricLA

    Full Non-Conference Released

    UCONN WBB 2021-22 NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Nov. 7 – FORT HAYS STATE (exhibition) Nov. 14 – ARKANSAS Nov. 20 – vs. Minnesota (Battle 4 Atlantis) Nov. 21 – vs. USF/Syracuse (Battle 4 Atlantis) Nov. 22 – vs. TBD (Battle 4 Atlantis) Dec. 5 – NOTRE DAME Dec. 9 – at Georgia Tech (ESPN2, 7 p.m.) Dec. 11...
  13. EricLA

    Christyn Williams: Redemption Series - Part 1

    Good for her. "So... I really didn't like that question". Sean McFarland from the Hartford Courant will probably think twice before asking any UCONN player a dumb question like that again. He basically asked "It seemed like they had an answer every time you made a run. How disheartening was...
  14. EricLA

    UConn WBB 100% Vaccination Rate

    My dad has been living with congestive heart failure for over 10 years and tries to be as healthy as he can be (low salt diet, exercise, proper meds, etc.). He's 83 years old. I can't stress how strongly I feel about letting NO ONE who is un-vaccinated anywhere near him. So I'm 100% in favor of...
  15. EricLA

    Happy birthday Gabby

    Happy Birthday Gabby! Really looking forward to seeing you suit up next season in LA - will actually give me a reason to root for the Sparks, and see you in person!!
  16. EricLA

    UConn WBB 100% Vaccination Rate

    Great news. Thanks for sharing! Health and safety of the players is paramount.
  17. EricLA

    OT: Observations of the US Open

    It would not have surprised me if Novak was mentally and/or physically tired. While Daniil was rolling thru each match, Novak was losing the first set. Then in the semi's, he had a grueling 5 set match against Zverev. Medvedev is a human backboard and many of Novak's shots (or at least "some")...
  18. EricLA

    Autumn destination

    I have no horse in the race, as they say, so I'm just guessing like everyone else. Perhaps she wanted to be close to home, but did not get any D1 scholly offers. This seems a good choice for her to continue her education but still get to play hoops and improve her game. Perhaps after 2 years...
  19. EricLA

    OT: Observations of the US Open

    Djokavic hasn't had the hardest path to the semi finals, but if he wants to win he will have to get past Zverev and the winner of Medvedev/Auger. Not sure Felix is ready to win a major, but beating Zverev and Medvedev is no small task for sure. He certainly will have earned the grand slam.
  20. EricLA

    OT: Observations of the US Open

    On the surface, having NO seeded players in the finals (ie none of the favorites) may seem less interesting, or make for less eyeballs wanting to watch, but the opposite feels like the case here. One qualifier, and one unseeded, both teenagers, and both from countries that have not...
  21. EricLA

    OT: WNBA expansion

    I'm going off memory here but... just a few years back, wasn't the league holding on by its' proverbial fingertips from a profitability standpoint? Believe me, I'd love to see a few new teams added. There is so much talent that gets cut every year and with more and more talent coming out of HS...
  22. EricLA

    OT: Hillsman to coach in Spain. Or, upon reflection, maybe not

    I wonder how they could have been (blindsided). It was all over the net - all they had to do was look. Seems like some poor due diligence on the part of the Spanish team...
  23. EricLA

    OT: Changing up. Post your favorite love song. I will listen to the full song.

    My favorite current song. She was on The Voice (Lauren Allred) and she's the one who sang the song in the movie...
  24. EricLA

    OT: Changing up. Post your favorite love song. I will listen to the full song.

    Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic, but another fave from the 80's - such happy music.
  25. EricLA

    OT: Changing up. Post your favorite love song. I will listen to the full song.

    One of my faves from the 80's new wave era:
  26. EricLA

    Which three players will suprise us this year and why?

    In my post, Caroline and Saylor had substantially different "surprise" comments. Saylor will surprise me if she plays minutes besides the last 4 minutes in blowout games Caroline will surprise me if she cracks the rotation as a solid and consistent sub (ie. 15 or so minutes per game)
  27. EricLA

    OT: UConn football coach Randy Edsall announces retirement [edit] Now effective immediately

    The football program is a joke. UCONN (the way it stands now) will never, ever, be invited to a major conference in spite of the tremendous pedigree of numerous other sports (both men and women) in the athletic department. It's truly unfortunate. They shot themselves in the foot back when the...
  28. EricLA

    Which three players will suprise us this year and why?

    I'll tell you what would surprise me about each player. I will keep it short. Christyn will surprise me if she plays the entire year at a level to earn 1st team AA honors. Olivia will surprise me if she shows enough improvement that the BY acknowledges it. Evina will surprise me if she's 100%...
  29. EricLA

    Most dominant?

    There's a reason Stacy Hansmeyer was nicknamed "Bam Bam". Back in the day, when teams thought they could be overly physical with UCONN, Geno would put her in to knock the other team around a bit. I would also have to agree with Jamelle and Kia Nurse. For current Huskies, Edwards and Muhl get...
  30. EricLA

    OT: US Open Tsitsipas vs. Alcaraz (spoiler alert)

    Just finished watching the match. Holy crap. Alcaraz is a young 18 year old Spaniard. Tons of potential. And he's already realizing it. Apparently grew up playing on the clay in Spain, but just finished off Tsitsipas in a 5 set thriller. Alcaraz lost the 4th set 6-0 and looked completely out...
  31. EricLA

    The Real Paige Bueckers Video Premiere Sunday 5 PM

    Perhaps some BY'ers would like to see less of her (not me), but keep in mind she has over 900,000 IG followers. She's a huge sensation among the young. I'm not sure how much she needs to post to keep them entertained, or whatever, but I doubt they can get too much of Paige Bueckers, and they are...
  32. EricLA

    SEE AYANNA 3X3 Basketball for schedule of game times

    It was pretty funny hearing the announcer refer to them as "Janae" Barker, "Ayann" Patterson and "Kyra" Rice. All the players impressed in different ways - they all need coaching at the college level for sure, but you can see the potential. It was actually Mikalya Williams, the #2 recruit in...
  33. EricLA

    Crunch time minutes

    It's all speculation at this point. If no one else posts it, I will revisit and post a new poll of starters for this coming season. Probably in early October before any exhibition games start. NOT trying to be confrontational, but Nika played the end of the season injured. That is what stands...
  34. EricLA

    UConn nation tabs Diana Taurasi as best former Husky to play in the WNBA. Who else filled out the top 10?

    FYI their list: Dee Sue Maya Stewie Tina Swin Nykesha Rebecca Pheesa Renee Hayes, Jones and Dolson got honorable mentions. Honestly, I'd move Maya down to #5 and Stewie and Tina up 1 each. I LOVED Maya. But she only played 8 WNBA seasons. She was MVP once (so was Tina), and has 4 WNBA titles...
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