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    OT Friday night football Fresno vs UNLV on CBSSN

    UNLV is currently up by 5 in the 3rd quarter but Fresno has momentum. Good game.
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    OT Fresno just beat #13 UCLA

    They went the length of the field in less than a minute and scored a TD to beat 13th ranked UCLA 40 - 37.
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    Coastal Carolina option offense on display tonight vs the Lance Leipold's

    Coastal Carolina vs Kansas just kicked off on ESPN 2. I absolutely love CC's offense. I think they have less talent on offense than we do but they make it work.
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    FCS championship game on ESPN 3 (Now)

    South Dakota State 8 - 1 vs Sam Houston State 9 - 0 If you need a football fix. South Dakota State up 7 - 0 in first quarter. Heavy rainstorm, shades of 2007 UCONN vs South Florida at the Rent.
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    Brad Underwood will never take Illinois to the next level

    58 points with that talent? For the record I think Underwood is an excellent coach. I'm just embracing the snark.
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    Hartford and Fairfield going for auto bids today

    Just a reminder Hartford plays UMASS Lowell at 11:00 (ESPN 2) and Fairfield goes up against slick Rick at 4:00 today (ESPN U). Today's a new day Men/Ladies/Spoiled Brats. Stop sulking there is still hope.
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    Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    Shades of the 2014 AAC tournament. Louisville beat us for the third time that year but I bet they would like to trade 2014 trophies. Bouknight not having to play tomorrow may be a blessing in disguise. Go Georgetown!
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    Tyler Davis drafted in 6th round by Jags

    Congrats Tyler!
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    Would you rather be North Dakota State or UMASS?

    If our only options are independent or FCS i'm starting to think FCS might be a better fit as long as the school made it a goal to be a top tier FCS football program like North Dakota State. Why? North Dakota State has received a ton of positive press for their great football program the last...
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    A few position changes per roster

    Kevon Jones now on D-Line (I like it given his size/weight) Jayce Medlock moves from TE to Half Back (not FB not RB "half back") Donovan Williams back to TE Ventine Richardson now at TE
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    The 2011 team P Inherited

    Someone mentioned that they long for the days of P and 5 wins. Here is the "Cupboard is bare" talent P inherited: On Defense: Blidi, RS JR Trevardo Williams, JR Jerome Williams, JR Shamar Stephen, RS SO Smallwood, RS FR Kendall Reyes, RS SR Sio Moore, RS JR BJ McBride, RS FR Tyvon Martin, RS...
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    Bob Hurley Sr. Showtime Documentary

    This guy is family now so his Showtime documentary is required viewing. Multi-part series on youtube.
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    Bring back TJ Weist?

    When last seen at UCONN TJ's offense was putting up big big numbers. The players were pissed he didn't get the HC gig. and BTW he coached USF to a bowl win last year.
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    Next three games are very winnable

    Temple, Tulsa, and Missouri. Reminds me a lot of Temple, Rutgers, and Memphis at the end of the 2013 season. I understand this place is gloom and doom right now but these are three winnable games coming up. What the team cannot do is let the emotions of the Memphis loss carry over into...
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    Should we scale back the hurry up offense?

    I think we need to for the simple reason that we do not have the depth on defense to play so many plays. The game just ends up being way too long and injuries will pile up. I think we should stay no -huddle and hurry up to the line, but then let time run off the clock. We should...
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    "The Critic" by James Rasbeary

    From a lofty seat scornful laughter falls As, safe and sound, the angry critic calls To the man below, to say what he could do If he just knew what the wise critic knew. Criticism is all the critic’s work - One from which he does not fail nor shirk; ‘Tis easy for him to give good advice, And it...
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    A new college football star is born tonight (Miami QB)

    Brad Kaaya, Miami's true Freshman QB is shredding Florida State. He reminds me a lot of Cochran but with a better arm (gets the ball out quick, can quickly find secondary receivers, always makes the right decision) Watching him makes me sad....what might have been if Cochran didn't have to retire.
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    We can still finish with 7 wins

    Great win today, maybe the biggest win in the last 4 years because it just breathed life into this season and keeps our bowl hopes very much alive. Our young pups just beat the most talented team in this conference minus Davis and Jones. The future is very bright. For those of you that hate...
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    OT Yale vs Harvard will be fun this year.

    Yale won again today putting up another 50 on Cornell (Yale has found themselves a really good QB). It appears Yale and Harvard may very well square off for the Ivy league title at the end of the year. Yale plays Dartmouth next week at the Yale bowl at 1:00, if you aren't going to Tulane...
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    Bring back the Wildcat and the Shotgun

    Yes everyone's favorite offensive gimmick needs to come back. The Wildcat helped us beat Cuse and Rutgers in 2011 and Louisville in 2012. Bringing it back now will help us develop a third option behind Whitmer and Boyle. Remember the Wildcat does not require a QB like McCummings, it was...
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    Defensive Line

    Looking at the roster this may be the thinnest part of the team. I know we only need to fill three positions but we don't seem to have much depth here. Anybody know who the expected starters are and who may surprise? My Guess is we line up with Pruitt, Campenni and Mcbryde with Myers, Fatukasi...
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    Say no to 24 second shot clock in NCAA I hope they aren't serious about a 24 second shot clock, if anything the NBA should increase their shot clock. 24 seconds makes for ugly offense, I prefer a lot of passing and team basketball...
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    Kevin Ollie mania about to take over college basketball

    The new "Top Dog" in the college coaching world coaches in Storrs and nobody can say anything but great things about the man. Take the "Brad Stevens is the best young coach in college basketball" talk from a few years ago and triple it, that is what is about to go mainstream. All of those...
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    JC to Daniels: Nobody is talking about you

    JC still pushing buttons, Gotta love it! and Ollie is an amazing coach. We are blessed.
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    Calhoun next on Mike and Mike

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    UCONN vs Nova replay Wed at noon on CBS sports network

    for those looking to record it.
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    SDSU vs New Mexico State another OT game

    A fantastic day one. 5 OT games.
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    Tulsa plays for a NCAA bid tomorrow at 11:30 am on CBS

    I doubt Tulsa will beat LA Tech, but hopefully they have secured an NIT bid. All of Tulsa's significant players are underclassmen so they should be a decent addition next year. This is the worst start time in the history of sports, a 10:30 am (central time) championship game.
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    Terrence Samuel

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    Lappas' true feelings about the game

    Did anyone else catch Lappas' comments as they were signing off? Someone left a microphone on. Steve Lappas: "That was awful, Oh my God, Jeez" Thankfully he didn't threaten to throw anyone off a balcony.
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    Good News: Whitmer returning for final year Ideally i'd like to see Boyle get his redshirt back next year, this might help facilitate that. Edit: Just noticed i'm a day behind and there is already a thread on this, my bad.
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    Pinstripe Bowl Thread (Bob Diaco's defense vs Rutgers)

    It's a darn shame we aren't all at Yankee Stadium right now, at the end of the year we were a better team than Rutgers. We just needed 3 more wins. My plan for analyzing this game: If Rutgers can't score it's because of Bob Diaco's defense. If Rutgers puts up 50 it means Notre Dame can't win...
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    Ambrose really is a great coach

    Anyone else watching the Towson game on ESPN 2? Good game. Towson up by 3 in the 4th quarter against second ranked East Illinois. The more I watch Towson and Ambrose on the sideline the more I am convinced this guy will be a coaching star someday. His team is really good. BTW Ambrose was...
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