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  1. Cheddie

    Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

    Captain Andy was great. But when we visited in April, giant storms kept his boats in harbor or only able to do sunset cruises. I do like Kauai, but the traffic then (spring break) was brutal.
  2. Cheddie

    Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

    Ellison is doing wonders on the island. He completely re-modeled Manele and was in the middle of massive renovations on a second Four Seasons. He's doing wonders trying to return the island to its natural state, after pineapple cultivation left tons of black plastic embedded in the soil. He's...
  3. Cheddie

    Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

    One island that didn't seem to be mentioned in this thread was Lanai. We loved the Four Seasons there. There are various activities you can enjoy during your stay. Rent a jeep and drive around the island. Go on a sunset catamaran trip. Snorkel - lots of boats come over from Maui to do just...
  4. Cheddie

    Should UCONN's seniors be concerned?

    To phrase this a bit differently - Geno recruits bright young women and from everything I've read for years he never promises playing time. In fact, the seniors know well by now that if they don't perform per his expectations, they will sit - even in "big" games. So everyone - seniors to...
  5. Cheddie

    New UConn Assistant Coach Morgan Valley

    I recall her as a very bright player, but not especially athletic, which prompted this memorable line from Geno... "She can't jump higher than the Mansfield phone book."
  6. Cheddie

    Asst Coach Job Posting

    I'd be completely shocked if he doesn't have someone (or more than one person) in mind. The job posting is simply the need to adhere to state personnel requirements.
  7. Cheddie

    Evina -WNBA?

    Would love to have her return for her contributions to team chemistry. Finishing baseball spring training, you read about teams keeping players (at $millions) because they're good "clubhouse presences." Evina is just that - a perfect teammate. Buying presents for everyone out of her own...
  8. Cheddie

    Misuse of Paige

    Two thoughts - She's playing 40 minute a game and Geno is trying to conserve energy while at the same time pushing her to play more aggressive defense. She's the best shooter on the team, as well as the best playmaker. She'll play a more pure point guard next year with Azzi Fudd catching her...
  9. Cheddie

    Drummond to the Lakers

    Wish him well in LA. Beyond the UConn connection, he has been generous in supporting various causes in Middletown and I sincerely applaud him for that.
  10. Cheddie

    Akok: Does anyone have any true insight into why he was so buried on the bench recently?

    Spot on. He's not 100%, fans don't know how well he's been practicing, and I trust the coaching staff is looking out for him for both next year and later into wherever his career goes to put him at risk of another injury when he's not all the way back yet.
  11. Cheddie

    Jackson's Jumpshot Next Year...

    Raw or not, Jackson is simply not a natural shooter. I can't compare his court time to Sanogo, but Adama might be similarly termed "raw" and he has a wonderful touch. Andre can and should improve his shot by heaving thousands up each summer. More important, from my perspective, is that the...
  12. Cheddie

    Geno tests positive for COVID-19

    Hate to lose Geno, but bottom line: Most of the Boneyard could coach UConn in the 1-16 game and win. Chris will do fine until he returns. As long as he's asymptomatic, great. Coach Hurley - keep your mask in place!
  13. Cheddie

    UMass-Lowell Postgame Thread

    Way, way too early to write off Muhl. I think the transition from European ball to NCAAW is difficult - seems it took Makurat a while last year to become comfortable with college play. As mentioned above, she's probably holding back a bit on defense because she's gun-shy about officiating. I...
  14. Cheddie

    best beach in CT

    The two beach clubs in Old Lyme have beautiful beaches, but alas one needs to be a member or guest to use them.
  15. Cheddie

    Your Top 10 Dramatic Series

    In no particular order ... The Sopranos The Wire Breaking Bad Homeland – early seasons Game of Thrones Homicide – Life on the Street Happy Valley West Wing Twilight Zone Band of Brothers
  16. Cheddie

    Sort of off topic: Former UCONN, now NBA, star Andre Drummond's act of kindness

    Yep, Andre makes very good $. But he seems like a great guy, generous in this instance and in Middletown.
  17. Cheddie

    Della Donna loving Aubrey Griffin

    Among the various emotions that affect everyone young person leaving home for the start of college, she was reportedly especially affected by being separated from her sister. She had a very close bond to Lizzie, who was born deaf and blind, with cerebral palsy and autism. She chose to play for...
  18. Cheddie

