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  1. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Simeon Wilcher

    Hurley and Kimani putting in work! Will be a tough go competing with UNC. Oregon, Cuse, and Maryland are all apparently in the picture as well but I like our chances. Hurley loves his NJ guys.
  2. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Aaron Bradshaw

    If Sanogo is gone which I agree is likely by 2023, no doubt we’ll need a C in the class. Bradshaw or Miranda both seem like great options in this class.
  3. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Aaron Bradshaw

    Will we need a 5 in 2023? Don’t get me wrong, Bradshaw seems like a fantastic player and I would be thrilled to see UConn land him, but going into the 2023 season we’ll potentially have a… 1) Senior Adama Sanogo 2) Junior Samson Johnson 3) Sophomore Donovan Clingan I guess the expectation is...
  4. I Bleed Blue

    OT: THE Tom Brady commercial tonight

    Brady getting PAID for these Subway and FTX Crypto commercials
  5. I Bleed Blue

    Hawkins is absolutely ripped.

    Guessing closer to 7-8%. Very few people can get to and sustain 4%. And usually their body looks like a roadmap
  6. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Simeon Wilcher

    This. I’m fine with a 2 man class for 2022 if it means a 4 man class with multiple top 50 guys in 2023.
  7. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Gavin Griffiths

    But… is that a dip? ducks
  8. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting: SF Matas Buzelis

    Perhaps a 2023 class of… PG/CG: Castle SG: Griffiths SF: Bowen PF: Buzelis Griffiths, Bowen, and Buzelis are somewhat interchangeable position wise imo. Bowen specifically is a more skilled version of Akok that could play majority of his minutes at the 3. Buzelis plays like skinner version of...
  9. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Which non-UConn Big East Team would you root for?

    Nova. I respect the hell out of Jay Wright (his suit game especially) and the overall program.
  10. I Bleed Blue

    OT: What weather app do you use?

    Reposting my comment from the Henri thread:
  11. I Bleed Blue

    OT: My Car Got Stolen

    Unfortunate situation @Hans Sprungfeld. Hope you get the whole thing resolved. Donut Media just put out a solid video on this topic yesterday. Weird timing.
  12. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Hurricane Henri

  13. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Hurricane Henri

    I’m more of a Yanet Garcia kinda guy myself
  14. I Bleed Blue

    Greatest Sports Photo Ever

    Also a classic in Motorsport. Mercedes CLR, Le Mans 1999
  15. I Bleed Blue

    Greatest Sports Photo Ever

    Not the greatest by any means but a favorite.
  16. I Bleed Blue

    The Roster Jam -- Four Possible Solutions

    CFJ vs Gillespie 1v1 in the paint playing bully ball. I’m here for it!
  17. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

  18. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Little Rendezvous in Meriden is good, but I’d recommend Krust, Mondo, or now Sicily in Middletown. I’m a homer though.
  19. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Happened A LOT sooner than expected lol. My parents wanted pizza for dinner so I ordered a Pepperoni and Chorizo, mushroom, and truffle oil pie to go. Spent about 15 mins in the box before getting to eat. Quality ingredients, nice char on the outer crust, minimal flop. Sauce was a little...
  20. I Bleed Blue

    The Roster Jam -- Four Possible Solutions

    We could just go big or small platoons. PG: Jackson SG: Akok SF: Whaley PF: Sanogo C: Johnson PG: Sool SG: Cole SF: Gaffney PF: Floyd C: Hawkins
  21. I Bleed Blue

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    FYI, there’s a new Coal Fired Pizza spot in Middletown on Main St. Opened a month or 2 ago. Initial reviews are positive. I’ll definitely be checking it out soo. Sicily Coal Fired Pizza | Menu | Middletown
  22. I Bleed Blue

    OT Chance Westry

    Are we still involved here? Would be a nice addition if JJ doesn’t work out.
  23. I Bleed Blue

    Bouk on NBA TV right now

    Mitchell just bullied Bouk on that play. Oof.
  24. I Bleed Blue

    Reid Ducharme Part 2

    .928 Hilton Units
  25. I Bleed Blue

    Reid Ducharme Part 2

    Curious if we can bring in both Ducharme and Griffiths. Slightly different play styles, so maybe we can. A class of Ducharme at SG, Griffiths at SF, and Bowen at PF, plus a Top PG would be killer.
  26. I Bleed Blue

    UConn freshmen

    Mood when they don’t get your name right smh. *Samson Johnson
  27. I Bleed Blue

    2023 Recruiting Taylor Bol Bowen

    Would love to see him be Hurley’s first 5 ⭐️
  28. I Bleed Blue

    2022 Recruiting: JJ Starling

    I know it doesn’t mean much, but I noticed the UConnMBB ig account doesn’t follow JJ at the moment. I do find that a little interesting as they usually follow our top recruiting targets along with commits, active players, alumni, etc. Again, probably means nothing. Moore and Hurley clearly are...
  29. I Bleed Blue

    Karaban to UConn!!!

    He’s gonna be a special player for us. He’s a dog and won’t back down from anybody on the court.
  30. I Bleed Blue

    Favorite Summer Olympic sports?

    Honorable mention to Table Tennis. Ma Long won gold again for men’s singles. Ma is the Jordan - Tom Brady of Table Tennis!
  31. I Bleed Blue

    Stock trading

    Curious, anybody here have Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in their 401k or IRA? Seems like an interesting aggressive growth alternative since holding actual crypto in a retirement account isn’t yet possible on most platforms. I’m liking this strategy especially if it’s a Roth as that would mean...
  32. I Bleed Blue

    Anglin announcing Wednesday

    Best of luck. JJ Starling come on down!
  33. I Bleed Blue

    Rosters For Splash Day on August 7th?

    Hopefully Karaban, Bowen, and Griffiths will be there for Expressions.
  34. I Bleed Blue

    Anglin announcing Wednesday

    Fair enough. Anglin is a heck of a player and would love to see him in a UConn uniform. But having him stay in conference at GTown is not bad either. A competitive GTown is good for the Big East.
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