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  1. AntG168

    21-22 Conference Schedule is Out

    We SHOULD win all but one. We're the 2nd best team in this conference. And if things break right, the best
  2. AntG168

    Rosters For Splash Day on August 7th?

    This is like a UConn super recruiting event
  3. AntG168

    Karaban to UConn!!!

    He committed on the first day of free agency lol. Cool
  4. AntG168

    Karaban to UConn!!!

  5. AntG168

    Anglin announcing Wednesday

    He hasn’t even committed anywhere yet. None of the national guys with credibility have made a forecast yet. Can we just sit back and wait
  6. AntG168

    Anglin announcing Wednesday

    @Matrim55 ?
  7. AntG168

    2022 Recruiting: Ty Rodgers Peach Jam

    Roscoe Smith ish
  8. AntG168

    Players available to the media today

    Akok is talking SPICY. And I love it! The UConn swag is back
  9. AntG168

    2022 Recruiting: JJ Starling

    Gettem Tom!
  10. AntG168

    Donovan Clingan commits to UConn

    Brook Lopez as well. But your point remains. I actually think Clingan can be a Brook Lopez(at Stanford) type of player as an upperclassman.
  11. AntG168

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    So his inside info is UConn and Mich, and a third school have the best chances. Lmaoo. That’s not info
  12. AntG168

    Highlights from Summer workouts

    He closed out the practice. That’s usually reserved for the team leader
  13. AntG168

    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    Now some will say the fact that he went out of his way to clear that up is a positive lmaoo. No matter what they say fans are going to read to much into it
  14. AntG168

    Our Identity

    What is going to be our identity this season? I think we'll be elite defensively again. But how our offense will look post bouk is probably the most pressing question
  15. AntG168

    Who will "own" UConn next year?

    Andre Jackson..
  16. AntG168

    Donovan Clingan

    Man gurantee that man playing tjme
  17. AntG168

    2022 Recruiting: Justin Taylor

    Yes Please
  18. AntG168

    Transfer Thread - May

    Bryant? Lmao
  19. AntG168

    Rocket Watts?

    Yup don’t forget the Jeffery. But that’s absolutely what I said
  20. AntG168

    Rocket Watts?

    Oh I will definitely remind everyone of how dumb it was to pass on him
  21. AntG168

    Rocket Watts?

    I can’t wait to see the takes next season when he blossoms at Creighton
  22. AntG168

    OT Knicks

    Elfrid Payton is terrible
  23. AntG168

    OT: New Haven Firefighter killed in fire

    So tragic. True heroes. Prayers to the families of these young men.
  24. AntG168

    OT Knicks

    Let’s Go Knicks! We’re cooking some Lakers tonight
  25. AntG168

    Donovan Clingan

    My point was clear......what’s your point? Lmaoo
  26. AntG168

    Donovan Clingan

    The board seems to be weirdly souring on him. This kid is going to be a dominant college player at some point. Connecticut kid........must get
  27. AntG168

    Luke Murray Hired as Assistant Coach

    Really seems like this kid can shoot the rock. Reel him in Luke! Luke, Kimani, Moore, with Hurley as the closer? My God!
  28. AntG168

    Transfer Thread - May

    I don’t really disagree with any of the responses. I expect us to be good based upon our current talent level. My use of the word “disappointment” comes from the idea that we could be REALLY good next season with the addition of one more skill set. Maybe diggins, Hawkins, and Sampson are ready...
  29. AntG168

    Transfer Thread - May

    Either way it isn’t good. We had the biggest transfer market in history and got nobody. Miss me with the Polley and Whaley additions, those we’re our guys. If Hurley tried in this transfer market then he executed horribly. I think the narrative that he just wasn’t fond of really adding transfers...
  30. AntG168

    Transfer Thread - May

  31. AntG168

    Recruiting Transfers - April

    So you can get good players to commit to you with already good players on your roster. Interesting
  32. AntG168

    Rocket Watts?

    One thing the staff has hit a home run with is positioning us for the future. I’m so excited about the team we’ll have in a season or 2. But next season is a big ? for me
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