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    Poll: You Can only attend ONE Home Game, Which Game and Why?

    While i have deep deep dislike to anything TN and Notre Dame, reality is that those 2 games will (should) not be too competitive. The Arkansas game got a revenge factor but it's a very different team than last season and there is no real history between the 2 teams. I chose Louisville as i want...
  2. dtbtbtb

    August recruiting thread

    Seems like she's got the full package, can go left or right, shoots well from all 3 levels, good passer (one hand or 2 hands) and she is only a freshmen...Wow...hopefully she'll be a Husky!
  3. dtbtbtb

    Azzi Fudd U-19 stats after 6 games...

    Geno will probably will work hard on getting Azzi to be more aggressive with her shots like he did with Paige...the great news for Azzi and us as fans of UConn is that she comes to the right team for her where her unselfishness will be rewarded by getting the ball when she is open and i fully...
  4. dtbtbtb

    OT: USWNT - Who's next?

    Arike is a great player and would be perfect for the 3x3 but should have nothing to do with the 5x5 National team. Just too much of a 1 on 1 player with bad shot selection and decision maker...
  5. dtbtbtb

    OT: USWNT - Who's next?

    I don't know about the world championship but the USA should be inviting Paige, Sabrina and Clark for every camp they have to get experience as they are the future and i believe will be on the 2024 Olympics team.
  6. dtbtbtb

    OT: 3 best / worst takeaways from the Tokyo Olympics

    loved the announcers for wrestling...didn't care much for the sport before the Olympics and became a fan during! Also love the announcing teams for Swimming and Track and Field!
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    U19 World Cup - August 7-15

    Clark's "problem" is that she knows she can score from anywhere so she shoots from anywhere....
  8. dtbtbtb

    Olympic women's basketball tournament (5x5) (SPOILER ALERT)

    I hope Dawn plays the starting 5 longer as there the second team is way less efficient. Team USA needs Bird, Stewie and Griner to play at least 30 min. in the final
  9. dtbtbtb

    Olympics US Women 3x3

    Gray has been impressive so far! makes amazing plays on both sides of the ball!
  10. dtbtbtb

    Tonight at 7 on espn Olympic team versus...

    As others wrote, Team USA got an issue with the guards...they are not that great for this's lucky to have Bird (and hopefully DT) to make it look like team USA and not just a group of talented individual players. Gray and SDS are just not the type of PG's needed for such a team to...
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    Paige is a true PG! She wants to make sure everyone gets their shine
  12. dtbtbtb

    RIP Kib

    Rest In Peace Kibitzer!
  13. dtbtbtb

    Azzi assesses her progress in summer session

    Wasn't Sales and then A. Jones the first precious and probably N. Collier?
  14. dtbtbtb

    Staley A Match For Trailblazers?

    Hammon actually paid her dues as a coach at the NBA level and if anyone should be that first female head coach in the WNAB it's her. With all due respect to Staley she is only the 3rd or 4th best coach in WBB (IMO Geno, Tara and Kim M. are better coaches).
  15. dtbtbtb

    Pressing Daniel Connolly [merged thread]

    Muhl is a great player and brings defense, hustle, energy and toughness. Her 3 point shot became a weapon towards the end of the season and she was doing well on lay-ups (which she missed early in the season). She needs to work on her mid range shots to be a more complete player and her...
  16. dtbtbtb

    USA Basketball 3x3

    Interesting...Mongolia? Romania? not exactly known for basketball
  17. dtbtbtb

    Shea getting busy at Vandy with strong 2022 pickup

    That is an aggressive start for Shea...they could easy go 0-3....
  18. dtbtbtb

    Gabby Williams Suspended for WNBA Season

    I would say that about Gabby: the most awe inspiring game i ever seen by a player in WBB was the game against ND in the regular season where Gabby guarded Turner and played so hard that by the end of it she was absolutely spent. That was what 110% effort looks like.
  19. dtbtbtb

    The SKY is FALLING

    Truth to be told UConn was a favorite to win almost all of the Final 4 games it lost in the last few years. It just that in those game the other team played better or a key player had an amazing game for the other team. The best player on the court in those games was not a UConn player. UConn...
  20. dtbtbtb

    Caption This

    Don't mess with the Condor
  21. dtbtbtb

    May 2021 recruiting thread

    Reminds me of Boston
  22. dtbtbtb

    List Three Changes To Improve Womens College BB

    it seems most agree that better refs are needed... 1. make a system of reward and punishment for the refs with reviews after each game with scoring for the officials. 2. 3 point line should be same distance as international. 3. Ball should be same size as international.
  23. dtbtbtb

    Who will be the most improved player next year... Let's rank them

    if everyone plays about the same as they did last season but ONO improves to where she finishes lay-ups against the top teams, UConn is practically unbeaten...i do think AE and NM will show improvement in their games. I don't know how Paige can improve aside than getting stronger which i don't...
  24. dtbtbtb

    OK! So Paige has her limits

    She must not have any limits as he video of her supposed limits is not available :)
  25. dtbtbtb

    Cardoso to SC

    I hope the people who didn't want her to come to UConn are happy...while having Cardoso and Boston on the floor the same time will have some challenges, Boston has been shooting pretty well (and improving) from the outside (including 3's) so this combination is pretty scary.
  26. dtbtbtb

    ESPN's top 25 woman's basketball players for 2021 has some familiar faces

    Any such list that does not have Paige as number 1 is a joke...
  27. dtbtbtb

    Husky’s Team Roster Poll

    it's a difficult one...Cardoso could become Griner like and for 3 years could solve any bigs issues UConn had...on the other hand, all kind of dominos will fall if she comes to UConn and chemistry could be an issue....i voted yes as if you have a chance to get such a promising talent you need to...
  28. dtbtbtb

    April 2021 Recruiting (only) thread

    But what about some bigs :)
  29. dtbtbtb

    Baylor’s search

    I would say offer Adia B. a deal she can't refuse...
  30. dtbtbtb

    LSU Basketball 21-22

    How often if ever does it happen that a coach of Mulkey's stature is leaving a national championship contender to go to another school
  31. dtbtbtb

    Transfer Portal - Wild Wild West

    if Cardoso would have come to UConn it would have happened already...i assume all kind of coaches contacted her and scared her with how little playing time she'll get in UConn....
  32. dtbtbtb

    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    Cardoso got a Griner potential. 6'7 athletic with good speed...she can be unstoppable. Geno realyl liked coaching Griner in team USA and i would think he'll enjoy coaching Cardoso.
  33. dtbtbtb

    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    This off season has been crazy so far and we are only in the third week of April :)
  34. dtbtbtb

    Mulkey to LSU

    If Smith transfers from Baylor, she'll make some team very very happy
  35. dtbtbtb

    Mulkey to LSU

    Wow wow wow
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