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  1. 01Neaggrad02

    2022-2023 season: What opponent for Aubrey Griffins " senior" game?

    Can we get through 21-22 before worrying about 22-23?
  2. 01Neaggrad02

    Most dominant?

    We are talking Physical????? BAM BAM.... That is all I have to say on that....
  3. 01Neaggrad02

    Game Recommendation....

    Hope everyone is safe and sound from the Tropical Storm/Hurricane Henri. While there is little to do but wait out the storm I was looking for some game recommendations to try to find on Youtube to watch to pass the time. Can anyone recommend a really good UCONN game, mens or womens, that...
  4. 01Neaggrad02

    Could UConn leave the Big East if conference realignment revs up again?

    Could we go a month without the could, would type of speculation that always occurs? It is funny you cannot talk about player transfer speculation. So why not prevent Conference Realignment Speculation?
  5. 01Neaggrad02

    Nikas Sneakas

    Oh the DRAMA.... lets save the drama for your llamas and not try to create things that do not need to be worried about...
  6. 01Neaggrad02

    The Odds of Paige Staying for Her Fifth Year Have Gone Up...Just Ask Her Mother!

    If she stays... she will most likely not be able to play in the 2024 Olympics.
  7. 01Neaggrad02

    Who starts this coming season?

    Easy answer to this.. the five players who will start this season will be the five players that Geno puts on the floor.
  8. 01Neaggrad02

    Diana is First WNBA player to score 9,000 points

    If I am not mistaken she needs 90 points in the Olympics to top Lisa Leslie's all time American Scoring record in the Olympics.
  9. 01Neaggrad02

    Olympic Team Announced

    What about Akire Ogunbowale? And I know Nneka is a good player but that fact her sister wrote that piece pleading for her to be on the team is sad to me...
  10. 01Neaggrad02

    Olympic Team Announced

    No Sabrina? Thought she was the next great thing.....
  11. 01Neaggrad02

    Campus visit

    Hello all, Heading onto campus with some friends and was wondering if anyone knew if the Basketball center and/or Gampel would be open to have people go in and walk around...
  12. 01Neaggrad02

    Geno's Successor?

    I heard that UCONN medical is working hard on cloning tissues and cells... and that they have cloned Geno so he can be his own replacement.
  13. 01Neaggrad02

    Kiki or Kk ????

    Could you please enlighten us, as I have little knowledge of the Class of 23. Which guards should UCONN be looking at? Do you have any ideas of which might be interested in UCONN? Personally I want one or two good guards, then a couple of 6'6" players... or the #1 player in the class....
  14. 01Neaggrad02

    Will girl be competitive girl High School boys All Stars

    Was I the only one who was confused by the title of this thread?
  15. 01Neaggrad02

    UConn OCC schedule 2022

    I think South Carolina should play Stanford next season in the regular season....
  16. 01Neaggrad02

    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    I am confused. I thought this was about Cardoso and her potentially transferring to UCONN. Why are we talking about pizza and all that stuff? When I saw there was like two new pages I was thinking there was some news. But instead....
  17. 01Neaggrad02

    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    If she does come to UCONN I am concerned about everyones playing time next year. We will have a ton of talent. I am just thinking bigs- Ono, Edwards, DeBerry, Dorka (Last name I am blanking on) and now Cardoso for the big bigs....Plus we have Paith.... who I really was hoping would get some...
  18. 01Neaggrad02

    Who might be interested in UCONN

    Why is everyone saying Rizzotti? Cause she is a former player... after seeing her GW gig... I would say no thanks to that.
  19. 01Neaggrad02

    Asst Coach Job Posting

    SUE BIRD...
  20. 01Neaggrad02

    Geno on Next Year's Roster - Interesting Comments RE: Liv

    Olivia is a good player... she has one thing working against her... she is a string bean and I do not know if she can do anything about that. People like that kind of annoy me because they will always be string beans.... She needs to bulk.... but not sure she can....
  21. 01Neaggrad02

    It's Official: Shea Ralph Named Vanderbilt Coach

    Here is something crazy to consider... Just read that Sue might retire after this Olympics and WNBA season.... she comes to coach at UCONN.... Then when Diana retires... she comes to UCONN.... then a year or two later Geno and Chris get ready to retire... with DT and Sue at the helm.... Maya...
  22. 01Neaggrad02

    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    Maybe Geno is trying to be like Tara... have a team of 14-15 players so he can go 10-11 deep at the end of the season. I would love to see 5 players 6' and under... and the other 10 to be 6" and taller ;) Ideally 5 at 6'4" and taller... but I am not greedy ;)
  23. 01Neaggrad02

    New Anna to Transfer thread

    I am really sad to see Anna go. She is a great player and good from behind the arc. I remember when we all found out she was coming here. People started to talk about her younger sister and how she was also a great player... and how it would be awesome if we got her as well. I believe they...
  24. 01Neaggrad02

    What is up with Cuse?

    Dear God, I jut read that an 11th player from the 2020-21 team has entered the transfer portal out of Syracuse. They will be left with 4 returning players and have an incoming class of 5 and have two transfers. Do the transfers have to sit out? Kiara Fisher becomes 11th SU women’s basketball...
  25. 01Neaggrad02

    Next Year's Roster

    Next year I have a feeling that Christyn, Olivia, Paige, Evina are locks. I would think Geno would go with Nika as the fifth unless he wants to go big and might switch in Aaliyah now that we have Amari to come in..... Of course Geno might start Azzi like he did Paige... and have her be the...
  26. 01Neaggrad02

    UCONN, Stanford, South Carolina and then...

    While I agree.... I still want a 6'7" player at UCONN... or two... Imagine 2 6'7" + players inj at the same time... ....
  27. 01Neaggrad02

    UCONN, Stanford, South Carolina and then...

    I am glad we did not get Boston. I think Edwards is a better player, and doubt we would have landed her if we had Boston. Also still want to know about that Boston, and the other Canadian player that SC that were both supposed to be UCONN leans then ended up in SC... something hinky is afoot.
  28. 01Neaggrad02

    Championships (new poster introduction)

    The fact to point out is that in the 29 years since Stanford last won... Geno picked up not 1, not 2, not 3.... but 11 titles.... in between Stanford's 2nd and 3rd. That is crazy!
  29. 01Neaggrad02

    Stanford vs So Carolina (merged thread)

    I think it will be Stanford who wins.... but they are the team that give me some concern..... I think we will have an easier time with SC.... but SC will be out for revenge while UCONN will just play team ball to win....
  30. 01Neaggrad02

    Let's just stop (announcers etc.) with the "controversial no-call" at the end of the game. [merged thread]

    AMEN. I still do not understand how the Baylor player knocked over Paige then laid on top of her and Paige had to call a time out....
  31. 01Neaggrad02

    Baylor Postgame Thread

    LeBron posted "where is the foul"..... I have to agree with LeBron on the 10+ no calls the refs forgot about when Baylor players fouled UCONN players. Great win... but now we have to listen to how Baylor was cheated. so annoyed with that
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