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  1. Brochacho

    UConn playing St. Bonaventure?

    Redditor says the Bonnies coach said so at a charity event.
  2. Brochacho

    Wisconsin annihilating UNC

    B10 best conference in the country confirmed
  3. Brochacho

    UConn Looking to Start a H/H Series at Home

    I was checking out the schedule board, and UConn posted that they are looking to start a series at home next season. Seems that the Never Forget Tribute did indeed fall through. Interestingly enough, Houston posted two days later that they were looking to start a series on the road 12/19/20...
  4. Brochacho


    No, that's not how much Kemba is signing for with the Hornets this summer. That's how much the students and school have subsidized the athletic department over the past 7 years in order to "compete" in the AAC. UConn reports more than $40 million athletic deficit...
  5. Brochacho

    UConn Foundation $99 for '99

    Did anyone get their Calhoun-signed poster yet?
  6. Brochacho

    AAC Refs

    How do you miss that travel on Gilbert at the end?
  7. Brochacho


    It took Ollie 23 games to be sub-.500 this year, as opposed to 1 game last year. Progress. Big things coming in 18-19.
  8. Brochacho

    Coppin State

    Coppin State is the only team UConn has managed to beat in regulation in our past 10 games.
  9. Brochacho

    Ollie vs Ranked Teams

    Something to consider going into Wichita State. 12-13: 3-3 13-14: 10-4 14-15: 1-4 15-16: 1-4 16-17: 0-5 17-18: 0-2 15-22 overall. 13-7 with teams primarily composed of Calhoun's players. 2-15 since the title, with teams primarily composed of his players. 9 straight losses vs the top 25.
  10. Brochacho

    I'm not impaired

    But are 5 team conferences allowed under the structure of the FBS? Park basketball in the BE, band with BYU, UMass, Army, and Liberty to create the Independence League, a football only conference. Each team plays a H/H within the season, 4 slots for OOC. Athletics hopefully doesn't suffer as much?
  11. Brochacho

    Point Differential through 10 games

    17-18: +3 16-17: +5 15-16: +148 14-15: +79 13-14: +121 12-13: +83 11-12: +133 10-11: +172 09-10: +96 08-09: +212 07-08: +170 06-07: +270 05-06: +288 04-05: +215 03-04: +257
  12. Brochacho

    Miller to Indiana

    Archie that is.
  13. Brochacho


    4-20 record in 3 AAC seasons. 2-1 vs UConn.
  14. Brochacho

    The 2016 Team in a Nutshell

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Zay Jones' 19 catches yesterday are more than any Husky has on the season, excluding Noel Thomas. Newsome is our second leading receiver with 18 catches. Yuck.
  15. Brochacho

    Next Year's Schedule

    What we know: 18 games vs the AAC. @Ohio State @Georgetown 3 games in Maui, with a field of: Oregon, UNC, Georgetown, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Chaminade. Speculated: Series vs Cuse. UConn was in discussion with Syracuse revolving around H/H/MSG series. Baylor/UConn...
  16. Brochacho

    Jeremy Lamb to the Hornets

    On the Twitterverse.
  17. Brochacho

    Dear Big Ten,

    Since 1999, UConn: 5 FF 4 NC 8-1 record B1G: 16 FF 1 NC 8-15 record Help us help you. Please.
  18. Brochacho

    Wisconsin's Path

    Has there been a harder path? They will basically have played three title games in a row now; Arizona, Kentucky, and now Duke. UNC and Oregon were very solid teams as well. Wisconsin should be able to count this year as two titles if they can pull it off.
  19. Brochacho

    Nick Noskowiak (Committed to Iowa State)

    A PG decommit from Marquette. Looks like the competition for him is Illinois, Cal, and USC. Should KO check in? I'd love him here, mostly because the 'Yard can't handle spelling Samuel correctly.
  20. Brochacho

    Once again, March Purvis

    Averaging 19.8/3.3/1.2 on 47/43/73 shooting. Accounted for 28% of the team's offense in March.
  21. Brochacho

    Next Year's OOC

    Maryland, 4 seed, MSG Georgetown, 4 seed, XL Center Ohio State, 10 seed, assuming Gampel Texas, 11 seed, away Battle 4 Atlantis: Syracuse - Ineligible Gonzaga - 2 seed NCAA Texas - 11 seed NCAA Texas A&M - 2 seed NIT UConn - 4 seed NIT Michigan - no NCAA/NIT Washington - no NCAA/NIT Charlotte...
  22. Brochacho

    March Purvis

    Averaging 15.8/3.4/1.4/1.2 on 46/46/82 shooting in March. Team is something else with March Purvis. Definitely can't question his heart and love for the game, I don't think anyone on this team enjoys winning as much as Purvis does, judging by his on court reactions.
  23. Brochacho

    Michael Gbinije

    Thoughts on him as a potential grad transfer? He hasn't fully committed to returning to Syracuse next year, and he graduates this spring. 6'6 with PG skills, shoots 40% from 3. Averaged 12.7/5/3.7 with 2 steals a game.
  24. Brochacho

    Silver Lining for Syracuse

    They finally know what being in the spotlight in March feels like.
  25. Brochacho

    If Diaco wants fans to stay until the end of the game...

    He shouldn't have left the girls game at halftime. Same with the new OC, not a good look.
  26. Brochacho

    I'm coming out

    I can't stand Phil Nolan. He is awful. There is nothing he does well besides provide comic relief and flopping. He slapped away a ball like it was a grenade when he was the only one there to grab it. He tries to score for whatever reason when he touches the ball. He's taken away two possessions...
  27. Brochacho

    Stuart Scott died

    He was my favorite ESPN personality, RIP.
  28. Brochacho

    Akoy Agau

    Transferring from Louisville, I believe his top 3 before committing was UConn, Louisville, Nebraska. Has basically just been along for the ride so far in his college career. 6-9, 230 lbs. Worth a shot?
  29. Brochacho

    Does anyone have a stream?

    ESPN2 is down.
  30. Brochacho

    Scheduling the Big Games

    Now I know we all love having the big teams come to the Rent OOC. But we haven't been able to beat one of these teams since Vanderbilt in 2010. We are 10-8 at the Rent against big-time OOC (service academies, P5, independents such as BYU/ND) but 10 of those wins came under Edsall. Diaco: 0-1...
  31. Brochacho

    14/15 Schedule

    OOC: Fordham, Bryant, @Florida, @Stanford, Texas, 3 game tourney, Duke. AAC: Home: UCF, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Memphis, USF, SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa Away: Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, USF, SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa So unless I missed anything we have 2-3 open slots...
  32. Brochacho

    Hypothetical Matchup

    Bazz Kromah Giffey DD Olander Watts and Tolk off bench. Boat Purvis Hamilton Facey Amida Samuel and Nolan off the bench. Who ya got?
  33. Brochacho

    Basketball Travelers

    Wisconsin posted it on it yesterday looking for a home and home, as well as Pitt a few days ago. Would love to get either on the schedule next year. Call Wisconsin, please, Warde.
  34. Brochacho

    How would you rank the programs to win 3 or more NCs?

    For me it's: 1. Kentucky 2. UCLA 3. North Carolina 4. Duke 5. Kansas 6. UConn 7. Indiana 8. Louisville
  35. Brochacho

    2015 Bracketology

    Midwest 4 seed. Never too early, right?
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