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  1. mauconnfan

    R.I.P. Linc

    Sorry to hear of the passing of actor Clarence Williams. His character Linc on the Mod Squad was one of my favorites growing up as a kid in the 70s. He was so cool in that show and played some good roles later on in the movies as well as some series.
  2. mauconnfan

    Kinda Melissa and Doug Toys

    Ok who went to UConn with Doug Bernstein? They just did a special on these 2 and their story of their high selling educational toys. The most important piece of the story was in their 38,000 square feet of mansion somewhere in CT they showed Doug in his full court basketball court with his kids...
  3. mauconnfan

    Kansas out too

    Out of their tourney per ESPN for Covid. Please get through the Madness!!
  4. mauconnfan

    GTown-Funny not much discussion about today’s game

    Funny not much discussion about today’s game. I honestly hope the players are more understanding of what today will take than some of our fan base. This one is not a gimme if they think they can throw their uni’s on the court for this game. I hope to see some real passion on each end and the...
  5. mauconnfan

    Nova game thoughts

    Too many trying to blame Hurley, Whaley, Cole whomever for this loss. Sure there's a few things you would've like for them all to do but kids needed to step up and no one did, NO ONE. Some think it's ok to lose to the supposed #10 team in the country as well. For me no it's not probably because...
  6. mauconnfan


    Just got in the UCLA USC game for the Bruins on ESPN. Just threw a jump hook in on his 1st attempt.
  7. mauconnfan

    Husky Fans - Golfers

  8. mauconnfan

    Fox PC vs Xavier

    Just realized it was on 35-34 X at half. It said they will be talking about “UConns impact rejoining the Big East” now. Duke has 16 at the half.
  9. mauconnfan


    Shaka with a mask and hair, didn’t recognize him. Jay Wright is Coach K now, expects all the calls and Nova is Duke now in respect to the refs. Yikes tough to beat 8 on the floor. Moore is a real tough match up for us, for a lot of teams nice player. Robinson Earl also, plays tough for his...
  10. mauconnfan

    Fanatics Sale Nice little sale going on, get on it there’s some nice Nike & Antigua pullovers for the fall.
  11. mauconnfan

    ESPNU 6:30

    1996 Huskies GTown FYI
  12. mauconnfan

    Bruiser Flint leaving IU...

    and heading back with Calimari. Wow they're back together. Always liked Bruiser seems like a good guy. Guessing there was a nice raise for him, good for him.
  13. mauconnfan

    Apparel Sale - Fanatics

    As you prepare for the fall season there are some nice deals happening for the next 13 hours or so, check them out. For the "big guys" there's only 2X and 3X on the half zip pullover which is a nice addition to your Husky closet - it's the "Huskies 2019 Coaches Sideline Performance Half Zip"...
  14. mauconnfan

    Summer Husky apparel?

    Saw it on Facebook I have no idea of quality or anything just thought some may be interested.
  15. mauconnfan

    Shein On - Sirius?

    Alright so I was getting some work done in Hartford on one of my drivers and while driving back I was on Mad Dogs Shein On station, Danny Hurley was on. I wish I had know I am sure it was a good interview as although not a huge fan of Shein, he does a nice interview. I only caught the last 2-3...
  16. mauconnfan

    Bouk is special....

    More than his game here. Teammate, friend and a Husky who cares a lot. Check this out:
  17. mauconnfan

    Thoughts on this great win:

    First of all what a win, these kids are resilient just when you say "oh boy here we go", they're making plays to get back in it. Only this time they finished it. Okay: Akok - 39 minutes need more that 4/6/2 but he's learning and will do just that next year. Even in the next 7-17 games he may...
  18. mauconnfan

    Poor Dodgers

    Looks like they lost 2 years in a row to cheating teams huh? Hope the league comes down hard on this. No place for and a huge advantage.
  19. mauconnfan

    Akinjo and LeBlanc out

    ESPN just announced Akinjo and LeBlanc have been dismissed from the team but have not said why. Crazy stuff they’re done.
  20. mauconnfan

    Tonight’s games

    Bad night for Big10 Michigan State loses to VaTech 71-66 and Wisconsin loses to a nice Richmond Spider team. That big guy Poppin for Dayton is going to be an excellent NBA player his year to year improvement is special. For those who have the B10 station it’s halftime of Indiana LaTech...
  21. mauconnfan

    Grades and Thoughts...

