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  1. Drame

    Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

    Ive been to all except Molokai. Definitely Kauai or Maui. Kauai has great hiking for different levels.. If I go again I would book the overnight camping permit to Kalalau Beach. 11 miles each direction. Phenomenal. Kauai also has my favorite beach I've ever been to and I've been to a ton...
  2. Drame

    Donovan Clingan commits to UConn

    Who else do we want the most / likely to get?
  3. Drame

    New Black Uniforms

    Fab five shorts are awful. Too much fabric.
  4. Drame

    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Says the dude with the Uconn football pic... tool..
  5. Drame

    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Virginias Run last time was pretty epic, but for a single game.. that was the best... I'm tearing up it was so good..
  6. Drame

    Illinois getting worked over by Loyola

    Loyola is a 3 seed playing as an 8. Not fair for them or Illinois. I have them in the final four.
  7. Drame

    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    You're not reading it correctly. It wouldnt be a hackathon because if you were fouled yould get a free throw and the keep the ball. Its totally different than the big east 6 foul rule. There would be less fouls especially at the end of games. It would eliminate all intentional fouls.
  8. Drame

    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    A Proposition for new rules for Fouls in the NBA. A goal for the new rules is to accomplish several things that would improve the competitiveness, fairness and balance in the NBA. FOULING OUT: -The best players on the court should not be disqualified for receiving 6 fouls. We want the best...
  9. Drame

    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    If he's graduated it wouldn't be considered transferring.
  10. Drame

    "He's the best athlete I've ever seen in person."

    Yeah dude.. he never said next year..
  11. Drame

    Biggest difference to me so far

    The team is just tougher, they play harder, smarter and they're better in shape. Thats all.
  12. Drame

    OT: What are the best 2,020 songs ever written ?

    What is that song about?
  13. Drame

    Ray Allen Looks Forward to UConn's Return to Big East

    I used to hoop here. Some decent games..
  14. Drame

    The end for Will Wade (maybe Sean Miller too)?

    Well, it's a professional sport. Money's gonna find a way if there's value.
  15. Drame

    Did you ever meet a celebrity that acted like a jerk?

    Giselle is super nice. I worked with her a bunch before she got together with Tom. We were in St Barts and our entire photo crew was supposed to go out to dinner but me and Giselle were the only ones who showed up.. so I had a nice romantic dinner with her.
  16. Drame

    Andy Katz's Top 10 Clutch Players Since 2011

    Those Guy free throws were the toughest free throws I ever remember seeing. And key 3 pointers. Rewatch Virginias last three games in that tourney. The most ridiculous 3 games in a row to win a title..
  17. Drame

    OT: Someone explain 5G to me, and why I should/nt be worried.

    Thats what I had just described in depth.
  18. Drame

    Nice UConn segment on PTI today

    I hate when people say UConn left the BE. The BE left Uconn.
  19. Drame

    OT: Someone explain 5G to me, and why I should/nt be worried.

    The biggest change that it offers is its quickness, as opposed to its speed. The response back and forth between devices is quicker, enabling things like self driving cars.
  20. Drame

    Very important news

    I'll never forget it, because I am in the background holding my phone up recording this exact shot. And to top it off somehow the friends I was with had carte blanche and we ran into the locker room after the game and waited till Kemba entered. Everyone went nuts. Have that on video too. Crazy!!
  21. Drame

    Bob Hurley vs ASU AD Ray Anderson drama

    This was reported on the CBS college podcast. These wives were sitting in the same row as this booster and upon exiting the row past said booster, the booster put his hands on their waists and breasts. Thats assualt. Then after the allegations were made the AD went on a golfing trip with the...
  22. Drame

    Great aritcle on Kemba

    I photographed local sports around NYC back then and I had received an assignment to photograph Kemba before he committed to UCONN. It was more a cheesy style story than a basketball profile. Then he commits a week before our shoot, which was a surprise because I had heard nothing about Kemba...
  23. Drame

    Vote for Kemba

    The Big O never won 11 straight in the post season. Cmon 50 minutes to go. Kemba needs 1000 votes!
  24. Drame

    Vote for Kemba

  25. Drame

    OT: Best Live Bands Right Now

    The Oh Sees. They are one of the best bands playing now
  26. Drame

    Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    Sal DeMarcos in Clinton
  27. Drame

    Love CV

    His shot selection kills our rhythm. He doesnt know how to fit into this offense. The points he gets, anyone else can get. Bouknight or Adams would do better with the same minutes. The end of the half last game was the perfect example. Wasted the clock for a hero desperation shot.
  28. Drame

    Anyone deep frying their turkey?

    Fresh, not frozen.. dry turkey. The oil will be 2 inches higher in the pot with the turkey when its hot than when you measure it when its room temp. 3 minutes per pound. Amazing
  29. Drame

    Coach Hurley

    This picture popped up on my Facebook. I used to live 4 blocks away from LIU and would catch some games there. Wagner rolled in and I was amused to see the young coach going at it on the sidelines. The all time NCAA assist leader was assisting as well.
  30. Drame

    Iowa chat?

    Chat room doesnt work if youre a cord cutter, because the stream is too far behind.
  31. Drame

    ACC coming for MSG now too

    I went to the ACC tourney last year in New York.. Brooklyn, NY and it was well represented by every school.
  32. Drame

    Article - What If NYC Evicted Madison Square Garden?

    Tear MSG down. Its a horrible building. Why would you puta basketball arena on top of the busiest train stain in America. World class cities should have the best travel terminals and sports arenas. Not the worst. The fans make MSG great, not the building.
  33. Drame

    OT: Stock Market

    Dont day trade now. Keep funding your account and listen to Marc Cuban about the market right now. In 1-2 years there will be a recession and everything will be on sale. The market will be super volatile until then, esp with Trump in office. If you want to buy something now, buy apple...
  34. Drame

    Ed Cooley 9/11 Story

    I was in windows of the world the night before and was supposed to a photoshoot with someone in the towers the next day at noon. Spent most of the day by the brooklyn bridge on the Brooklyn side.
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