    Tyrese Martin to UConn

    I know it's apples and oranges, but Geno and UConn gave it their all to have Evina Westbrook become eligible after transferring from Tennessee, supposedly with a strong case over issues at that school, and they were denied. Seemed to be an arbitrary process, which is why it was closely looked at.
  19. Cheddie

    Taliek Brown Influence

    UConn's been fortunate to have some great passing PGs. Agree MW was excellent, averaging 7 assists per game. Doron Sheffer was a great passer too (6 apg).
  20. Cheddie

    SC Postgame Thread

    Does she ever look at the box score before talking? UConn tied SC in rebounds AND in offensive rebounds. If UConn shot the same % as SC, they win.
  21. Cheddie

    Anthony on Gilbert

    I think Anthony's article was cautiously written, carefully and successfully balancing the player's privacy with public interest in the team.
  22. Cheddie


    Boras is a master at getting the Yankees to compete against themselves. Yeah, the contract is too long for a pitcher. But after Strasburg's deal, Cole had all the leverage. Cole gets the option to jump after 5 years, and the security of 9 years if he wears down. Gotta believe the...
  23. Cheddie

    Geno Comments on Piath Gabriel, and ...

    RE: Stef Dolson. I think one of the biggest transformations she made at UConn was getting into much better game shape, akin to Kara Wolters. Older Courant article
  24. Cheddie

    Singapore Air Prem econ v. Air China biz class?

    Check out SkyLux. They offer premium/business fares at reduced prices, and they were trying to sell me on an Air China flight (with a shorter Beijing layover). See how their costs compare.
  25. Cheddie

    Yanks $2 Bill player salary since 2010

    And NY has never tanked like some teams - um, Houston 51-111 record back in 2013 - and have been, more or less, competitive every year. When you get to the ALCS, sometimes a single pitch or hit can put you over that hurdle.
  26. Cheddie

    Yanks $2 Bill player salary since 2010

    Well, the FA strategy worked for George. One factor today is that MLB is much more strict about drugs, including things like amphetamines, putting a premium on natural athleticism, and making older players (often the guys George liked) less valuable.
  27. Cheddie

    Maria Conlon

    Agree. The "speed" of a game is a critical factor, especially if you don't have overwhelming talent. For Larry Bird, a good, not great athlete, the game was almost played in slow motion. He easily followed everything around him and perceived what would happen next. The opposite is coming in a...
  28. Cheddie

    OT: RIP Ginger

    Yeah, pretty much if you saw Cream on its 1st US tour, you're on Medicare! As good as Cream were, I thought another Clapton act I saw in college was better. Delaney & Bonnie played in Boston with Clapton, Dave Mason, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge and the guys that eventually made up Derek's...
  29. Cheddie

    OT: RIP Ginger

    I saw Cream, before I really knew who they were, in college at a venue that was basically a converted garage. You sat on a concrete floor. I remember being awestruck by him on the drums. The band was so loud that I was essentially deaf for a few days afterwards.
  30. Cheddie


    Did the same thing. I thought the acting and writing was great. PWB is major talent; I also enjoyed her show "Killing Eve."
  31. Cheddie

    Spotted this in Montauk this week ...

    "The Boneyard" in Montauk ...
  32. Cheddie

    Fresh article on Mir Mclean

    I remember Ann Strother was recruited by Tennessee & they put on a big show for her in their arena - with her name blazing on all the scoreboards, an announcer, etc., i.e., "bells & whistles." She commented that it made her a bit uncomfortable; she preferred Geno's more basic approach. Fans...
  33. Cheddie

    OT Maui Information

    We went to Hawaii in March via American Airlines, flying first as McLovin did. Not a great trip out, as we had one delay that stretched into another delay in LA; spend hours in their lounge. Great trip back with full beds on a red-eye. Didn't visit Maui, but did stop at every other island. We...
  34. Cheddie

    NY Yankees 2019

    George Steinbrenner made LOTS of terrible deals and signings, mostly because he was obsessed with dominating the tabloid back pages. His strategy of signing older stars - often past their prime - wouldn't work today. In getting "names," he decimated the farm system and let it rot. The team...
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