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  1. I Bleed Blue

    Best Breweries in CT

    Alright Yarders. We have threads regarding various kinds of restaurants and beer but how about a 2020 thread discussing your favorite breweries in CT? Lots of great places across the state. My favorites: -Stony Creek in Branford -Dockside in Milford -Urban Lodge in Manchester
  2. I Bleed Blue

    Dre’s All Time UConn Team

    Tough to choose but good list imo.
  3. I Bleed Blue

    UConn-Temple (2/6) Anyone going?

    I’ll be at the game tonight at Temple. Any other Yarders in the Philly area going?
  4. I Bleed Blue

    UConn-Nova MSG Attendance

    Seems Iike Nova has the edge 60/40 from my seats in section 212. I’m surrounded by UConn fans so that helps.
  5. I Bleed Blue

    1 Ticket UConn-Nova, Lower Bowl Center Court

    Have an extra ticket. Section 107, Row 17, Seat 17.
  6. I Bleed Blue

    Villanova’s Pavilion

    It’s pretty amazing! Just left the Nova-Temple game and it’s a very cool on-campus venue especially after the renovations that were recently completed. I never saw a game here pre-renovations but everyone I’ve heard from said it felt and looked like a glorified high school gym. UConn should be...
  7. I Bleed Blue

    My Not So Expert Reactions

    1) Iowa is good team. Well coached, solid all-around. Give them major credit. They’ll be Top 5 in the Big 10. 2) They finished 4-21 on 3s. Just like people said were shocked when we shot over 50% from long range last night, this is well below what we should expect on average. Just a very off...
  8. I Bleed Blue

    UConn Kyrie 5’s

    How to make every other Nike school jealous.... Especially Duke and Cuse.
  9. I Bleed Blue

    K. Williams with the SC Highlight

    Naaaassssttty dunk! It doesn’t say it’s him but I recognized Kwintin immediately.
  10. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Recommendations needed for Bachelor dinner spot

    I’ll keep it simple. My buddy is getting married in May and I’m the best man. I’m looking for a good place in Central CT to take the 7 of us to dinner. Italian and steakhouses preferred, but all recommendations are welcome. So far I was thinking J Gilbert’s, Carbone Prime, Carbone’s, Treva...
  11. I Bleed Blue

    Best Steakhouses

    I recently moved to Tampa for a work rotation and made my 3rd trip to Bern’s Steakhouse in the last 11 days. It got me thinking about the best steak spots in CT. J Gilbert’s in Glastonbury is fantastic, Capital Grille is always a good choice, etc. I also had a very good ribeye from Peppercorn...
  12. I Bleed Blue

    Fire Ollie and Hire Tom Crean

  13. I Bleed Blue

    Just gotta tip your hat

    Kansas played like the best team in the country. Dominant performance by them all around. Their depth is incredible and will be their biggest strength for the rest of the tournament. A couple questionable no calls but that wasn't the difference. Just excellent execution by the Jayhawks on...
  14. I Bleed Blue

    Jeff Adrien in the news My boy went for a 6 hour joy ride in a Merc at the valet and got arrested upon returning it. Been playing a little too much GTA VI in his free time I think! Lol
  15. I Bleed Blue

    Best Sushi in CT?

    I love these food threads. My go-to spot is the original Ginza in Bloomfield. They also have a location in Rocky Hill. Both are phenomenal! I love their Springtime and Dragon rolls, but the Wintonbury rolls have a special place in my heart.
  16. I Bleed Blue

    Sorta Who has better hops? D. Jones or This Kid?

    "This kid" is 2016 4* Kwe Parker. Now Jones is a great athlete and definitely a better overall basketball player right now, but I'd love to see a dunk contest between these 2. Yes, I only counted 1 jumper but still...
  17. I Bleed Blue

    C Zach Brown

    Just browsing the ESPN 25 for 2017 and saw this kid (man?) has a UConn offer. Top 5 overall in the class. Anybody hear anything about him recently? Seems extremely raw skill wise, but has an NBA ready body with room for more muscle. The 2017 class looks very solid so far. UConn will be...
  18. I Bleed Blue

    Chase Jeter to Duke

    Not a surprise at all. We were not among his finalists. Just wanted to note that it may help our chances slightly with Diamond Stone as its another low post player he'd have to compete with. Husky99 said he's has been hearing a lot of talk about Wisconsin and Duke lately for Stone so maybe...
  19. I Bleed Blue

    Reebok Breakout Classic

    Here's the roster. Its pretty stacked this year. Diamond Stone, Elijah Thomas, Steve Enoch, Derrick Jones, Tyus Battle, Derryck Thorton, Justin Simon, Skal Labissiere, Sedee Kieta, Vance Jackson, Mustapha Heron, Tomas Murphy, etc. Ollie...
  20. I Bleed Blue

    Newman-Stone Package Article

    Came across this article on Don't know if this is old info but the article was written yesterday. "In an interview with on Tuesday, Newman...
  21. I Bleed Blue


    So I don't like saying this, but I know others feel the same way so I'll take the flak for bringing it up....
  22. I Bleed Blue

    Other Recruits Who Visited Today

    Adam Finkelstein @AdamFinkelstein Follow UConn had Ray Smith, Tyus Battle, Tremont Waters, Makai Ashton-Langford, Steve Enoch, & Wenyen Gabriel on campus tonight
  23. I Bleed Blue

    MSG Crowd

    So what would be your best guess as far as crowd support by team? Percentages.
  24. I Bleed Blue

    Who's gonna guard DeAndre Kane?

    I'd think it would be a rotation of Shabazz, T-Sam, and Kromah. I hope Kromah sticks with Kane the most as he is our best defender. Kane makes the ISU offense go, so locking him down is a high priority. Kromah's defensive intensity combined with his length advantage should be a good matchup...
  25. I Bleed Blue

    Anybody wanna take a field trip to the IU boards?

    Just a friendly trip to say hello...anybody interested? I'm sure there would be some good basketball talk.
  26. I Bleed Blue

    Rebounding vs Indiana

    I usually don't like looking past the next opponent, but I'm going to in this case. Assuming we take care of business against BC and Indiana handles Washington, we will be going head to head against the current #2 rebounding team in the nation. The Hoosiers are grabbing over 52 boards a game...
  27. I Bleed Blue

    Take your pick Colson or Kasongo

    Who ya got? Both are being recruited as PF's so it'll be tough to get both. If you had to pick one, who would you take? The uber athletic, underrated Canadian kid who looks like he's gonna blow up this year (he'll be very well known by spring) or the the undersized garbage man that may not have...
  28. I Bleed Blue

    Individual Game Tickets

    When do single game tickets usually become available for purchase?
  29. I Bleed Blue

    My tweet to AMA

    Sorry Guys.
  30. I Bleed Blue

    Larrier will be ours!

    VCU has received a verbal commit from Justin Tilman a 6'8" 175 lbs SF just outside the ESPN Top 100 and on the Rivals 150. Since they have already landed him I don't see how Larrier would still want to go there. Many have stated VCU led with TL so hopefully this changes things.
  31. I Bleed Blue

    Josh Perkins to the Zags (I know nobody cares...)

    Officially committed today. No surprise, but still love his game. Best of luck in the great northwest.
  32. I Bleed Blue

    DeAndre needs to Meet/Hire Amile Jefferson's Strength Trainer ASAP We were recruiting Amile a couple years back, but one of his knocks were that he looked like a pencil at 6'8" 195. Well he ended up at Duke and his lack of size showed as a freshman. Dudes...
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