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  1. Vuce

    Happy It’s Late, It’s Tate, It’s Great Day

    we always celebrate Kemba Stepback. This day in history is important too as it continued the season that ultimately served as the foundation to all the success we have experienced since. What a pass, what a shot!
  2. Vuce

    UConn Men going overseas cancelled

    no surprise here but it’s official
  3. Vuce

    anyone get a pet during this?

    So during this quarantine we decided to adopt a dog. Four of us in the house for what will probably be a couple months felt like the right time to train a puppy. We got a 17 week old black lab/golden retriever mix. He is doing great and keeps us busy for sure. Anyone else adopt a pet during...
  4. Vuce

    30 years ago today

    UConn basketball continued its amazing season in s most implausible fashion. First Big East regular season and tournament championships, Gampel opens, NCAA tournament first two rounds in Hartford. Then this: The Shot
  5. Vuce

    Cardiac Kemba Night - Iona game

    At the Maine game today the center scoreboard said the next game vs Iona was “Cardiac Kemba night”. But no other details were provided. Anyone know what’s up?
  6. Vuce

    UConn vs Florida November 17th

    We host the Gators next year on 11/17 and play in FL the next season. We all remember what happened the last season we played Florida at home! Just saw the info on the twitter machine
  7. Vuce

    Hurley Radio show recruiting comment

    I was just listening to Coach Hurley on his weekly radio show. A question was posed to him about this years recruiting. He paused and said "Let's see how do I answer this without getting a call from NCAA compliance?" Then he went on to talk about Gaffney and Bouknight. But after that he said...
  8. Vuce

    QB next year

    I was on the field pre game yesterday for an event and we were on the sidelines watching the QBs warm up. Who is the odds on favorite to be the starting QB next year? Washington? Doesn’t Krajewski come in with the most accolades? Masek? Is there any hope that one of those kids can come in...
  9. Vuce

    Game 1 Morehead State

    Can’t wait for Thursday’s opener. You can already see the difference in the way UConn plays. Hurley is SO freaking intense. I saw a Gavin Keefe tweet this morning that the opener is almost sold out. I know that UConn gave away a bunch of tickets but still. It’ll be nice to see Gampel loader up!
  10. Vuce

    Spring game 4/21 @ 7 pm (Parking lots open @ Noon)

    be there!
  11. Vuce

    Annual Pledge Letter from Warde

    I just received my annual athletics financial pledge letter from Warde. This years editions is 6 paragraphs long but Manuel mentions conference realignment in half of them. He mentions schools leaving for "greener financial pastures" but that none have enjoyed the conference and national...
  12. Vuce

    AAC Final

    Need 1, 2, 3 or 4 tickets to the final. If anyone has extras let me know and I will buy em
  13. Vuce

    AAC Bowl game at Gillette? According to sources familiar with the process, Patriot officials are in ongoing discussions with representatives from the American Athletic Conference about bringing a bowl game to Gillette Stadium, perhaps as soon as next season, although the window for...
  14. Vuce

    Death Storm

    I am surprised that no one has started this thread given the imminent threat we are facing in the northeast. Then again I bet all of you are busy gathering canned goods, batteries and bottled water...
  15. Vuce

    Derrick Jones visting Uconn this weekend "Jones is the No. 25 prospect in the Class of 2015 according to Rivals and may be the most athletic player in the class. He needs to continue developing his shot and his ability to create off the...
  16. Vuce

    Jacobs: What College Team has a Foothold in NY?,0,149278.column "Hey, John Swofford! Hey Jim Delany! Hey, ACC, Big Ten and the other power brokers in college sports. Open your eyes. See how much clout UConn has in New York."
  17. Vuce


  18. Vuce

    2 tix for sale Uconn mens hoops vs Detroit

    Game is at Gampel, chairback seats. November 14th is game date. Section 5 - face value.
  19. Vuce

    Uconn vs L'ville and Uconn vs Rutgers Tix available

    Football at The Rent - I have two tickets for each game and can't go due to family commitments. I'd rather Uconn fans use them. Section 130 3rd row on the aisle. Face value.
  20. Vuce

    Season ticket ordering questions

    I received an email from the ticket office this week with my account number and a PIN which said I could order season tickets now. It also said that any orders received before 8/31 would get best available seats. I had season tickets for 20 years then stopped due to being really busy with my...
  21. Vuce

    TSWSNBN to join the A10

    The School Who Shall Not Be Named will join the A10 tomorrow. Seems like a good fit after they lost Butler, Xavier and Temple. St Louis and maybe Dayton will leave after next year. I know this is a basketball centric move and probably doesnt affect us at all.
  22. Vuce

    What happens with this years tourney credits?

    Anyone know what happens with this years Big East NCAA tourney credits? Do we get to keep them as part of the deal? Do they follow each school to their new conference?
  23. Vuce

    Season Tickets

    So, I went to the signing day event this year again. Had a great time as usual. They had the season ticket forms everywhere. It says you can mail it in, call the office or order on line. I had season tickert for the first 5 years of the Rent. Then had the kids sports stuff going on so had...
  24. Vuce

    Umass greaseball coach takes shot at Uconn

    Molnar also took a brief shot at Temple and UConn, whose membership in the Big East he feels no longer carries the same cache in recruiting. “I don’t know if you consider UConn and Temple to be BCS after next season,” Molnar said. “We certainly don’t.”...
  25. Vuce

    Athlon Sports 2013 Big East Predictions Fair assessment of Uconn
  26. Vuce

    Katz: BE AD's meeting in Dallas on 1/11

    He says "remaining AD's" will meet. He says they will discuss their latest moves including the update on the television negotiations. He said that Tulsa, Umass, Rice and Souther Miss were all kicked around as possible additions if they decide to go that route. MWC has interest in SMU and...
  27. Vuce

    Blauds expects BE deal closer to 100 mil than 60 He thinks Boise will "stay" and then writes this: "If Aresco can get Boise to stay, he will have a 12-team, two division football conference locked up. He can then settle the television deal which will have all sorts of escape and “look in”" clauses to it. It will be a...
  28. Vuce

    Uconn at a crossroads - Zags Blog (j. Silver)
  29. Vuce

    Warde manuel on wtic in a minute

    With Joe d
  30. Vuce

    Blauschun: Uconn should be calling the Big 12
  31. Vuce

    Jim Calhoun/Seth Davis interview SI

    Seth Davis interviewed JC for SI in this weeks magazine. Lebron James is on the cover. I could not find it on line. Read it at Barnes and Noble or wherever if you can. It is very good. This is one of my favorite lines (and really makes me miss JC): JC: "If you are a point guard and you say I am...
  32. Vuce

    Arnold Dean passed away

    Just saw the news on Twitter. For those old enough, "The Dean" was very good for his time. By all accounts a very nice man. He hosted sports talk for years. Pre internet I remember him talking college hoops in the late 80's and having Rita Napolitano on. She co founded Eastern Basketball...
  33. Vuce

    Blaudschun tweeted Golden favorite for Tenn job

    Yet another ACC coach possibly headed to the SEC. Love it.
  34. Vuce

    What a downer

    I feel bad for the seniors. With the news of our athletics being left in the dust and a really bleak future, I can't help but think that many of the fans that know what is going on will be talking about that rather than beating Cincy and salvaging a bowl. We have Big Ten vs ACC tomorrow night...
  35. Vuce

    Thread on Cuse board: BC going to B1G No idea what is going on but with all the smoke it seems like the B1G is not done. apparently on ESPN OTL Katz said something about a discussion with a B1G AD who said they do not like 14 for the league. It was either 12 or 16.
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