    First of all no moral victories especially against a team that helps them make decisions in March and you have a 5 point lead with a minute left in regulation. Bad loss period no taking anything else away. The players: Gilbert - Played solid in regulation minus 2 in a row of his usual stunts...
  22. mauconnfan

    BY problem!

    It seems both on my iMac and iPhone I have lost access to the Men’s forum somehow. When I get in it was normally immediately Men’s Basketball now it’s just a 189th blank thread page with ads. Then when I hit the Forums I don’t even have the Men’s Basketball listed. Actually the only way I will...
  23. mauconnfan

    UConn apparel

    Just an FYI I have noticed many of the CT Marshalls and TJ Maxx's have had some nice deals on UConn apparel. Nike stuff at some good prices no doubt from sweatshirts to jackets, tees. 12.99 - 24.99 don't be afraid to stop and look around. Oh yeah sweat pants too in Glastonbury TJ's.
  24. mauconnfan

    MLB uni’s this weekend

    What a joke. It’s horrible looking #1 but add to it the Dodgers/Yanks hardly ever play each other. For 2 teams who have pretty much stayed with their traditional uni’s forever and to not be wearing them for this series is a shame.
  25. mauconnfan

    Mindhunter Season 2

    Netflix gem, if you care about the FBI and actual serial killers of the past. Amazing how close they to so many of the murderers they study as far as looks. Anyway won't give anything away but I loved it, can't wait for 3!
  26. mauconnfan

    Isaiah Austin Good stuff here, can't help but root for the kid. He's playing the game he loves despite the obstacles which would have led most to quit. Seems like a great kid wish him the best.
  27. mauconnfan

    Wisconsin Asst in tragic accident

    Howard Moore lost his wife and 9 year old daughter in a car accident today. Seems an Ann Arbor lady was going the wrong way on an interstate highway and collided with their car. Coach Moore and his 13 yr old son were also injured but not life threatening. Just a sad story prayers to the Moore’s...
  28. mauconnfan

    Yale vs Harvard

    Watched most of the first half very entertaining basketball game. Both teams have solid starting 5s with a couple nice bench players too. If they were both bigger on the interior they could contend with a lot of teams, just a little too small. Hope the Bulldogs get in the dance fun to watch...
  29. mauconnfan

    Manhunt: Unabomber

    Anyone else watch this on Netflix? I was playing cards with the boys about a month ago and we talked about Mindhunter while one of the other guys mistook if for Manhunt. He thought is was well worth watching, short series on the grind to catch him, the people who played the parts in doing so and...
  30. mauconnfan

    Important recruit!

    Great start to the recruiting needs for DH and the staff. Really excited about the backcourt adding Bouknight and Gaffney 2 taller, athletic, shooters who can get to the rim and look to me like they could be high impact on the defensive end too. Add Akok to this class and early on we have kids...
  31. mauconnfan

    Silvio DeSouza

    Are Bill Self and the AD really incensed with the NCAA for this "unfair" result in this kids NCAA career? Adidas trial: Text messages from KU’s Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend shown as evidence I can't believe he's coaching (as well as many others) and has the nerve to say a damn word about the...
  32. mauconnfan

    Creighton Marcus Zegarowski

    I’ve watched a few Creighton games this year nice team enjoy the way they play. Really liked the solid intelligent play of the freshman Zegarowski. They don’t detail him much but now I see he’s from Tilton and his brother is Michael Carter Williams. He chose Creighton over Washington, Ohio State...
  33. mauconnfan

    Cinci vs Tulane

    At 7:05 there was only 6:50 left in the 1st half so our game being on time on CBSSN was looking great. At 8:18 there’s 9 minutes left in this blow out and we will miss at least 15-20 minutes of our game. How does that even happen?
  34. mauconnfan

    The Good, the.....

    We are all frustrated so lets talk about the positives: 1) Great crowd at the HCC. Been a while an I was impressed with the noise and the timed increase in noise when they needed it. When we got the rebound and threw a pass to CV who spun and finished the place brought me back to the old days...
  35. mauconnfan


    No transfer thread anymore but I watched a little of him yesterday vs Tennessee. Looked a lot like our guy from 2 years ago. UT was too fast for him on D, his rotations were dreadful and created foul trouble and they guard him well on the block. I know he was 0-2 with no rebounds and no points...
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