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  1. HuskyWarrior611

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    Been working out this summer with former East Hartford star Kahari Beaufort.
  2. HuskyWarrior611

    2022 Recruiting: Ty Rodgers

    His original thread is locked but I saw some newsworthy information that I felt the need to make a new one for him. According to Michigan boards, (I follow as a UM football fan) they don't seems to not have room for Ty. Last I checked he took visits to UM, Purdue, and us, right? For anyone that...
  3. HuskyWarrior611

    Worst offense of the tournament

    Couldn’t make FTs, couldn’t make layups, couldn’t find open guys playing hero ball, couldn’t make threes, couldn’t set screens, we couldn’t do ANYTHING on offense. Bouknight played 1 on 1 selfish hero ball all night. Only guy who knew how to actually drive the ball was Gaffney. Sickening seeing...
  4. HuskyWarrior611

    Some thoughts

    We have a great team, especially when we get Brimah back. We are finally finding a good rotation but it can use a few tweaks IMO. One we shouldn't play Phil anymore. He simply doesn't bring enough to the table at his position. We need rebounding and finishing at C and he is our worst big for...
  5. HuskyWarrior611

    Mock drafts has DeAndre in 1st round

    Draft express have him going to the Suns and getting picked before Shabazz. have him going to the the rockets and Shabazz in the lottery.
  6. HuskyWarrior611

    Nice Vid

  7. HuskyWarrior611

    Jared Wilson Frame

    I think he has an offer now. Kevin Ollie watched us play Glastonbury today (his son plays for Glastonbury) and Jared played very well in the win. Kevin talked to the coaches after the game and Jared told me he has an offer. Either that or UConn is seriously interested. Take it FWIW.
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