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  1. Drame

    Vote for Kemba

  2. Drame

    New NCAA amateurism model

    This subject is obviously going to be talked about coming up. So what makes sense going forward. What are the aspects that need to be included. Players need to receive more compensation. Which players, which sports and from where? The sports would obviously just be basketball and football...
  3. Drame

    Gonna be in LA.. going to LMU game

    Who else...
  4. Drame

    wheres the link?

    Can't it posted...
  5. Drame

    Songs of the Summers

    Do you have one for each year of the past decade. This summer I nominate "I can't feel my face".
  6. Drame

    Rumour on NC State board about Notre Dame

    joining the ACC in football and the implications:
  7. Drame

    Give this team a break.

    First off everyone should have realized this was going to be a rough season because it follows a championship year.. In pro sports its tough to repeat and we lost 80% of our team. In two years, when our freshman and sophomores are juniors and seniors, then we can compare them to last years...
  8. Drame

    Florida game replay? Nm

  9. Drame

    Where will KO be on the ESPN TCBL

    I only care about this list because of the time of year.....recruiting season. Its a stupid list but ESPN has clout and for any coach that finishes at the top of the list its a recruiting tool. People love lists and recruits may be swayed by the third party assessment.
  10. Drame

    The Espys are Lame!

    Seriously, why do these athletes get these awards. Aren't there already Titles, and MVP awards for their accomplishments. A glamorized red carpet awards show is the opposite of what I want out of sports. Wonder how long before the plug gets pulled on this thing. Reminds me of another over...
  11. Drame

    Dunk City

    Cant wait for track #2:
  12. Drame

    Emeka Okafor first to...

    score a basket at the new Barclays Arena (albeit preseason game). AJ Price, the first to scuffle. He got fouled at one end then fouled D Williams pretty hard and the two had words. The arena is pretty nice. Thee upper deck is stacked high on top of the court and it gets pretty loud quickly...
  13. Drame

    STOP Comparing...

    in your mind and on this forum, Uconn's situation and penalties with Penn st's. Bitch about the unfairness towards Uconn on its own terms. Some of you on this board are lacking some serious f...... perspective.
  14. Drame

    With Kemba...

    Would this Uconn team be the best team preseason ever. A big what if...but it could have happened.
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